Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cue the Echinacea !!

These are pictures I found on the net .. if anyone asks ? They are not mine but they were THERE to be employed ??? I'm doing my bit for the economy ?? hehehe
*** Solar Flare ***

*** Gemini ***

*** Jupiter ***

*** Hot Summer ***

It is time for some serious GARDEN PLANT TALK .. I have been avoiding it because it is like sticking my thumb in the dam of "I NEED THIS PLANT" (because I have fallen for it in the dead of winter) ...
What better plant than echinacea, to brighten up the dull gray, and white on white," will Spring ever really come to the GWN ?" cabin crazy fever .. I NEED THIS TALK on a Tuesday morning in the midst of January ..
I am only talking about four of them for now .. I do have quite a collection but there are HUGE planting mix ups and crowdings that I'm too red faced to talk about .. I am being a little more particular on where I plant different cone flowers for now on .. plus the fact I am running out of "sun" situations is breathing down my neck .. eeekkk !
So .. which are the lucky echinacea I am LUSTING for ?
Hot Summer .. Where was I when this wonder came out to the world ?? It changes its colour form a yellow to a scarlet as it ages and can you top that ? !!! It is like my Autumn leaves fetish .. it is the best of both worlds and I SO want this beauty !!
Jupiter .. this baby is HUGE ! up to 6 inches across for a flower with "look at me" power .. and colour ? fantastic .. a rosy halo to peach .. perfect !
Gemini .. A stacked layer of petals (not one of those ... ugh ... double fluff butt ones I have no liking for .. even though I did TRY one in my garden .. out front .. so I don't LOOK at it that often .. I can't just kill it .. but we have an understanding ?) .. this one is a beautiful magenta .. compact for those tight squeezed areas .. and heaven knows I have them .. another PERFECT !
Solar Flare .. Another large flower with deep red petals radiating from a very dark brown cone .. bringing those Autumn colours out front and bursting with pride in their flower smile : )

These are only a few out of so many I can NOT keep up with .. if this part of my brain had control ? my whole garden would be cone flowers .. and that just isn't right is it ?
We have to indulge those other plants that keep sneaking in on our NEED list ..
Another problem is my light values are changing more to shade with maturing trees .. I know there are other gardeners with the same situation happening ! phew !
If any of you have had experiences with these cone flowers I would love to hear about it !
OK .. I feel so much better that I got this off my chest ;-)
You should go over to Jen's place "Muddy Boot Dreams" for a chance at winning a CSN give-a-way .. they have such great stuff it nearly drove me nuts scrolling to something I could really LOVE !!


Rose said...

I could have a whole garden of coneflowers, too, Joy! You have just added to my plant envy here:) I haven't tried any of these cultivars, but they look hard to resist.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen this flower. Looks beautiful.

Lona said...

Hi Joy. I have saw so many new echinacea's this year so far in the seed catalogs. I love the plants but how am I ever going to afford to get them all? LOL!I have added a few to 'the list'.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rose girl ! .. Wouldn't that be glorious ? all the cone flowers we could handle and just adore each and everyone of them : ) Heaven !
The problem is that they are breeding so many different ones coming out all at the same time it is overwhelming .. but what a way to go : )

Hello Visioplanet .. they are fantastic flowers and most have a wonderful scent to offer as well !

Lona it is making me cross eyed tracking all the new ones down (as if I would be able to get any ? haha) I guess we just have to grab what we can and plan for all those other ones, years to come ? ;-)

fer said...

They all look amazing! it must be great seeing that explosion of color in your garden.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Every year I plant some purple echainacea. It never comes back! Fingers crossed for my latest batch...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello fer and yes ! echinace are such beautiful mid summer flowers .. the bees and beneficial bugs love them almost as much as I do ! ;-)

Rebecca I wonder what cultivar you are planting ? .. some are more resilient than others .. Magnus is a hardy one .. and there are others as well .. sun is important for them too .. keep trying girl, you will love them once they are established : )

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

I love those too but for some reason they will not grow for me. I have the regular purple and white ones but I have tried 4 times with the special varieties and they have all died. I don't know why. )-: I should try again(-:

Anonymous said...

I love these, Joy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee you aren't alone with the special cultivar ones .. I have lost a few myself .. but if you stick to the tried and true ones like White Swan (baby swan is a good one too if you are looking for a more compact shorter plant) .. but I think now they are trying to breed the new ones to be hardier .. I hope so because I am waiting to see Flame Thrower and Tiki Torch come back !!!
Try one of the new ones that describe it in a hardy factor ?: )

Hello there Grace girl : ) I am a sucker for these .. and I will end up buying at least one new one (thinking I can hold back is a fantasy but my garden budget will bite me on the blank if I don't behave ?? LOL)