Monday, 8 November 2010

Pondering the "Garden Year"

It isn't only Winthrop in deep thought over 2010 garden adventures ..
We all look back and wonder, what would we change, that would be the better for our gardens? and maybe ourselves ? ..
One of my own thoughts .. never again will I think I am a superwoman and haul HEAVY bags of stone OR pretend I am a landscaper ..
How many of us are guilty of that ?
I love my garden, and I loved the affect of what was done. BUT .. I am still trying to recover from that "DUH"? moment in my garden life ...
I have more to add to that list but that was the major "mistake" moment I won't forget ! .... Come on you guys .. confess a BIG garden "OOPS!" of 2010 ? ;-)


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Thank God I didn't hurt myself like you did, but I certainly did a lot of stupid things where I could have. We had two rickety ladders that I would climb and they would teeter, finally threw them out and bought a new one.


Carrie said...

No ooops moments for me this year as first I was living January - October with Mamma G and she has her own garden and her own plans. Now we're in the new house the only thing we can possib;y do it cover the soil in plastic and wait until next year :) Hahaha. I really haven't learnt a thing about gardening in 2010!

Lona said...

Seems like my days are filled with too many little oops anymore!
I cannot think of any major ones but maybe that's because I am getting senile and forgot them. LOL!But I do do the silliest little things anymore that I wonder why I did that.
Yes, we all need to take care of ourselves when gardening or landscaping. I just have to realize I cannot do what I use to do.
My mind still thinks I can but my body says no you can't.
Your Frosty leaf makes such a pretty header picture Joy.

Bonnie said...

Okay, keep this a secret. When I was weeding my mother's flower garden, I think I sliced one of her crown imperial bulbs in half. Shhhhh - don't let her know.

Anonymous said...

No opps to report unless you count getting up to go to work. Sometimes a day to yourself and your own garden is what the doctor orders.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Eileen girl : )
OMG ! .. the ladder thing is a very scary subject isn't it ? .. glad you didn't become a victim of a ladder OOPS ! .. and we too are going to buy a new one as well .. we held onto our beat up one over 11 years .. it is time to bite the ladder rung and get a new one : )
PS .. I can't believe you climbed them Eileen !!

Carrie girl hello there ! Hey the last two years have been very intense for you .. the garden was in the background and it will be waiting for you next Spring .. take this time to get to know your new nest and snuggle in for the winter with Andrew and Maggie : )

Lona girl that is what I figured for myself as well ! hehehe
I always see dumb struck when I just can't believe I can't do the things I want to do in the garden but that is life right ? jeez !
Thank you : ) I love our frosted mornings .. I hope to have a few more to gather other pictures : )

Bonnie girl !!!! LOL .. Your secret is safe with me : ) I won't tell on you .. and I'm sure your mom won't really notice .. bulbs are tricky creatures, just keep saying that!LOL

GTGW you are so VERY right about THAT ! .. just us alone in the garden doing what we love to do is one of the best if not THE best medicines in the world .. as long as you don't try to landscape with heavy "items" ? LOL

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I did a little too much this year and I'm grateful that I didn't hurt myself. I just don't know when to quit. There aren't really any 'oops' things to report, although I will admit that I've often thought that perhaps I did more than I should have. Maybe I should have been more patient with buying plants and filling up the flower beds, just so I can see how things would evolve a little at a time. But I was impatient and eager to get started so I went a little overboard. Oh well... Next spring I'll just have to do some more work out there.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Martha girl who could say you were wrong with how much you LOVED doing what you did ! I wish I could be as strong as you and I would be getting my garden up to snuff or what my mind thinks is snuff ? LOL
No gardener can ever regret being that happy .. it is just to wonderful to see our gardens change like that.
Next season we will have LOWES to drive us crazy ? haha

Anonymous said...

My big mistake would not be a recent one, but rather one I made a few years back. When we laid down pea gravel, we put it overtop of landscape cloth. We should have bought the expensive landscape cloth, but we were foolishly cheap and laid down flimsy stuff that the dogs have shredded. Now, I am faced with the task of removing the gravel and replacing/patching the underlying landscape cloth. Never again would I make that mistake!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jennifer I was just over at your place admiring those roses : )
Yes I also left a comment on knowing exactly what you meant about the landscaping cloth .. we were taught that lesson by our landscaper this past Spring and the toughest cloth on the market was used for underneath the new smaller patio .. that is one less worry ;-) but what a pain right?LOL

Anonymous said...

Winthrop looks good in frost. But then, he would look neat in earmuffs, too.

I really screwed up my garden this past summer. Did you notice I didn't show it much toward the end of the season. Next year, I will lots more annuals to fill in the gaps.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sandy now you have me thinking about ear muffs and a scarf for Winthrop and the boys (have yo noticed i haven't taken pictures of them lately .. they are MAD at me now ! haha
We all take the better shots of the garden .. so no one sees the oops factor .. what kind of annuals will you be using ??

Rose said...

My biggest "oops" moment was thinking my new 'Pink Diamond' hydrangea would be okay without watering for a couple of days. I've still got my fingers crossed it will come back next year. Hope your back is better, Joy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Rose I am still working on the old cracked back : )LOL
I am guilty of the same OOPS with one of my hydrangea .. the guilt is so bad that I will have to look in the tag box to even remember which one it is ! eeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!!