Tuesday, 18 January 2011

That Tricky Moon

The moon is a constant source of amazement to me .. taking pictures of it is very tricky, especially since I don't have a specialized camera .. just a long optical zoom at 26 x.
If you saw this one in person last night it seemed much closer to the earth than this picture illustrates .. it was gorgeous !
The sky has to be just the right tint and light value .. too light and it looks transparent .. like these shots.

Then just at the right moment with all the elements rooting for you .. a more detailed picture can be captured ..
Within minutes as the sky becomes darker that famous "moon glow" will start ..
The edges become blurred .. the detail fades into the back ground and you can't really see those special points.
Full glow mode is a beautiful moment too though ... even if you can't get a decent picture with detail.
It was VERY cold yesterday so sticking my self halfway out the deck door was also tricky ..
Spring ... you can hurry up a little PLEASE !!!


Commonweeder said...

What beautiful shots of the moon. My camera is not as good as yours and I never capture the moon as I would like. I appreciate the info about your camera, because I am hoping to upgrade and thinking about what I need to look for. Your blog is just just beautiful - all over.

Rose said...

Great shots, Joy! The moon has really been beautiful lately, maybe to make up for the gloomy, gray weather during the daytime.

Cat said...

The moon is fascinating...and your captures are really good. It is so hard to get a good shot of the moon and you've gotten several! Especially considering you were hanging out the door! I took some shots this morning of the fog and like you, was kind of hanging out the door cause the ground was wet and I was still in my jammies!

Carol said...

Beautiful photos Joy! It was a special moon . . . the snowy landscape was so brightened by its silver reflective light.

RPS77 said...

Those are great pictures. I need to get a better camera - and something to mount it on - and try to get some pictures of the moon. I remember trying to take pictures of a lunar eclipse with the camera held in my hands. I discovered that my hands are definitely not steady enough to get a good, clear shot with a longer exposure!

CiNdEe said...

Very pretty moon shots(-: I wish I had a stronger lens for my camera(-:

Anonymous said...

Can become pretty tough when one doesn't have a zoom as good as yours.. :)

Do check out my reply comment btw.

Tamara Jansen said...

What GORGEOUS moon photos!

Spring has already arrived in our greenhouse. Hanging baskets are in full production!

fer said...

Very beautiful pictures! So cool that you got to capture the little details like that.

Anonymous said...

It was cold yesterday wasn't it! Your moon shots are excellent, especially given that you were not using fancy equipment. It is interesting how on the left side at the bottom the shape fades a bit and you get a better sense that this is a round ball up there in the sky.
Sadly, I missed the Blog Carnival. I like your grape arbor. I have some concord grapes that the previous owner planted. I need to move it and wonder if it would survive the trip to a new spot. A new arbor like your would be great. Must add it to the long to do list... Stay warm! Jennifer

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Commonweeder !
Thank you so much : )You are very kind ! I will do a side bar post on the two cameras I have .. my main one is an Olympus SP-590UZ which has the 26x optical zoom .. then a little Casio for my purse as a "just in case" camera : ) More in Autumn when those beautiful trees scream "take my picture !" haha
Thanks for stopping by an leaving such nice comments : )

Rose girl how are you : ) Thank you and I noticed that as well .. trying to make up for the sun not doing much of a job I think .. hey did you get my little e-mail about that new ornamental grass I ran across ... Ruby Ribbons I think t is called .. it is on my "Lust List" : )

Hello there Whimsy and thank you !
Yes I was hanging out the deck door in my jammies trying at different times to see if I could get just the right one .. the best I have taken have actually been in summer when the moon is still in the morning sky .. that quiet time is wonderful : )

Carol girl thank you ! I can just imagine how beautiful the moon must be at your place .. talk about a moon lit walk ? Now that would be perfect !

Thank you RP ! .. I have a bad habit of cramming the camera into my face and that will case a lot of blur since of course my head will shake .. I have tried tripods but get frustrated when I can't get the hook up just right .. maybe I needed a better tripod ? LOL

Cindee girl thank you : ) I still am amazed at your owl shot and how it is living gin that nest box .. that would make me so happy : ) but I think I have to be more in the country ? LOL

Hello Visioplanet thank you : ) Yes! I'll be over !

OMG Tamara (thank you !) .. I would so love to spend time in your green houses .. it must be heavenly !!
I am trying to stick to a lean Lust List for plants this year but it will be hopeless ;-)

Thank you fer .. I was just lucky to catch it at the right time and have a clear sky ;-)

Hello Jennifer and it was SO cold yesterday, have we been spoiled this year ? haha
Yes .. the angle of the moon in the sky leaves that side a little blurry so it does look so round !
Grapes are fairly tolerant for the most part I think .. to being moved. Although I did have to convince husband to switch to a grape bred for Ontario winters as opposed to the ones he was used to in BC .. I can't think of the name of this one but it is very prolific for which the birds and squirrels love it for ? haha

Lona said...

Those are some awesome pictures Joy! I have tried a few times but I cannot get the craters on the moon the way you have.

Anonymous said...

I saw it too, and even took some photos, but I don't they will look that good when I download them. Hey, I just realized that I haven't taken any photos today, Very unusual.

Do you have snow? It has been snowing here since 8 this morning. Maybe 6 inches on the ground, and rain is on the way.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Lona girl : ) Thank you !
I think the best ones I take are of the late summer morning sky .. you know when you see that moon still in the sky looking gorgeous that time of day and season ? dreamy !! LOL

Sandy girl we have a mini storm system on its way with freezing rain .. we haven't had snow since Saturday but I think we are going to get hit with scary weather tonight .. sounds like you have a handful there too now !
It was such a pretty moon wasn't it: )

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy, Hope you're doing well. Beautiful moon shots! Drop a line as time allows. Curious about what you think of little Lucy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Grace girl ! I'm on my way over to e-mail right now : )

Toni said...

Wow, amazing shots of the moon. Don't think my little point and click will get those kind of shots. So glad you were able to get them and share them with all of us!! Enter those on Skywatch Friday!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Toni ! I just dropped by and had a gander at your foliage shots: ) I love that Nandina ! Any foliage with variegation is great for a shady area isn't it ? I have to find more for my shady nooks now too !

Anonymous said...

I don't hardly think that's fair that the skies are always so pretty over you house! LOL Gorgeous!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Robin girl ! Don't be jealous girl .. it is bitter cold here right now .. wind chill warning of -30 to -40 .. you wouldn't want to be here BRRRRRRR !!!!! LOL