Saturday, 9 October 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

The shadows aren't as sharp and dominating as I would rather have for an SSS picture .. but .. and there is always a "but" to my rambles here, isn't there?
It is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend .. these odd little gourds and my "Kitty Halloween Treat" dish seemed to go together expressing a very favorite time of the year for me ..
I am very grateful for every bit of my life and family.. human and animal, past and present .. I totally love Autumn, and if you haven't guessed ..
I TOTALLY LOVE Halloween ... keeping the kid alive in me.
I hope Tracy from Hey Harriet doesn't mind an appreciative ramble from my end of the world .. just to say "I get how lucky I am, and I love every speck of it!
Now what you have to do, is go see the amazing Shadow Shooters over at Tracy's place, including Tracy herself, who has taken the time and effort to keep us in our shadowy creative loop .. thanks girl!


Sylvia K said...

I love your shadow shot for the day! And what a fun one, too! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


Kyna said...

We are gearing up for Canadian Thanksgiving (which I still laugh when I say, because it used to just be 'thanksgiving') here in Americaland! I have invited four people over for turkey AND ham tomorrow, and it's gonna be AWESOME. :D

EG CameraGirl said...

This soooo creative!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Such an interesting composition Joy!! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Don't worry about Mister Rabbit, I'll be sure to include a picture of him in my next blog entry...

Beverley Baird said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We had our first turkey dinner today - another one tomorrow!
Great shot for the day and a lovely shadow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. I've heard how amazingly beautiful Canada is. It sounds like there is so much to be thankful for. I love your shadowy gourds and mysterious mask.

Kelli said...

love the different textures on the squash

Hey Harriet said...

Cute shot! And I don't mind your rambles in the least. They're always entertaining. Bring 'em on I say!

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a most wonderful weekend of celebrating :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sylvia girl : )
Thank you very much and YES ! Our weather has cooperated and it is a lovely weekend here in Canada Land!

Kyna girl (I'm red faced for missing your posts .. I always have such a great giggle with what you say girl!)
Yes .. I know you have to distinguish the two Thanksgivings there ;-) and it sounds like it is going to be one heck of a dinner girl !! .. take pictures !! hehe

Hi there EG and thank you .. it just "spoke" to me ? LOL

Rebecca girl : ) Thank you ! Happy TG back to you too! .. YES : ) I am so curious to see Mister Rabbit at your end of the garden world ? LOL

Beverly it sounds like you are doing double time with the turkey dinners and I say bravo girl ! They are too tasty to under play them ? LOL .. Thanks very much Bev : )

My goodness ! thank you very much!
"momijitomitsukoshi" now that is one heck of a name ;-)
YES .. Canada is a wonderful country and I am so glad my father's family made it here early .. mid 1700's ! LOL Scottish people have a knack for picking winners ?
wink wink : )

kebeni thank you very much : ) I loved the amazing textures to these little gourds too !

Tracy girl ! I don't know how you make all the rounds with your meme!
Thank you so much : ) I do get a bit rambly expressing myself at times (note to self "EDIT rambles!)
LOL .. have a great week ? now that you are in that direction eh ? LOL

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I like your shadow shot too. It looks like the bountiful bowl full of happy thanks.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend. Enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Lisa girl : ) I just loved the way this looked and figured "what the hey ?" LOL .. The weather is clear and crisp so it is just right for me ? : )

Happy Thanksgiving to you to Linda and YES ! this weather is perfect isn't it ?!!

Spadoman said...

Good shot, a seasonal affair as well. I had a delicious Butternut squash souplast night at dinner and more squash today, baked and dressed in brown sugar and butter, with turkey breast.
I love the colorful gourds. I love the Fall colors.
Hope all is good with you. I've been busy with no end in sight. I'll try to get back more often.


Anca Pandrea said...

Great autumn shadow shot on the plate!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Joe : ) all that squash sounds delicious ! and turkey ? you aren't trying to be Canadian by any chance are you ? haha .. Yes this is my favorite time of year totally : )

Hello Anka and thank you : ) I just had to do this shot ! for SSS