Saturday, 29 January 2011

Shadow shot Time

I thought if I took one more picture of my snow covered back garden yet again .. I would hear a collective groan almost at international proportions ?? wink wink
So my grandfather clock had to be a model .. it is hard to see all of the details but light is reflected from my front window as well ergo also snow covered garden but from the front view point!
Now for my office (aka kitchen until number one son finally leaves home this year ? big sigh !)
He was the source of the movie "Failure to Launch" snort giggle giggle
OK .. enough of that .. who can tell me what Van Gogh works are hanging in print above my cute little office light ?
So if you are interested in seeing more shadow shots .. and of course you ARE !
Tracy hosts loads of super Shadow Shooters at her blog Hey Harriet .. so get over there now : )
I swear one of my New Year's Resolutions ... was to stop using those DUMB happy faces !!!!


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I wouldn't have groaned at more shadow-on-snow shots. But these work well too!


If you see a shadow
And want to keep it near,
Point your trusty shooter
(Make sure the lens is clear);
Press with care the shutter,
Do not slam or sock it—
Then you’ll have a photo
To carry in your pocket!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadows Dancing

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I do hope the weather gets better for all of us or we're all going to be searching for some kind of "different" shadow shots -- you know like ones with sun? you remember those, don't you????? I love yours for the day, I know that! Hope your weekend is going well!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I don't know which ones they are but Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists. I was picture lady for my son's fourth grade class many years ago and when I quizzed the class after on what they remembered it was only that he cut off his ear! I should have known better than to tell this to nine and ten year olds.

The only other thing I remember about that day is my son asking me why I had to be the picture lady?


Kyna said...

I love, love, LOVE that lamp! :D

Karen said...

Hi Joy,
Gorgeous detail on the clock works, and a great reflection. I couldn't get a reflection on anything this weekend, it's so dull here.
I'm not familiar with Van Gogh, but I like your lamp :)

Ralph said...

I think that artistic endeavours are great subjects for shadows. The pendulums on the clock are artfully designed, their basic purpose is weight - but stylish!

Van Gogh is artistic (of course we mere mortals must do with prints, as the originals are to many $$). I don't know what this work is, but the shadows add even more character to the print. Cool home captures!

Emma said...

Beautiful! I really like the shadows and reflections of your grandfather clock.

Sue said...

Snows shots are fine by me! It's due to be 40degrees C here today, but I love the grandfather clock weights too (?). Your Van Gogh featured in a Dr Who episode possibly called "Vincent". Good luck with son No1 - keep smiling! I kind of like happy faces :)

Gen said...

Nice shadow entry...happy SSS!

Mine is here

Beverley Baird said...

Great indoor shadows! Thought I'd have to resort to that today as it has been cloudy this week when I was able to take pix!
Hope your having a great weekend!

A Wild Thing said...

So much to do and so little it Spring yet...we've been lucky not to have all the snows, but The Farmer's Almanac said it would be very cold for us...they didn't lie...oh but to bury my toes in the warm sandy soils of my strawberry patch.

My new gardens this year will be planted on the former driveway where 6 inches of gravel is laid. Can't afford to have it removed so a pick-ax and a gazillion bags of soil ought help...if I survive...CAN'T WAIT!!!

Stay warm neighbor!

Chubskulit Rose said...

What gorgeous shadow shots you have.

My shadow shot, have a blessed Sunday!

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL on the faces :)

Lovely shadows today.

Mermaid Shadows

Hope you're having a super Sunday!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there MMT ! hey, thank you : )
I love this little poem and I am going to be bold and claim it was done just for me ! ;-)

Hello there Sylvia .. we had a wee bit of sun yesterday but I swear we scurry like moles because we are so NOT used to seeing it for so long .. fingers crossed it will smile on us more for February ?? ;-)

Eileen girl you made me laugh : ) that would have been my son's first answer too .. kids zone in on the "strange and unusual" and lets face it , Van Gogh was certainly that poor tortured spirit.
The large one is "Cafe`Terrace" on Place du Forum Arles at night or The Night Cafe` the smaller one is Allae des Alyscamp in Autumn and you KNOW why I love that one : )
Your son was too cute !

Kyna girl I loved reading your post on your family and your cooking adventures ! NO .. you can't have my lamp ;-) hehehe

Thank you Karen : ) seems my lamp has curried favor so I better keep an eye on it ? hehehe . I so enjoyed seeing your harp and chair the warmth of the wood in that lighting was beautiful !

Ralph thank you so much ! I can't even imagine what it would be like to own an original art work .. Van Gogh and Monet are my favorites .. two very different styles but such soul is left in their paintings, you have to love that don't you : )
My favorite "piece of Europe" that we brought back home with us, is my grandfather clock .. that was the one thing I so wanted to have .. I am a bit of a clock freak ;-)

Thank you so much Emma (one of my girls, kitty .. is also called Emma : ) she is one stubborn determined cat pursuing HER way of life as opposed to us asking her to do things our way ? haha are you stubborn too ? ;-)

Sue believe it or not we can soar to those temps as well here in Canada Land ;-)and no doubt I will drag out a few snow pictures to cool off with when that happens!
I totally loved that Dr. Who episode !! they featured so many of his works .. the called this one the Night Cafe (Cafe` Terrace Place du Forum Arles at night).. when they featured Starry Night that was wonderful : ) Fingers crossed Number One son is inching forward finally ! LOL Thanks !!

