Monday, 28 February 2011

Bits of Sky & Garden Plant Heaven

Yesterday morning the sunrise was muted by cloud and snow falling .. today the true WET stuff we call rain is actually falling, fulfilling the weather forecast .. they were actually RIGHT !!
If you want to skip to the garden plant part scroll down ;-)
I wanted to capture the outline of the sun but my camera, who knows me well .. gave me the proverbial ? "finger" and told me "any closer and it will not focus you dummy !!
So I had to be satisfied with what I could get into focus.
There is a jet stream if you click on the picture you can see it to the right .. I didn't see it until I down loaded the pictures .. kind of neat !
My neighbor's house is the reality check for size and composition while the sun rises in that position .. I can't wait until it truly is to the LEFT of life and trees act as the goal posts ?
So there you go .. snow falling right in front of the camera and ghostly images of the sun in battle with the cloud cover ... no ... I swear I am not doing the Halloween thing .. really ! I promise ;-)
Now for the fun part !!! All pictures are from the net so no one gets mad at me ??
I ordered my Canning Perennial wish list yesterday .. I nearly pulled my hair out because there are such great plants offered but I pared it down to 7 .. ouch !!
Starting out with .. anemone coronaria ' Harmony Blue" .. it is my source of as blue, as blue can get ? .. The Himalayan poppy is just not going to smile at me here so substitution time !!
Is it not a gorgeous little beauty ?

Next it is time for some mysticism ?
Mystic Mist tiarella wasn't on my radar but some how while cruising the catalog it STUCK with me .. I just couldn't resist it ? must be that "mystic" part of the plant working in high gear ? or am I just a sucker for tiarella ?

Now .. this one is not every one's cup of tea or java .. but ornamental grasses have a very strong foothold with me .. and this one being rather small but chocked full of character and yes a little reseeding can happen but not truly aggressive .. the variegation and structure of the foliage is rather "bamboo" like and those seed heads are CUTE! .. chasmathium latifolium 'River Mist"

"Valentine" Bleeding Heart .. is that red .. red .. beauty I mentioned lusting after before and by golly miss molly ! canning has it so BINGO ! it is coming home to mommy here : )

Spigelia marilanda "Indian Pink" .. what can I say ?
It is truly a little gem! I almost got last year and lost out .. so this year I jumped on it and I am one happy gardener : )

Golden Leopard toad lily also was on my "lust list" so here it is smiling at me , knowing it is coming home to a gardener that will adore it !
I never get over how intricate they are and how impossible it seems that such a beauty can make it through Canadian winters .. well done little one !
Well I just want my shady garden to be a woodland stand in ? and what better than this delicately cut marvel actaea pachypoda "Misty Blue" aka Doll's Eye or White Baneberry.
Flowers turn to white berries with a black eye .. hum ? beady eyes watching me in the garden?
Almost a Halloweeny thing going on ? .. no, I'll be good !
So .. it is cold and rainy .. obviously not cold enough for snow thankfully but you get my drift ..
The kind of day you just want to read garden magazines .. drool over plants and dream of what you are going to accomplish in your garden this year (hopefully without injury ?) BIG sigh!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I think your choices have sent me back to the internet to get my order in. The shipping charges are high but I want to make sure I find the plants on my list. That bleeding heart is lovely.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl you are FAST ! I just posted this and was aboout to close off .. I am having computer problems that are driving me NUTS!
My shipping charges with this company are high too (and it is in Ontario !) BUT .. the plant size I get from Chris is wonderful so I have to bit the bullet and get the plants I truly want .. I have high hopes for them all but that BH is gorgeous eh LOL .. Good Luck girl!!

joey said...

Lovely sky photos and fun choices. I have never ordered plants online ... good luck. 'Joy'ful March :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Your plants look fab too. I hope they do well for you.

Lona said...

What great choices Joy. I am glad you mentioned the snowflakes in your pictures because I was thinking 'just look at all of those birds'. LOL! I love the anemone but I cannot grow the thinks. The bulbs just set there in the ground. I saw those Valentine Bleeding Hearts in catalogs and thought they were so pretty.Have a wonderful week.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Joey and thank you very much!
You should try one time .. a couple of plants from a garden mail order company .. something you can't find in yur area? .. I have come to the point that this is the only way I can find some plants out of the ordinary : )

Thanks Grace girl : ) I almost got the scabiosa that you like too but the sun areas are getting so small now it is eeekkk ! time ? LOL

Lona girl that was too funny .. heck yeah that would be a lot of birds in action ? LOL
I have my fingers crossed with this anemone .. it is so close to ture blue and such a beauty with the black eye it has wow factor for sure! I am so curious about this bleeding heart .. it is husband's favorite plant in the garden so that real RED to the flowers would be great !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those oats and the toadlily are to die for. I have resisted oats because of the reseeding. I figure one day they will announce that it is an invasive. Ha... However, thise varigated variety is reeeally nice.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl don't fear the "oats" I know there is always the chance of a wee "revisiting" of its kinder but not really that bad ;-) and this variegated one is totally gorgeous eh ? LOL