Friday, 11 February 2011

Pink Sky & Ice Daggers

A tiny touch of pink in the sky this morning .. the sun is moving to the left and this little wisp of cloud helped show off some colour finally : )

Look into the middle of the picture above .. then look to the picture below and you will see where it came from .. it reminds me of when we would scrape our crayons full length across paper and it would ripple the colour !
The pictures below were taken from my window thus the quality is dodgey ...
Now for the dangers of "ice dams" from your roof and gutters ....
The freeze .. thaw .. freeze .. cycle is a very bad thing to happen especially with a metal roof as our neighbor has ..
Can you see the ice dagger pointed inwards to the patio door?
We have all been waiting for it to drop but it is stubborn .. we might have to help convince it to put it's weapon away?
Mean while I drool over plant and seed catalogs .. the light is coming slowly but surely !!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy SWF. I would be tempted to get the roof rake after those daggers. It looks like they could come crashing through your windows. SCARY. Have a great weekend.

RURAL magazine said...

I am "wishing you spring", soon it will come. It's poised here, wanting to stay, just not quite ready to commit.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Darla said...

Beautiful sky photos Joy...that ice dagger looks mean!

Lola said...

Oh, that does look dangerous. Yes, assistance is needed to eliminate it.
Love those sky pics.

Anonymous said...

I see it. That is weird. We had the same sky colors last night. Pretty, aren't they? I notice lots more light, now that we aren't getting storms every day.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at your dagger shot. It almost looks like the snow sheet had it in for you.

CiNdEe said...

That looks pretty dangerous!
Hope no one gets hurt!
Still pretty cold there! I think we have a couple more nice days then its going to get colder. Supposedly a cold storm from Alaska is coming our way. I guess I better get outside and enjoy the weekend while I can(-:

Cat said...

Joy your images of the sky are superb! As your blog always brings great joy (no pun intended!) I'd like to nominate you for the stylish blogger award. Pop over to my blog if you'd like to collect the award!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl : )
It is actually my neighbor's roof .. a metal one .. it seems to dislike being next to us because it can be wicked .. glare from the sun hitting it and other naughty characteristics .. so we can't do much about it;-(

Hi there Jen girl ! Love the look of your blog now it is beautiful !
Spring ???? OMG ! it is so far away yet I hate to think how far away but you will have it smiling there soon !

Hey there Darla girl thank you : ) I have never seen it grow inward like that before .. my neighbor would usually get her son to break it up , or her boyfriend I would think .. but nope .. it is still hanging ! eeekkk !

Thank you Lola : ) My neighbor isn't home all that often so I guess she just thinks it will come down when it is ready ?? LOL

Sandy girl i so love seeing the light earlier in the morning and we can certainly see the difference in the late afternoon early evening.
This was just such a quickie for colours in the morning sky .. I was lucky to catch it !

Hey there Donna .. it is my neighbor's house but we can see it from our windows and it is amazing! We have seen snow and ice do weird things there but this beats them all ;-)

Cindee girl it is dark, windy and cold here this morning.. it sounds funny for you guys to have a weather front from Alaska, but also logical with you being below it from there (aside from our bits of Canada ?? LOL) .. bundle up for the weekend girl ! ;-)

Dear Whimsy girl : ) thank you so much .. I really do appreciate it but I used to have a little side bar explanation that I appreciate the gesture VERY much but I don't collect awards (too much pressure to stay "excellent" ?? LOL) But you are very sweet thank you !

Anonymous said...

Great sky photos. That ice dagger looks lethal! I wouldn't want to step out my door and have that greet me.

Christine said...

Sweet, soft pink sky photos, Joy. Spring is definitely on its way to you! That snow load looks lethal. Living in sunny California (not in the mountains), I cannot relate, but have sympathy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Jeniffer : ) it was just a tiny patch of pink and I had to be fast ! .. I know that dagger ? looks awful doesn't it ? .. I don't know why my neighbor hasn't gotten her son or boyfriend to knock it down! eekk !

Christine I am so ready for the snow to pack up and leave home NOW!
This last stretch is the worst because there are so many false starts to what we think maybe Spring .. enough to drive you NUTS!!

RPS77 said...

The sky pics are nice, but that roof ice is bizarre!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks RP and a BIG yes to our neighbor's roof .. we are all waiting to hear the CRASH soon !