Thanks Gen happy SSS too !!

Thanks Bev : ) There were a few patches of sun but where does "sun" hide for so long lately ? whats up with that ?? I hope to get out door ones for next time !!

Sharon that was such a great description of a comfort zone .. toes in that sandy loam soil in the strawberry patch : ) ah ! now that helps me keep sane ? haha
OMG ! now that is going to be some intense grunt work girl .. beware of injury to your back !! learn my lesson and be VERY careful, I am still trying to recover and that happened end July !! eekk !

Thank you chub ! and so far so good on this weekend thing ? LOL

Thanks Anni .. another fan of smiley faces ? hehehe : )

Anonymous said...

Nice shadow shots, Joy Dear. No groaning here! Love your lamp.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I use those happy faces too. I can't help myself! Love your lamp. Fun shadow shots.

Vetsy said...

Hello Joy...Your Grandfather clock is beautiful and your office is cute...Love the green color on the walls.

P.S. I noticed the Zephirine Drouhin rose in the side bar under Pinkness Rules, when you have the opportunity come by and drop me some tips on them. I just did a wish list on roses. Thank you.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Grace girl and thank you! We had to go buy a new microwave today .. it is always something type of thing happening for quite some time now ? what garden gnome did I tick off ??? hehehe

Thanks Joan .. I don't know what it is about these silly happy faces but I just can't help myself either? LOL

Thank you Vetsy : ) Hopefully this Autumn I will actually have my office in a room with a door and not the gathering place of the kitchen ;-) I was just over to your blog and chatted about my roses .. I love ZD and haven't had problems with her at all .. I also listed a few of the others I have you might want to investigate .. no garden should be rose-less ??? wink wink

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

No groans from me Joy, your indoor and outdoor shots are both lovely (I only groan at my own snowy pictures). Nothing dumb about the happy faces, I use them all the time lol. :O), ;), O.o, <(")...

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Love the lampshade!! And the intricate engravings on the clock. We all need some beautiful things around to get us through these *indoor* days. :)

Cassie said...

The snow shots are always lovely to look at, so bring 'em on!
Had to lol at your reference to Failure to Launch. Funny movie...

I like your ShadowSHots.YOur grandfather clock shot is beautiful. The weights (or whatever they call them) are artworks by themselves.

The Cafe Terrace Van Gogh I got, but I don't recognize the smaller one on the right. My son in law has done a few paintings in the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night. I've always appreciated his sense of color & streetscapes. Hey girl, too much sad and dreary in the world keep making those happy faces.

meemsnyc said...

I like the closeup of that clock!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecaa girl hello there !
The "happy face"thing just doesn't want to leave me alone .. I think I am addicted and need a 12 step program ? haha .. February is starting soon but winter seems like it has just dug in its heels eh?
I keep planning and planning so by the time I get to do anything ? I will be exhausted ! haha

Ms S. Thank you !
Isn't that the truth! it doesn't have to be over the top by any means .. but something we love keeping us company along with our little furry companions and family .. well getting through winter is one tough mission as it is eh !

Cassie thank you so much : ) Yup .. son had to have been the model for that movie wink wink.
Yes .. the weights of my grandfather clock are very heavy but engraved so nicely .. a fond memory of living in Holland that I treasure : )
I love Starry night as well and there is a bit of it in the night sky for this one too : ) You son in law must be a talented young man! I would love to see some of his work!
Thanks girl .. I can't seem to help myself about the happy faces ;-)

Hey there meems ! Thank you : ) Next time I'll try to shoot the whole thing ! haha

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't mind those snowy shadow shots at all. The ground is peeking out here now. Just in time for another "ice" event. As you well know it will be some time before any good shadow opportunities come around. I like your red background. It is warm and inviting.

VW said...

Your tulip header photos is so cheerful - love it! We have a grandfather clock, made by my husband's grandfather, but we turned it off after realizing that it ding-dongs for a long time every 15 minutes all day and night. If only it had a volume control . . . but we enjoy just looking at it :-)

Darla said...

haven't a clue the name of the artwork...your house looks lovely.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Lisa and thank you : )
We are headed into a storm for tomorrow/Wednesay about 6 to 7 inches predicted but Kingston is a Twilight Zone with lake "affect" events that can skirt around us or dump full on .. so we just have to wait and see !
I jumped the gun a little so fast after Christmas for a red background and Valentine's Day .. oops ! LOL

VW girl thank you : ) This grandfather clock we bought in the Netherlands ( I think it was actually made in Germany though) it has a switch that turns it off for silent night running so that is a huge bonus otherwise we would be listening to it all night too !LOL
Do you know I can't find those tulips now ? I wish I had known they were scarce I would have bought way more because I love them!

No worries there Darla .. if he wasn't one of my favorite artists I would have a clue either girl ;-)
Thanks but you haven't seen anything of my house or the dust bunnies ! giggle snort giggle ;-)

Pat said...

I see you're having fun with shadow shots...maybe I'll give it a try.
Also you page design keeps changing. Like it.
......go girl !

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Patsi girl once you start shooting shadows I can guarantee your camera "eye" will change forever ! All of us with the meme have said so and i think it makes you a better photographer ! Yup : ) change is a good thing girl ! LOL
have you seen a show called "Shameless" on HBO ?? it is too funny/naughty!