Monday, 21 March 2011

Helleborus x ballardiae "HGC Pink Frost"

First the usual disclaimer .. these are NOT my pictures they were on the "net" so kudos to who ever took them ... they are brilliant !
What can I say other than this was a total FLUKE over the weekend.
I wasn't looking for this beauty specifically but the stumble on it while cruising my favorite Canadian nurseries .. well .. it was just meant to be !
I found it at Floral and Hardy .. where I am also getting Red Racer hellebore .. two out of the ordinary ? eye candy !! hellebore ?
Pink Frost just WOWED me and after doing a bit of research it made me totally fall in love with it .. so yes .. "oops! I did it again"
To really get a feel for the plant I am leading you to my friend's blog Teza's Hortus Magnificum.
There you can read how truly exciting this beauty is .. I am a happy hellebore collector !
This will keep me going for a long time .. especially for today .. a gray rain day .. but I know the rain is warming my garden up, and soon ... I will be out there on a sunny day, to seriously start cleaning the nooks and crannies ? ... looking for more signs of life : )


Hootin' Anni said...

Absolutely stunning!! I love the dusty pink tones of this blossom. Beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to visit.

Monday's link:
Spring in my Corner of the World

Gatsbys Gardens said...

These are beauties Joy. I ordered a hellebore that was the plant of the year a few years ago hellebore hybridus, kind of a pale yellow.

Do you have any in that Mardi Gras Series?


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Anni girl : )
It is a gorgeous one isn't it ? I can't wait to have that whole long bed devoted to hellebore : )
Hey I stopped by just a little while ago and laughed at the police gawking at all the bikini girls too funny ! hard job eh ?

Eileen girl I am so excited to be able to get this one .. it was that thing when you didn't know what you needed until you found it?
I don't have any of the Mardi Gras series but WOW ! they are gorgeous! do you have any ? and I would love to have some from Ballerina, Double Queen and Double Vision .. they are BEAUTIFUL !!

Anonymous said...

What a helluva hellebore, Joy Dear.

Bonnie said...

This is beautiful. I just started with my first hellebore last year. They aren't very well known around here and only one nursery carries them. Do you have good luck ordering from catalogs?

VW said...

That's a pretty one, Joy! Tell me, do your hellebores seem to bloom darker than the catalogs show? My 'Pink Tea Cup' from Heronswood is blooming a much darker rosy shade than the catalog picture shows - I wonder if it's because the flowers develop so slowly in our cold weather that more color develops (not sure if that's even possible!).

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl being of the PINK nature I think you should have at least one !! LOL

Hi Bonnie I only started a few years ago with one because I was so curious .. they are slow growers so it gives you time to figure out what place is perfect for them in your garden. Yes I have had good luck with mail order here on the Canadian side .. you get to know from experience, so it takes a couple of "ouchs" to know which companies are the best.
But I love these plants because the foliage is fantastic the rest of the year even when the flowers are gone !

VW girl I think you may be right .. or with the pictures it is always hard to nail the exact colour due to so many different factors .. light values, what stage the flower is really at, even background can influence the shade depth .. I have to look yours up! I haven't seen that one yet : )

Barry said...

Thanks for the link. If you check my latest posting, you will see the three latest Helleborus additions to my garden thus far this year, which includes our beloved 'Pink Frost' Can you believe that they didn't offer it at Canada Blooms this year! What is wrong with them! [Although they did have small 'Red Racers'] I am sure that you will be pleased with both!

Lola said...

Love those Hellebore, but not good luck with them. They say the 3rd times a charm. I have one tiny one that I got last Fall & it sure is slow growing. I'm afraid to look at it for fear it will die. lol
Got kinda warm today while I was planting corn, carrots & cukes. Still waiting for my beans, squash & okra to come up. It's been a week now. Short patience here. Hehehe

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there dear Barry : )
What is wrong with that show not having Pink Frost !!! How was it in general ? I know my divisions will be small but I don't mind .. I am making that very long bed i have into a hellebore dominatrix ? bed ! haha .. I will be straight over to your place to see what you have been nattering about ;-) LOL

Lola girl that was funny ! (I think I have gone through that phase with some plants too .. afraid to look at them for fear that they will shrivel up and die on me!!) .. hellebore are slow grows for the most part .. but it gives you a chance to change your mind about where you plant them ?
That cold wet snow we had yesterday is almost gone but it is ugly out there .. no sun .. COLD .. I don't think I can work cleaning up in the garden too wet! Talk about frustrating ?!!!

Carrie said...

gorgeous header - what a cutie.
I love hellebores but they just like to die on me so i channel my love of them through yours, so hoorah another beauty. I love this one xxxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl hello there ! Thank you : ) I just know there has to be a hellebore out there some where that is perfect for your little piece of Eden ! I keep meaning to drop an e-mail off for you .. Imailed a picture to you ages ago and I am wondering if you got it ? Hope so ! or some one else is wonderign why I sent THEM a picture of my garden ? LOL

Christine said...

I love Hellebores and only have 2 varieties and would be hard-pressed to name them. I look forward to seeing your purchase here.
BTW, did you get some full moon shots? We had clouds. :(

VW said...

Hey Joy,
I do not have Winchester Cathedral - I think its flowers look similar enough to my Meidilland White that I haven't felt the craving for that particular rose (yet). I bet your combo is smashing, though. I'm really tempted by the new 'Lady of Shallot' - been trying to figure out whether I could add rosy-peach-orange to my backyard color scheme but am undecided. Those Austins are just addicting!

Tessa said...

Okay- more Hellebore envy for me! I drool over everyone's Hellebore every year- this year I plan to buy one. Since they do well in cold climates I think it's about time!

Happy spring, Joy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Christine girl !
The moon shifted the next night after those shots I took the night before .. I couldn't believe how far off it was to the wrong side of the house .. so I didn't get a single shot of the super moon ;-(
Take pictures of your hellebore when the flower so we can see them?! : )

VW the funny thing is .. I don't like the structure of the Austin roses 9I know what the heck do I have any for then?) BUT .. the scent from William Shakespeare just rocked ! even husband couldn't believe how wonderful it was like a wild rose scent .. so .. having missed out on White Licorice from Botanus .. I wanted a white one to pair with Will .. so there I go with WC .. I think you could get away with that colour, so just do it girl ! haha

Tessa girl start your engine and get some more hellebore !! They will do fine where you are and the foliage is so pretty still even after the flowers are gone .. and some flowers you can leave like hydrangea ones .. they dry out but look nice still : )

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a lovely plant, Joy. I have one hellebore planted in my garden that I'm so eager to see blooming this spring. I hope that it does well for me; it'll encourage me to add more. They are such pretty plants. The blooms are gorgeous, and the foliage is very attractive, too. Win-win all around.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha they really are wonderful garden plants .. some of them take a while to build up and have more blooms etc .. they are slow growers so you have to be a bit patient with them .. I wanted mine all in the same bed because the sun/shade thing is perfect and they would look so good all together .. I fell hard for these babies : )