Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Halloween Sky

So much has been going on lately .. I "fear" I have been losing my Halloween SPIRIT !
This morning how ever has blown some wind back into my need for chilly spine tingles (aside from cooler temperatures that is) of something almost wicked this way comes.
The wicked actually being a few days of gusting wind and rain and interesting clouds ;-)

... and they were very interesting this morning as I snapped away trying to capture some of their spirit in said pictures !
The sun was trying to rise behind my neighbor's house which is actually in my back yard .. technically .. if said house was not there .. well .. I suppose another house would still block my vantage point .. darn it all !
You can see the light trying to escape the blockage .. sounds like a term used by plumbers .. or heart surgeons ? now isn't that a creepy union of sorts ? but rather logical too ;-) go figure !

So eventually the "pre-Halloween" sky was over taken by heavy rain filled clouds and it did exactly as it looked it should do .. RAIN ! and WIND ! just add some crackling thunder and flashes of lightening and it would have been the perfect Halloween story board !
So .. I have to throw some pumpkins in .. just to keep the Halloween fires stoked a little longer !
These are NOT my pumpkins and I should say don't do this at home if you have a fear of paper cuts .. this will hurt a lot more if you slip up !!
There is nothing like the glow of Halloween is there ? who polished those floors ?
Those are all expressions I have seen in my mirror .. now THAT is frightening !!
Actually ... this is me ... I know ... hard to believe ... but there you go ! wink wink


Anonymous said...

Wow, it sure is! What drama, and what nice art. Too bad they won't last.

Lona said...

Girl you have to be careful riding those broom. Can be worse that riding a boys bike if you slip.
Aren't those pumpkins fantastic. I love the witch and the first one. Who knew pumpkin carving could be so artistic and pretty.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I am getting spooked out with that sky, but the pumpkins are fabulous! I am really getting in to the pumpkins thing - dragging them all out of the basrement tomorrow.

I know, they are not real, but I can't do real, I have real in the house but not outside


Anonymous said...

I hope things improve soon Joy. Your garden will be there waiting with open arms. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sandy girl ! : )
The wind yesterday was a wild factor too ! the clouds and their movement happened early in the morning .. I was so glad to catch them before the rain started .. and pumpkins give me an extra Halloween boost .. I have to start buying some for my front step !

Lona girl : ) Those broomsticks , well lets just say there is a definite art to riding them right ? LOL .. carefully ! There are such amazing carved pumpkins out there .. we aren't that good but we love seeing those special ones because they are just gorgeous !

Eileen girl ! that sky is spooky isn't it ? LOL Hey .. I would go that way too, with artificial ones because they look amazing and LAST! I have to get out into town and start snapping up more decorations .. I know I have some in the storage space .. I really should get those out too ! I need to organize myself right ? ;-)

Grace girl Thank you : )
I have a list going .. and once my bulbs arrive in the mail I will really be inspired to DO the right thing by my garden !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope that you don't blow away on your broom with all that wind. Wickedly wonderful skies.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl , no fear there .. I am rock solid on my broom ! haha
But YES ! the sky yesterday was amazing .. I am glad to have caught those stunning clouds : )

Darla said...

HI Joy, it's Darla...dropped by from Grace's. These sky photos are very dramatic!!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy, Whoa - I love that spooky sky! Perfect for riding your broom or blowdrying your long tresses. lol! Hope the halloween spirit stays with you. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Darla girl : ) I just sent an e-mail with more assumptions on Y&R!LOL
The sky yesterday was amazing indeed!

Hello Ms S : ) it truly was a remarkable sky and I loved stand on the nice cold deck taking pictures .. hot flashes will make you love cold anything ?? LOL