Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The View From Here ....

It will be two weeks soon .. two weeks since I have been in my garden soaking in those healing vibrations and feeling its life literally .. so many life forms that occupy my little piece of Eden.
I can only just step on the deck lately without horrible pain or that god awful feeling that my knee will give in and down I go .. dignity and body .. so far so good.
I snap away with pictures to keep some kind of connection going ..
The changing sun values in the morning and evening are more than evident now .. my beloved Sumac fruits are deep deep red .. the birds will be enjoying those tasty morsels soon too !
I love the afternoon light playing in the garden ... high lighting favored spots .. drawing your eyes to different areas .. hearing the crickets gives me sparks of delight .. I can't explain it .. I'm sure many of us , way before we were adults and gardeners .. loved hearing them chirp .. those and the peepers which I never get to hear any more sadly .. I so wish I could support them in my garden but surviving the roaming cats in the neighborhood .. well they just couldn't .. could they?
Brilliant dots of Black Eyed Susans are spread through out the garden .. they just make you smile whether you want to or not .. don't they ? Who can resist them !
I keep checking this view to see how my garden babies are doing .. so wishing I could be down there fussing around .. picking out weeds .. making mental notes on swapping plants around .. putting more mulch down .. all those millions of garden jobs we do almost without thinking ?
My neighbor's gorgeous pear tree .. the ram rod straight tree that is a bench mark to many of my pictures in every season highlighting my sunrises .. you would think that was a big enough job for it to do ? But no ... it actually has delicious pears to offer as well .. how can you beat that ?
This is my view from here ......
I miss my garden so many times on a daily basis it makes me ache .. I just want this poor body to heal so I can go play in my little piece of heaven .. soon it will be bulb planting time before I get my second wind ? .. then on with the fun .. you know what I mean .. HALLOWEEN !!!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I can only imagine how you feel. I broke my leg some years back and I had to rely on my husband to tend the garden. Let me just say, he is not a gardener. It was an event that actually prompted us to sell our house and move to a smaller property.

However, I now have this smaller property planted out to the extent of a much larger garden. I think it takes me more time to tend to this than my larger previous garden area.

Take care and I hope you will be feeling much better soon. Fall is not far away.


meemsnyc said...

That pear tree looks amazing. Sorry to read about your knee. That's awful that it's keeping you from being in your beautiful garden.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling better Joy, your view is spectacular. The pear tree is making me very hungry! Best wishes. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl .. I appreciate you telling me about your "bad garden year" with the broken leg .. I know you know exactly how I feel : ) thank you !.. it must have been so hard and to decide on sizing down to make it easier .. that is a life style change for sure ! .. the irony to work just as hard on a smaller space says something doesn't it ? we LOVE plants!! Yes .. I am hanging on the thought that Fall is coming and the plants will naturally start to let go a little on their own .. plus I am so thankful to have had enough good rain fall to keep my babies watered : ) Thanks again Eileen : )

Meems girl thank you !
Every time I look at that pear tree .. well what can I say ? I want a pear ! LOL .. usually our neighbors ask if we want some .. they are generous people : )

Thank you Rebecca girl : ) ..
I really says something about our medical care at this point when I can't get an MRI for almost two weeks now without even knowing how long the booking will take .. I am so disappointed .. but I have to haul myself out of the "poor me" rut and get on with things the best I can ;-)

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you keep the connection going with your photos. They are inspiring and a JOY to see.

I have no excuse for neglecting OUR yard and garden beds except for the stifling heat and humidity. I just don't handle it well at all. I haven't even been out to the far, back bed for over a week. I'm sure it's thirsty!

Dave said...


I really hope your knee feels better soon. It would be tortuous to look out into the garden and not be able to do anything in it. At least you have some great views of your garden to enjoy! Those pears look delicious!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Your garden still looks amazing, Joy. It's holding on for you. I hope you feel better soon. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful view from your deck and all the cute sounds all those little critters in the garden make!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are not able to get out in the garden. Hope you heal soon and you can be back where you feel at peace. Looks like the garden is doing well though. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Rebecca ! and thank you girl : ) .. yes, I am desperately trying to keep a connection with my garden via all these pictures .. but I miss it still .. the smells the touches .. all those other sensory delights ? ;-)
I don't blame you one bit for avoiding it with the heat and humidity .. I hate that stuff too ! .. and hide in the house with AC being my BFF ! LOL

Dear Dave : ) hello there and I know you "get it" about seeing the garden yet not being in the garden .. the knee is beginning to mend but ever so slowly .. like a kid waiting for Christmas ? haha .. and yes don't those pears look good ? LOL .. if I was able bodied .. well some might go missing ? wink wink

Martha girl I know you know how I feel .. every sound and sight in my garden makes me feel better .. but when I can get back into it .. well I will be doing the happy dance ! carefully but still the HAPPY DANCE ! haha

Racquel girl that is it exactly .. no matter what I am busy with while in the garden it is a bubble of peace and good feeling .. when I can't be there .. well we won't talk about that bit right ? LOL

Lona said...

Oh, you poor girl. I can hear the pain in your writing. It must be awful for you.I bet you wish you had never seen that bench. It does look so pretty though. Prayers that you will be feeling pain free and able to tour your garden real soon. I cannot believe it takes so long to even get a MRI. Too bad you cannot stand the drive across the border.
The pear tree is just loaded isn't it? Wow.My Blackeyed Susans are waning down but yours still look pretty.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl thank you ! .. I can't hate the bench no matter how I feel .. I can blame some of the pea gravel and stone though ? haha .. It didn't used to take so long for an MRI .. but apparently more people are doing in their backs (too bad we just could trade them for a new /younger model? haha)My cone flowers have been beaten down by wicked rain last night .. I'm not complaining about the rain though .. it is watering my garden .. but does it have to be so hard ? Poor Little Lamb hydrangea .. well .. we won't go there ? Yes BES are such popping coloured beauties ya' have to love them : )