Monday, 6 September 2010

Spooky Monday .. Tuesday ....

Well .. I was supposed to get this post done a lot earlier because this meme (I know .. I only can do one meme without losing my mind and yet here I am .. must be the Halloween bug biting my A** again ?) .. any ways .. the morning sky .. and I mean early morning .. was fantastic for smudgy scary clouds .. so I picked a few for this ..

.. I especially wanted to show where I was when I take these pictures .. on my deck .. in my questionable night wear yet again ... but that is a dead (Halloween) horse that rode out of town a long time ago.
Now for some FUN kid stuff .. because ... I am ... a big ... KID !
Pumpkin conference .. living on the edge .. burning the candle at both ends type party ! ... on DUDES !!
And then they all wanted in ......
OK .. cute cat image pumpkin .. can't help myself?There seems to be a BIG gap here ... i have no idea what is wrong other than this IS a Halloween post after all ??
OK .. there you go ... I let some Halloween out !


Victoria said...

Yay..happy spooky monday..what a fabulous post..gorgeous and beautiful series of photos..i love your creative spirit and your festive photos! yay!

Anonymous said...

You're at it already. ::shaking head:: :-)

Meadowview Thymes said...

Love all the Halloween pics! I put my fall decorations out this weekend. I love all the fall colors..especially pumpkin! Love that terra cotta orange! We will be waiting for fall a while, but I can make it look like fall inside! :)

Christine said...

Your post has got me hankering for falling golden leaves, candle-lit jack o' lanterns, early evenings and some spooky fun, Joy. Are mulled cider and caramel apples part of the party?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Kiki girl and thank you !
I was a bit too late but by the time I whipped it up I decided to go ahead anyways ? haha I don't know if I can keep it up (so many things going on) but I will try because it is a Halloween theme !! LOL

Nancy girl .. I know .. but it could have been earlier if I was so knocked over with "the garden accident still being such a PAIN!!"
So really .. I had some self control !! heheheh

Linda girl I think that is wonderful .. I want to do that for the living/dining room but the "girls" may have other ideas ? haha
It just makes you feel cozy with Autumn decorations .. fuzzy warm feeling and I mean that in the BESTEST ? way ! haha

Christine girl TOTALLY !! and those caramel popcorn balls .. home made fudge .. all the really great treats we used to get as kids .. but caramel apples are just about the best ! and I want a little fire pit to roast marshmallows I warned husband that I have to have that this year !! hehehe

chamomilla said...

I love big people who don't forget to be kids! Lovely pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great spooky sky pictures. I love the shots with all the pumpkins. It must have taken hours to do all that craving!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Woooo....perfect spooky sky! (Is there the tail end of broom behind one of those clouds? lol)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Chamomilla : ) and thank you!
No danger of me ever growing up about Halloween .. I could be 100 and I would still be totally silly about it all and having a blast ! LOL

Jennifer I just saw your last post of that beautiful home and gorgeous garden .. now that would be heavenly for me !
Yes it must have been time consuming work but they also must be a Halloween nut like me .. but they have more energy ? haha

Ms S You have seen the secret ! Yes! .. there are a few witch glitches along those cloud lines for sure : ) Any smudgy cloud has a companion this time of year ;-)

Anonymous said...

ex- scream-ly spooky!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Sandy girl that was pretty funny! I have to remember to try and phrase my words my Halloweeny like that too!