Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Winter lightening & St. Elmo's Fire

You be the judge to a very unusual experience even for the GWN (Great White North) for those of you that haven't "gotten" my abbreviations ;-)

Husband, nor I have ever seen lightening or heard thunder, during a winter snow storm ...
You be the judge to these strange and eerie circumstances .. cue Halloween music .......
Click on picture and see the FLAME !

" .. is that weird or what ??"


Carol said...

Hello Joy! I hope you have power! Your landscape looks remarkably like ours! What a storm! Hopefully your fire plasma will melt the snow quicker. Beautiful snow photos!! When will it ever go away. Well, I plan to go out and play in it when the all is calm and bright again. Take care. Glad you have your gargoyle to protect you!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like it will be awhile before you can dig out of this one. Stay safe and warm.

Lona said...

I know you are there somewhere Joy but I can not see you for all of the snow blowing into my eyes. Wow! Girl just stay indoors. LOL! It is so strange to see lightening and hear thunder in a snow storm.Last year was the first time I had ever saw this happen and it is just too weird.LOL! Stay safe.

Carolyn ♥ said...

L.O.V.E. the Winter's Teeth! Such a fitting description.

Pat said...

Snow storm with lighting and thunder...sounds scary.
Recorded Shameless, will let you know. Thanks.

Rebecca said...

What do YOU think? Is it related to that dark spot on the fence? Lightening?

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The Groundhog Day storm packed quite the punch today. We haven't even attempted to clear the drifts away yet. There are still big flakes coming down but the winds seem to be subsiding a bit. Hope you stayed warm and safe.

RURAL magazine said...

Whoa is that fire? Real fire? What is going on????

Scary, and yes cue the Halloweeny Music.

I find that we always get a big cold spell around Valentines Day here. Then it's spring, well, if you call changing weather, hailstorms, snow, rain, and sun spring.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Darla said...

This is so strange indeed....I just don't know about all this snow I am seeing on the news and reading on blogs...makes me want to put a coat on right now!
So, is Cain alive? Are the babies alright? lol

Anonymous said...

I did one time, and when the lightning flashed, the snow was violet. So beautiful!
My sister down in Oklahoma, had thunder and lightning with snow yesterday morning.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Carol girl! Thank you!
So far we have power .. we are lucky that way most times : ) our gas fireplace will keep going when the power is down too so we won't freeze phew ! I wish I could go out and play in it too, but i did the treadmill and dished out supper so I am pooped and ready to get ready for bed ! LOL
Yes Winthrop is a steadfast guard gargoyle .. we are lucky to have him!

Lisa girl we are always the last area in the city to get ploughed .. being on a double cul du sac is nice for privacy but the snow ploughs ignore us ?? ;-)

Lona girl it was like the Twilight Zone popped in on us to see and hear that .. first time in my life!
I'm safe and snug indoors but I think we have to venture out tomorrow .. fingers crossed they will have dug us out a bit by then!!

Hello Carolyn and thank you for stopping by : ) YES ! I seem to have a thing with winter's appendages .. between teeth and toes ? LOL

Patsi girl I am sure you will have a few laughs with that show .. I have to see it every Monday now .. did they cut out Nurse Jackie ?? I loved that show .. jeez !!

Hello Rebecca ! .. actually it is a quirk .. the light was reflected from above the kitchen stove .. it took me a while to figure it out but it was funny when I saw the picture for the first time : )

Linda my goodness you must be really swamped ? in by the snow over there .. yup the flakes got really big didn't they ? I hear snow ploughs and snow blowers going at top speed around the neibourhood hope to be able to see the road tomorrow ! Stay in the house girl!

Jen girl it is all very crazy lately .. I hate to think how long we have to see signs of Spring and then we are shoved into hot humid summer straight away .. I wish Spring was longer just so I could catch up ? LOL

Darla girl I sent you guys an e-mail to let you know what happened today .. a real tear jerker it was!
I'm on my way to beddddddddd ! haha

Sandy girl it was amazing to almost feel that flash of light .. one of the stranger things I have witnessed by way of weather .. the "fire" is a reflection of the light in the kitchen .. but it took me a while to figure it out because of its location .. tricky indeed !LOL

tina said...

Wow on the snow! Stay warm and safe!

RPS77 said...

I've heard thunder in a snowstorm a few times in my life, if I remember correctly. The most recent was in the first snowstorm of the season last December. I've only seen lightning once or twice. They certainly aren't common.

I've been trying to knock down some of the largest icicles, so I no longer have any that are 5+ feet long. Some of them are still pretty long, though, because the only way I could reach the upper parts would be to stand directly underneath them, which I am not about to do!

Lola said...

