Monday, 24 January 2011

Yesterday's Red Flag Day

When a Canadian says it is an extra cool day .. you should listen .. we know of what we speak !
Yesterday was officially a "red flag weather warning" day here in Ontario.
The stations we letting us know wind chill was driving the temps down to ranging from -30 to
-40 ... that is COLD and flesh freezes and I hope all the people from planet "stupid" kept their animals IN !
When the temps are that extreme there is usually not one cloud in the sky .. ergo not really a sunrise to see .. just a crystal clear ICE sky.
So the infamous "reindeer socks" stayed on all day ... Mr. Reindeer shot in natural light.
Mr. Reindeer shot in a "flash" .. notice how RED nose stands out more .. maybe he was swigging brandy to keep warm ?
The morning before teased me with a hint of colour ....
... and even better ?... illustrating that the sun is definitely moving to the left now .. that is what sparks my interest .. because once the sun clears my neighbor's houses it means "fireball" for photographs and Spring is SO coming to Joy Land ;-)
Notice that shaft of light going straight up into the sky ? .. neat EH !


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, you are really getting hit with the cold weather. We were pretty cold over the weekend, but it is warming up to 30 F today. Yeah!


Rose said...

Now that is cold! Friday was our coldest day, with temps under zero--even Sophie decided it was too cold to play outside. This weekend it's supposed to get up to 36--a heat wave!

EG CameraGirl said...

Yep, it sure was cold yesterday, that's for sure! I was out in it, actually, but only for a few moments at a time. The air was so cold on my nose and cheeks, not to mention my hands when I removed my gloves to snap a photo,

Karen said...'s not quite as cold here (London,ON), minus 17 with the windchill. I love your reindeer socks, I have moose ones, that match my housecoat, which I actually wear over my clothes 'cause it's chilly in here.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and keep warm EH!

Lona said...

OMG!! Girl I thought -10 was bad. Your thermometer makes my teeth chatter. It definitely is a woolly sock day.

Lola said...

Love the socks. Hope it warms a tad for ya. Supposed to be 32 by Sat.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

It certainly was a cold day on Monday. I now look forward to -2 Celsius temperatures. I'm watching the sky too, can't wait to get some lovely sunrise or sunset photos. I did get a few nice ones on Sunday evening, but I just know they will be getting better. Isn't it lovely to see the daylight stretching out a bit each day?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Eileen : )
Yup .. we are getting some "swings" in weather&temps .. it will warm up in a couple of days to almost heat wave status then plunge down again. Very menopausal weather ! haha

Rose girl it is a wee bit cool for sure ;-) Sophie is a smart girl ! haha .. we are going to get a one day heat wave then back to Canada land temps Brrrrrrrrr !

Hey there EG .. it can really make your skin actually STING with cold pain can't it ? .. my camera would be cranky in those temps (like me?)! haha

Karen too funny with the moose coordination ! I like that ;-) I want them too .. I have big fluffy housecoats but just plain jane pink and blue (I'll work on a true Canuck theme for them!)stay close to the fire girl .. my cats sure do! hehe

Lona girl it couldn't go much lower without leaving the thermometer eh? LOL .. so don't complain too much about your cold there or I will send this down for YOU ! haha

Thanks Lola .. you really need socks like these to snap you out of the winter cabin crazy fever thing .. anything to not think how much more we have to go through with this weather!! eeekkkk !

Linda thank heavens we can notice a difference right ? we have months to go through yet and no one can ever predict what kind of Spring we will have .. I think it came early last year .. so this year it might not ? I so want to see some beautiful sunrises SOON !!

fer said...

Wow, that is cold. I had only been in the -10 range. I cant imagine what that would be. Well, but lucky you, seems spring is coming already

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello fer : ) I haven't been on here much lately .. I have to do a post soon or I will forget how to do them ? LOL ... Yes and no .. the snow and cold aren't budging too much but the path of the rising sun is something I track and it is moving little by little so that makes me happy : )
Thanks for dropping by !!