Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Weather-bomb Warnings

OK .. this post is totally and literally at times, "off the wall"
We have been warned about a huge low pressure weather bomb front approaching .. covering a massive area through the States and Canada .. all the way out west they are having the white stuff .. SNOW !! eeekkkkk !!
So what do I do during times of possible stress ? ... I just go nutty ... OK ... nuttier than usual and post on silly stuff .. just for the heck of it ?
Plus I find it rather interesting how different my two cameras are at capturing Autumn colour in my own back garden ...
So just go with the flow ... have a giggle .. and go hide under the kitchen table when need be .. remember .. Halloween is just around the corner and you never know what can happen !!! eekkk!
Nice calm normal shots ...

Then it starts ??


Gatsbys Gardens said...

You are too funny! Can you believe I met someone today who doesn't like Halloween especially for children!

I know Halloween has kind of gone over the top, but if we educate our children, temper the reactions to everything that is going on, I think we can all enjoy this celebration of the harvest, a welcome to our passed relatives and a hope that winter will be careful with our gardens.

This is the message of many Halloweens past.


joey said...

I'll go anywhere with you, dear Joy, and loved this happy post with great photos :) Enjoy the remains of October!

Dani said...

Dear Joy,
I do enjoy all your posts, though I may not always leave a comment.

Lovely pictures here. The autumn leaves are just so delightful.

In my country Halloween it's very popular, but I really like your joy about it. So nice to see all these photos.

Thank you.

Hugs, Dani

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl .. it makes me crazy that so much of Halloween ( the simple "fun" with decorations and baking home made treats etc .. low key poking of things that go bump in the night .. no harm no foul kid fun) turns into sick twisted slash and gore and for goodness sake even a moral issue ? You have to be kidding me when I run into that stuff.
You are so right about education and recognizing "Hollywood" crap with bloody movies to shock and frighten susceptible young minds.
It really makes me angry .. so I just try to have my own little Halloween celebration here .. and remember the good side of the "force" Luke ! hahaha

Joey girl thank you : ) I fear this October was not one of our best weather wise but I am squeezing out every bit of it that I can for the fun factor : ) Glad to have you on board girl !! LOL

Dani .. I too am guilty of not leaving comments on many blogs .. time on here has become rather precious at times .. I have been trying to get the physical therapy routine established and I run away like a kid from it ? hehe .. but I have to make more of an effort with everything ;-) Thanks for stopping by girl !