Great photography with the "fire". There sure is a lot of the white stuff.
Do take care & stay warm.

Haddock said...

arn't they know as .... stalectimites or something

CiNdEe said...

Brrrrrrr(-: I hope you are staying warm(-: Love the winters teeth comment(-: I think you are right(-: And too, it is Halloweenie-ish(-:
Been semi nice here. WE have cold mornings and wind but have managed to work outside a lot(-: The groundhog did not see his shadow so maybe that means we are all going to have Spring soon!

Tessa said...

Wow Joy! That is snow. We haven't had any for a while :( (Yes, that is a frown). I do love mean how much it snows here- which is not like what you have there :)

Well, happy almost spring!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Tina girl : )
This morning has a beautiful clear sky .. hope it lasts for more than one day .. and the clean up is still going on .. our snow removal service was here about 6:15 this morning so we can get out of the drive way !!!

RP they certainly aren't common .. this was a first for us to see/hear and it was eerie! .. i just watched a show on how very dense chunks of ice can form in the different atmosphere layers and come hurtling in to strike what ever their direction is .. now THAT is scary too! You are right to avoid a direct path for knocking down those killer icicles .. they are common this year because of the wacky weather. Roll on Spring !!

Hello Lola girl : )
Yup .. our deck should have been shoveled off a bit oops ! now there is a lot accumulated .. but makes for a few silly pictures .. we are braving it all to get out today .. I think ? LOL

Haddock (love the name !) you just might be right about these babies! wink wink ;-)

Cindee girl hello there : )
YES !! Husband said the same thing .. but hey .. I think we knew that would be the case here in Ontario .. hard to see a shadow in a winter storm kind of thing ? haha
Hey .. don't make me jealous of your snow free weather .. but .. one advantage is lots of ground water !! : ) YES !! Halloweenish!

Tessa girl hello there ! I am so ready for Spring .. but we have so much winter to get through yet .. I love the fact that snow adds to the ground water level .. but it can be a bit depressing ;-(

Anonymous said...

Brrr... is about all I can think of to say, Joy Dear. You're having one mean winter. No wonder you're "shopping" for plants with your wish list. One must do everything they can to keep their sanity, even watch stupid soap operas! LOL

fer said...

That is quite some snow, looks beautiful but take care!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

That's quite a storm Joy!! I have had quite enough of winter already! The fire is very mysterious, good thing Winthrop can keep an eye on it. Alastair is currenty wearing a snow cap (there's a pic in my latest post). He would probably like to relocate to a warmer clime...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the big snowstorm missed us here, we got an ice storm instead. One time while living in Detroit I did hear Thunder Snow, and it was bizzare! Did you know that's what it's called? Weird, either way! Will spring ever return?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl .. virtual shopping is harmless, for now ? haha .. alas but once hooked on watching certain shows .. well what can I say ? S*** happens? hehehehe

Hello fer and thank you .. wish I could share some with you ? LOL
It is actually passed the seating section of my garden bench .. so we have had a few inches .. more to come!

Rebecca I have to get over to your place and see Alastair and that cap now .. I can't let Winthrop know .. he is still waiting for his "scarf" as are the rest of the boys;-) eekk
If our two gargoyles ever get together they will pack up and relocate for sure !! haha

Robin girl I had no idea it had an official name ! Now I can call it something if we ever experience it again .. seriously WEIRD is right .. it just isn't RIGHT in fact!LOL
Roll on Spring !!!!

Vetsy said...

Wow! It's good you caught some evidence as a result of this strange occurrence. It's been happening here in the U.S as well.

Scarrry!and Unusual! Glad to hear that you have a nice fire place to stay warm and cozy in times like these. Whew!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Vetsy girl and a BIG yes to loving our fireplace .. we are so glad it is the type that will stay on just in case we ever have to go through a power outage during winter.
Yes .. this weather is wacky and eerie .. hope Spring settles everything down ... once it makes up its mind to visit us here ? haha

Unknown said...

Hi Joy. I've only had thunder snow once that I can remember. It is very strange, isn't it? Is it spring yet?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there cinj : )
It was something you don't forget that is for sure ! .. Spring ... I think we have so much more winter ahead of us I hate to think of how long it will take for Spring to dip her toe in the GWN ;-) LOL

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Yes, visibility does seem to be hampered.

Karen said...

Hi Joy,

Pretty much the same here, but no thunder and lightening, although I have heard it during a snowstorm. That flame is weird.
Keep warm.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Karen : ) .. it was weird weather for sure .. the little flame look-a-like was a wacky reflection but to have it placed on just the right spot made it look like an actual flame .. so it was kind of fun to draw in St. Elmo's Fire to it !