Thursday, 14 October 2010

Can We Talk Plants ?

Hello all of you good little gardeners out there !
First I have a question for anyone that recognizes this "bore" pattern .. it is on our Mountain Ash (which might give you a clue to what it is too I hope !) .. we had decided even before I saw this that we were taking it out of this corner because it was too crowded for the poor thing and it was not getting the light it needed .. but now I see it is in trouble with some nasty bug biting it ..
So if anyone knows what this is please tell me ?
So far my bulb circle is relatively safe .. two daffs were dug up but the SQUIRREL spit them out!
BIG phew on that one .. now leave it alone guys !!!
I am so looking forward to seeing this but fear that it might not be as spectacular as it was last year .. I don't think anything could top how gorgeous it was : )
Now .. this thing about two heucherella ... I planted both Sweet Tea and Brass Lantern.
The huge buzz was about how beautiful Sweet Tea is .. and yes ! I agree it is beautiful.
BUT .. Brass Lantern is one gorgeous plant too and I haven't heard a peep supporting her looks!
Whats up with that ??
See ? they are both so pretty and have put up with dry shade like troopers !
Speaking of dry shade .. I am amazed with the plants I have put in under these not so great conditions .. Autumn Leaves needs a little more time to fill out but my first pulmonaria Moonshine .. is an eye popper as well as pairing it up with Frosted Violet heuchera for that wow ! contrast ?
I love watching every stage of a plant .. right to the bitter end .. I think we are all curious about that whole life cycle thing right ?
This baby has been growing so well also under dry shade conditions .. she flowered her heart out and now the seed heads are here looking amazing !
Cimifuga simplex "Brunette"
Another little WOW ! plant I love is this mini weigela "Midnight Wine" .. dry sunny spot and thriving ! and look at that fantastic deep rich colour !
Ms. Flame Amur Maple, has not turned her colour button on yet .. but I still love looking at her and noting how interesting that bark is .. plus the shape of her leaves, delicate little wonders !
... and so this is my corner of colour with Purple Flame grass , Ms. Flame .. well I think you see my problem and what I am trying to do about it ?
I love my home and gardens but if only I could block out that "neighbor" smack in my face ??
OK .. I heard that .. some one said just win the lottery and MOVE ?? hehehe


Kyna said...

Looks like woodpecker holes on that mountain ash...I might be wrong, but that's what it looks like.

Your plants are beautiful still! Mine look like crap this fall...

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

You have some really nice colour in your garden, Joy. Don't you just love when the leaves start turning into those gorgeous autumn shades? It really adds some late-season beauty to an otherwise drab garden. I'm going to attend the Kingston Horticultural meeting tonight (they meet every second Thursday of each month) and check it out. I'll let you know how it goes. Wish you could attend with me! We'd have a blast together.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know the feeling of wanting to block the world out of your garden. I do just that with layers of vines, shrubs and trees. It looks like you are on the right track in getting your garden planted as screening.

Those holes appear to be made by the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. They drill those holes in trees and a miriad of wildlife also benefit in the sap. I think they are after the bugs in the trees too.

Carol said...

Joy dear . . . that is no bug drilling those holes but a woodpecker going for the sweet sap! I have the same patterns here and the trees seem OK. Rather like how we tap the trees for maple sap I guess. Good luck with your squirrel problem. May your daffs sleep safely. ;>)

Lona said...

Well, it looks like your little tree may be infested and some woodpeckers are looking for them. I do not have a clue. LOL! Your Heucheras are so pretty with the silvery leaves of the Brunnera. I remember your tulip circle and how pretty it was this spring.With tulips you never know if they will bloom again unless they are the perennial or species ones. I loved the leaves on them with the variegation's so you will still have lovely foliage even if they do not all bloom again.
Have a wonderful week.!

Barry said...

The garden is looking alive and well, with the exception of the mountain Ash which, I hate to say, has fallen victim to the Emerald Ash Borer. It has been killing entire streets worth of Ash trees in the States and is quickly making its way across Canada. There have been sightings here in Wellington County. You may want to contact your local conservancy group with this info. I am afraid it looks like the end of the road for the tree. Google emerald ash borer for more info.

Anonymous said...

Is it from a woodpecker? But, it seems like you would have heard it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Canuck girl ! .. there seems to be a lot of support for the woodpecker theory ;-) Husband has seen one in the back garden a couple of times but I just didn't think it would make that many small holes ?
They have nothing better to do ??LOL

Martha girl hello there and thank you! .. I really wish I could have gone too with you and YES ! I think it would have been a blast .. we could have gone for coffee later and discuss whether we liked that group or not ? hehehe
I have to hear all of the details girl so take notes !! wink wink

Lisa girl yo are the second vote for "woodpecker" chronicle ? LOL
YES ! I am so wanting to screen out the rest of the world and especially this neighbor with a voice like nails on a chalk board thing .. and constantly on the cell phone having what should be private conversations .. eeuuwwww !
Thanks for the input girl : )

Carol girl how are ya'! You are the third vote for woodpecker bad boy ?
LOL .. and supporting evidence was the fact Husband has seen a woodpecker eyeing said tree .. naughty fellow .. ahhh ! Maple syrup ;-) My daffs better be sleeping and undisturbed NOW !! LOL

Lona girl 4th vote for woodpecker !
Thank you so much : )and yes .. I do worry about the tulips not coming back as well as the first blooms .. and I also want to switch to species so it will be better odds for a great looking Spring circle to admire : ) hey have a great weekend girl !

Pats !! oops Barry !!! how are you! I have to google that bore .. I have 4 votes for a woodpecker so far but I am so curious about the bore thing happening .. and thankfully we were taking this tree out in any case .. but hope it isn't infested .. yuck ! eeuuww !
Out it comes and more space available ? hehehe

Sandy girl my hearing is so rotten it might have been making lots of noise but then again I probably thought it was neighborhood kids or something else .. BUT .. husband has seen one back there .. we just didn't think the holes would be so small ? Thanks for adding your vote girl ! : )

Pat said...

You know I love your shade plants.
As far as blocking out the neighbors...try evergreens.
Or maybe a really tall trellis.:)

Unknown said...

Emerald ash borer doesn't attack mountain ashes, which are not true ashes. It looks to me like woodpeckers, which are probably looking for something tasty but NOT EAB. Hope that helps at least a little bit.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Patsi girl I am thinking an additional fence topper too ! I have to be sure of the city bylaws so as not to have some inspector drive me nuts like they did with the deck specs .. but oh ... I would so love to just up and move with all of my plants attached into a more country setting ... BIG sigh !!! LOL
Thanks for the advice girl : )

Thanks Jodi girl : ) We were taking this tree out as it is but it helps not to think of creepy crawly things ? ugh !! eeuuww ! but it has to be done carefully since I managed to cram a lot of little plants here too .. go figure eh ! LOL