Friday, 17 September 2010

Beware Blogging Blahs !

I have been in a continual "blogging blah" state .. until ... I almost fell into this crafty garden spider's web .. from which I ran screaming .. arms waving furiously .. hands shaking hair and clothes .. well, you get the picture ?
It woke me up and made me take pictures of what is happening in my garden finally .. even without my TLC .. plants are surviving without me .. and said spiders as well !
A rather ghostly plant suitable for mentioning Halloween ... right ??
Nothing scary here .. yet ?
Sweet Autumn clematis is gorgeous and generous in its scent sharing and wrapping its arms around my arbor and neighbor's fence .. so far neighbor is alive and well and letting it do this ?

William Shakespeare rose is tiny .. but its scent is amazing .. and it is surviving its odd placement! .. so far so good : )
Yes .. even without me .. the garden kids are doing so well it almost makes me wince ? ;-)
What can I say ... they are beautiful what ever the correct identification ?
A winner and highly recommended !!
Yes ... they deserve mention over and over again !
Simply gorgeous !
... and the kids finally take the hint and drift away from home ?
Rare dramatic sky ....
To puffy clouds and uplifting mood ... darn it all I want scary dark ominous SPOOKY skies now !
Thunder clap in background .. or was that the iron falling off the counter ??? eeekkkk !


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Things are looking beautiful Joy even though you are not able to tend everything. Your peach Heuchera is looking great, mine not so good. I think it must be our weather.


meemsnyc said...

That is a scary spider!

Carol said...

Joy, Your spider spooks me! Lovely blooms and sky photos! Love the clematis and cimicifuga. ;>)

Kit Aerie-el said...

Oooo, scary spiders! I love the photo of the 'Halloween spider'! Incredible little creature.
Great pictures of your plants too. It's so fun to say 'Cimicifuga', isn't it? One of my favorite plant names :)
Only 43 more days...and counting...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen ! Thank you : )
I am so grateful that we had the rain in between those dry days .. the garden held on even though I haven't really been in it for almost 2 months!.. I guess i got lucky with just the right place to put that heuchera in .. it is new this year and I am loving it !

Hey meems girl .. I was amazed I could get such a good picture .. i didn't use macro , just the auto setting .. and YES ! he ? was totally SCARY !!

Carol girl hello there and thank you .. we are having Autumn weather right now .. beautiful and cool .. some leaves are beginning to change and we will soon take a drive to capture them ? LOL

Aerie-el girl : ) how are ya'
They surely are incredible as are their webs that can stand up to just about anything (but me ? haha)
Bugbane is a fun one too : ) Yup the count down is becoming SERIOUS soon ! hahaha

Kyna said...

Your photos are always so awesome!

That spider's even scarier than the ones I've seen here in NC this year, and ours are usually pretty scary O_O

tina said...

Good morning Joy, Your garden is looking awesome. I've been noticing some very scary spiders too. In fact, I got bit by one a couple of times that while not a brown recluse, it has caused a rash for more than a month now. Very scary for me as that has never happened in all my years of gardening. Blogging blahs for you too? Seems to be going around. The days are just too lovely to be inside. You take care. Love that clematis on the arbor and fence. Wonder if the neighbor will cut it?

VW said...

I'm jealous of your anemones - somehow I keep killing mine! The sweet autumn clematis is so gorgeous. I'm just waiting until I have a space for the monster in my yard - hee hee. I'll put up with the pruning to have the fragrance in the fall.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Kyna girl ! Thank you !
I know there is supposed to be a dangerous spider in gardens some where but for the life of me I can't remember what it is or if it is near my grow zone .. half the time I am clueless and walk into webs anyways ?

Tina girl thank you !
My god ! gardening is becoming a dangerous hobby with all of these scary creatures ! I hope it calms down for you SOON !
So far my neighbor loves every thing I do .. so I think she is happy with a bits of clematis on her side as well ? LOL

Hello there VW and thank you !
I have odd luck here and there with anemone .. hope these guys stay for me too ! .. This is the second year for Sweet Autumn and it has GROWN ! I think I have to keep my eye on it too ? : )

Dave said...

It all looks great! I hope that wasn't your iron falling, and if it was I hope it didn't land on anything breakable! Spiders are always neat to watch - very Halloweeny too.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Dave ! Hello there !
The iron was safe .. phew !
And it is amazing how many spiders are out there keeping the bad bugs down for me : ) I suppose I will get their bill in the mail soon .. or maybe through the net ? haha
Thanks for stopping by : )