Friday, 10 September 2010

A Yawn of a Post

Yes .. I should have more "formally" introduced the Pumpkinhead Princesses !
Their escort is the court jester and always in a good mood .. darn .. I wish I could be like that too!
It was too clear a morning sky to catch clouds but the glimmer in our neighbor's tree was beautiful .. even with most of the pears gone and the tree looking a bit tired.
Of course how can I leave out my precious Sumac and her adventures with birds and spiders .. she doesn't mind though .. she knows it is all for a good cause .. HALLOWEEN !!
So the cast of characters march on ...
... and on ??
The girls went to their vet yesterday for their annual checkup and Sophie was due her shots.
She was very quiet .. so we all kept an eye on her .. she is much better now .. and I have to say they were so good about not yelling down the Sorento while we drove there .. they had loads of room to see from their carriers and it was so much easier taking them both at the same time !
Not really Halloweeny today .. but I am working on it ?


Anonymous said...

I love Halloween decorating, and I am seeing that your site is the one to follow. Last year was my first year decorating for the holiday. I was crafting crazy. I always go all out at Christmas, but wanted to start early, so I picked Halloween. I had so many pumpkins that I decorated, but I see you have me beat by a mile.It will be fun to follow the pumpkin heads.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

hello there again ! I was just over on your blog leaving a comment .. loved the butterfly hunt !
I usually wear myself out before the big night but it is a fun way to go ? LOL .. I have always loved Halloween : ) and I hearing from other people that enjoy it so much too is wonderful !

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I love your Halloween goodies, Joy; they are so cute! And very colourful. I forgot to mention in yesterday's emails that I did not pick up anything at Home Sense yesterday. Nothing really caught my eye. I will have to check out other stores around town.

I'm glad to see that Sophie is doing well. They're so cute in the picture...they love each other...awwwww...

RURAL magazine said...

There goes my other comment, must have disappeared into thin Halloweeny air.

I was telling you that I just got back from my Sister's Farm, they have acres of pumpkins, among other melons.

Warty orange pumpkins, I am in love.

Happy so to be Halloween.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Joy!
Happy to see that the super cool decorations are already making it onto the blog. Can't wait to see more. :D

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha girl : )Thank you !
Home Sense has really let me down in the past two years .. and ironically of course when you move here and I have been bragging about it ? LOL
Yes ! I was relieved to see her get back to normal .. phew, and yes ! Emma was concerned too !

Jen girl ! You are so good to keep trying to comment : ) thank you !
And .. you must have taken pictures of those fantastic pumpkins so I will be over there to have a peek !
I am so getting that urge to have my pumpkin family start coming together .. you did that to me Jen!

Kate girl I have to get over to your blog and start watching out for your decorations girl : ) I know you have something up your sleeve ... hehehehe !