Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Mail Order Company Adventure

Pow Wow Wild Berry echinacea .. When I wrote the post this morning I forgot to add this one sun lover echinacea .. I fell in love with it and is also part of the same order .. I couldn't resist it!

Once again I have to say right off the bat ... these pictures are from the net .. they are not mine .. ergo if they were mine, it would mean I already have these plants .. I do not .. so that is Tuesday morning's logic cleared for the day !

I'm excited .. as only other gardeners can really understand .. EXCITED !!!
I have just put in an order for these plants at a new mail order company about 3 hours away from Kingston called " Gardens Plus " .. I was on e-mail tag yesterday with Dawn from this company. Customer service from the start has been great and that gives you the first inkling of how well this company will perform for you .. so I am a happy gal ... so far ;-)
The end result when I receive these plants in the Spring .. well that will be the final grade point for this company.

Why did I order these plants ? .. because I am afraid I won't find these particular ones that I either need to add to a collection and or have been totally sold by their description and pictures and like any other "o-holic" I have to HAVE them !!!
All are shade plants .. since my garden is becoming shadier and shadier .. and the attributes of some plants such as "Majeste" pulmonaria is that ghostly aura ? silvery shine to join my "Moonshine" pulmonaria .. a partner in crime ;-)
The heucherellas ... well Redstone Falls .. I was hypnotized from the first time I stumbled on it .. the vigorous growth .. the colour .. all of it .. perfect !
Gunsmoke was also a new one .. and there was just something about that colour going with that leaf .. sold me right away !
Emerald Mist brunnera .. what can I say other than I have quite a good collection going so as I was missing this one .. it had to join the "herd" ? .. I'm still not sold on Stain Glass but it might sneak in there eventually.

So .. there I am ... trying out a new local company .. doing my best to support my area .. and loving the assurance that plants I have drooled over will be coming my way ..
I am a HAPPY gardener today !! .. now if only SPRING would start moving here ???

Gunsmoke Heucherella
Redstone Falls Heucherella
Emerald Mist Brunnera


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These look like good ones. I really like the pulmonaria. I don't have luck with those plants in general. I would like to try this one though. Good luck.

Darla said...

Great picks here! I too am waiting an order from bluestone perennials...eyeing the plants upon arrival will be part of the grade, their ability to perform as instructed by the nursery will be a sink or swim final!

Cat said...

I love the late winter look of your blog Joy! Spring is coming for sure!!

Pat said...

Boy it was hard to find "comments" for some reason it was right on top of a picture.

Anyway the plants look GREAT !
Now I want to see them in your garden come summer.

Lona said...

Oh, Joy I love your Majeste Pulmonaria.Its leaves remind me of the Diana Clare one I have. There are so many great hucheras anymore. I have never heard of that one but it is going to be gorgeous in your bed. Great choices.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Lisa : )Thanks !
I am fairly new to pulmonaria but after seeing how Moonshine worked out for me last year I have to try another one now .. I love the silvery leaves instead of the spotty ones .. I haven't even seen flowers yet but I am a foliage nut first ? haha

Darla girl hello there : )
You are the same way I am .. a lot of details have to meet my satisfaction but the excitement is really fun isn't it ?!

Hello Cat ! Thank you !
My goodness how are you : ) I am so ready for a taste of Spring it isn't funny .. we have sunny weather but it is VERY cold still .. long way to go yet !

Patsi girl I had a heart attack with Google which included my blog and gmail on the weekend .. I'm not sure if things are right yet, so that may be why the comments part isn't spot on .. thanks for sticking with it girl !
I saw they had "Spells" included now with TB .. so we may see some witches join the fun? Can't wait to see Nurse Jackie too !
I can't wait to see these plants in my garden .. ROLL ON SPRING !! LOL

Lona girl hello there : ) Hey I wanted Diane Clare at one point too, but can't find her .. maybe when Lowes garden center opens ? ... I am so curious to see what happens with the competition here .. and even though I have my order in there is always another one I can fit if found here in the Spring!! : )

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, you have such good taste in plants, I may copy them all. The Pow Wow was a winner in my area, so I am going to look for this one also.


Lola said...

Those are gorgeous looking. I must see if they will be compatible with my area.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Eileen girl aren't you sweet ! Thank you.. but isn't it such an individual choice in what we are attracted to in plants .. something about us reaches out to certain plants at stages in our lives .. I was so surprised to see the ones I wanted offered from this Canadian nursery, I had to snap them up ! I hope you can find the ones you love too ! : )

Lola I think they should be .. I know you are in a little warmer than we are here .. I think ? but they should be ok ;-)

Lola said...

Yes, Joy, I'm in zone 8/8b & 9. Strange here as it seems to be a swatch through here that stays cooler longer.

Carrie said...

yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! beautiful collection - i look forward to seeing them flourish in your garden (adore the new layout and those photos on the right side - oh golly) xxxxxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lola I didn't realize how far "up" the zone you are ! .. yup there can certainly be 'mini-me" climates/zones within the parent one ;-)

Carrie girl how are ya'! and thank you : ) Nothing has come in the mail for you yet ? .. the one thing to what is coming I wish I had not done it in a shiny finish .. it was meant to be done in the other .. oh well? ... hope it gets there soon !

Anonymous said...

Great plants, Joy Dear. They make me hunger for spring as I'm watching snow fall in these parts. Soon....

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I am watching the snow too Grace ;-) and we are supposed to swing back and forth with rain.. so it is a messy attempt at some sort of start up for Spring here .. then it shoots into summer's heat and humidity .. can't win ? ;-)