Sunday, 12 September 2010

Almost Spooky Monday ?

Sort of a Spooky Monday and garden combination post .. if I can get away with it, I TRY to !
The gang had been gossiping about the "girls" so I caught them by surprise .. wink wink
Gossipers don't like to be caught .. especially Halloween gossipers !
The girls insisted on a photo op with lavender on their laps .. note paper bag curing of lavender?
OK ... gratuitous shot of Sumac with gorgeous red horns !
Rosemary (who doesn't love that smell ?) with beautiful Sumac background : )
This is probably TOO bright to see all of the different plants .. my focus was my neighbor's ladder .. it just seemed too perfect there ?
Vines and rose have shot off the growth scale this year and looking lovely !
A couple of weeks older now but a deep burgundy colour on the mums .. I haven't had the heart to dump my vines and coleus yet since they are still looking great !
This little goldfinch was too sweet for words ... so I won't say anything !

Winthrop himself is also deep in thought .. the changing of the seasons does that for him ;-)


Kyna said...

Well I'm sure glad I read this post, because I saw a Sumac tree a few months ago, and didn't know what the hell it was lol. Now I do!

And I LOVE the goldfinch! I can't wait till they start coming back round here. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you do love Halloween. I like that last black print of the witch and her cat.

No orange flowers??

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, you and I both know that gardening does not end with fall! I am just getting started again, haven't even brought out the pumpkins, corn and gourds. You are going to have some things blooming that I won't but I'll find something to keep things going until spring!


Bonnie said...

love the sumac this time of year. I put them in my porch boxes with evergreens after Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy, I love the little goldfinch.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kyna girl ! how are you : )
Yup Sumacs are every where and even in Holland where I saw some awesome ones that were trained almost like a large Bonsai ! .. we will miss these little birds they are so beautiful and having them in the garden with the feeders is always a treat to watch : )

Yes Sandy girl I am a Halloween FREAK ! haha .. You know I have to baby my orange cone flowers next year for sure to keep them coming this time of year and do that ! I have fun with ACDSee an ancient program I bet hardly anyone uses anymore ;-)

Eileen girl this has been the first year in my life that I have not been able to really keep going in the garden .. this injury has just about driven me over the edge (said edge gets closer as you get older of course) I would be sneaking in a few more plants doing my regular chores etc .. ok .. I'll stop complaining now ? hahaha
YES !! pumpkins corn stalks gourds the whole SHABANG !! : )

Bonnie that is a great idea ! I used to try that but so many other plants are called to me to take care of them it gets to be crazy here .. and this year ? I have lost a month and a half now .. I am so disappointed .. but I get to see you guys have fun so that helps : )

Hi Grace : ) that little Goldfinch is just too sweet isn't he ?

Lona said...

Hey Joy thanks for the identification of my Prince Heinrich anemone.
And also blame it on an old senile woman but that plant was snakeroot and not bloodroot. I do not know why bloodroot entered my mind even. Another 'duh' moment. LOL!

The girls look all ready to celebrate Halloween with you.I am glad they like to garden too.
Your front entry container do look too pretty to part with yet. I hope to get some Fall plants this weekend at a local craft festival if they have any.
Have a good week!!!

EG CameraGirl said...

YIKES! Halloween already? Well, at least it isn't a red and green post like I saw on someone else's blog recently! LOL

Autumn is in the air!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I have so many DUH ? moments that the lucid intelligent ones are AMAZING !! LOL
Yup .. you had "bloodroot" on your mind but I bet it was because you were looking at Spring bulbs .. catalogs etc .. I would love to have a double bloodroot plant .. they are so gorgeous !
Yup .. people are decorating for Autumn ... not Halloween yet but Autumn for sure ! : )
Hey good luck at the fair ! I bet you will find some really great stuff !

EG ? You truly saw red and green ??!! .. holy crap !! LOL
It is so cool this morning .. it is defiantly AUTUMN : )