Thursday, 23 September 2010

Halloween Type Morning Sky ?

OK .. You know the drill .. only in the 30 some nights til Halloween .. my count down looks like it crapped out on me .. but I will hold its space open in case it wants to play nice again ?
This morning started out dark .. and it has wrapped up very early being dark again !
So just scroll down and enjoy the "Halloween" theme morning that started my day off : )
Scary music in the background eerily playing as you watch the sky changing ... its ok .. your speakers aren't magic enough to pick it up .. hehehe

Pretty good eh ??


Rose said...

I haven't seen too many skies like this lately, Joy, but the clouds finally rolled in this morning and brought us some...RAIN!

Seeing your header reminds me that I need to go check my baptisia and see if I have any of these cool seed pods on mine.

I read a comment from you on someone else's blog about your back--I hope you're feeling better now.

D said...

Joy, beautiful images, and you might consider posting on SkyWatch Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rose girl !
We are VERY humid and hot today which is weird after the Autumn weather we have had, I can't wait for the "cool" temps to come back ! Check your baptisia Rose .. it should be at this stage by now and you can have a blast rattling them : ) .. It was my own fault with trying to do too much landscaping for my bench area .. femoral nerve compression .. my discs are not great so any heavy work usually means a BIG OOPS ! and OUCH ! haha
It is getting better .. thanks for asking : )

Hello Diana .. I have meant to join so many times and just kept slipping up on it .. I love taking pictures of the sky .. I really should get down to joining SOON !
Thank you : )