Sunday, 24 October 2010

Last of the full moon pictures .....

Last night (October 23rd) the moon visited once again and it was gorgeous !
But ... and "buts" happen with me a lot ... clouds were rolling in and getting ready to smother the glorious girl ..
Frustration on my part because I have to get a new tripod .. and I have to really GET the right setting to capture the evening sky with such a beautiful event ..
For now it is all off the cuff type of post with the best I can do to make it attractive ? wink wink : )

Any UFOs sighted lately ? wink wink


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy Dear, I love your moon shots. Tripod or not they're magnifique!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl : ) Thank you ! .. it had been so BEAUTIFUL my frustration with not getting a more detailed shot drove me nuts .. not far to go anyways ? hehehe

tina said...

Hi Joy, Halloween soon right? I bet you are ever so excited! We are too but even happier we finally got rain after over two months! Anyhow, the moon is splendid. I so enjoy it in the fall-all year actually. Bummer it isn't going to be quite so bright for Halloween but that is okay. You have a great day!