Sunday, 27 March 2011

It is going to get BUSY ....

Just as it says in the picture .. it may be sunny ... but baby it is COLD outside ... so another day waiting for the garden to warm a little before I go totally ballistic with clean up ? Number One Son took over 30 hours of labor and drastic measures to literally drag him out to join us on earth .. it was many years ago but you just don't forget an ordeal like that !! Happy Birthday Boy : )
These next shots of the Robinator were taken behind the glass deck doors with the sun shining in .. it is a wonder any of them turned out .. but there was a glint in his eyes that I couldn't resist so although "cloudy" they are full of character !

This morning a marsh bird was impatiently waiting for sunrise .. they can make noises I have never heard of before .. totally wicked !!
I thought I would have some fun with this shot ...

I like the "film grain" affect and immediately I thought of the movie "The Birds" when I saw how it looked .. go figure ?
The sunrise is on the move and I can't wait .. it seemed to take forever this year .. what gives ?

I so want to see the fireball that is created from the left angle through the shrubs .. nothing like it!
For now .. a dusky pink from a near and far perspective with the trees ..
The weather is warming and beginning tomorrow I am facing the ritual of cleaning the garden up .. as long as I don't go completely MAD .. I might not end up on the floor ... moaning ... for now ? ... it is always a gamble though .. just something about doing this and truly connecting to the garden .. with so many new ideas and plants to move around .. let alone find places for the new plants ? EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK !!!

I may not be posting again for some time .... shudder !!


Unknown said...

Hi, dear Joy! Cold and windy here like winter, but yes, it's going to get busy for sure.
Love the hellebore header but...gotta tell you, it's really hard to read the white print on that background, with my everweary eyes.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

30 hours, Joy?!? Eeeeeek... Your son sure took his sweet time getting out. It was cozy and warm inside mom, so why give up such a good thing? Happy Birthday for your son!

Love the robinator. I have one in my backyard. I think it may be the same one I had around last summer. When I stepped out earlier this week, he followed me around everywhere, chirping at me now and then to dig him up some grubs...same way I did last year. So it would be sweet if it's the same robinator.

I have my fingers crossed that this week will be THE WEEK that we'll finally get out there. I'd like to start cleaning up and getting ready for another wonderful season of gardening!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Cute photos of robinator. Yes it certainly was cold out today, but the sun was shining all day long. It is supposed to warm up a bit by the end of the week. I can't wait.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, today is my son's 4th birthday! It must be a lucky day for boys...!! :)

Love your robinator!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jodi girl .. I went ahead and changed my template again(before I get too busy and forget as usual)
I can't wait to see if my other hellebore will smile at me with more flowers too !.. Hope those weary eyes feel better SOON : )

Martha girl how true is that ? LOL
YES ! I am sure it is the same Robinator or "son of Robinator or grandson of Robinator?" haha .. I think knowing this garden is a GOOD place to be is passed down the lineage of Robinators here ?
So I'm sure yours is the same one too : )
I'm going out there to face the train wreck today .. eeekkkk !

Linda I'm sure this time Spring is going to stay longer .. I sure hope so because otherwise you are going to hear me cry all the way over here ? haha

OMG ! Ms S !! Your son too ? now isn't that something : ) another off beat connection to some one out there : ) now if you named him Ian that would be too funny .. I know another friend "out there" named her son Ian and that is a hoot !! An auspicious date in March to be born , right ? : )

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Today is my Granddaughters birthday. It was a good day. Love your new header. Isn't it fun to see Robins etc in the garden again. You know spring is right around the corner.

*~* Linda *~* said...

Thanks for going through that 30 hours to get him out! ;-) I'm glad you did! ha ha ha

I'm totally loving your closeups. That super duper zoom is worth it! I'm totally jealous. I don't have that ability on my camera :(

Anonymous said...

We are getting the same weather. I walked today in my winter coat. Lovely photos, I like what you have with them.

Anonymous said...

We are still snow covered here and so there is no stress about cleaning up the garden...yet. Winter seems to be dragging on forever!!
I love the "Robinator". I have yet to see a robin in the garden. Hopefully any day now!

Carrie said...

all in good time my petal, please don't over work yourself as i miss you when you don't post.
happy birthday to no.1 son :) can't believe i'm older than him :(
beeautiful photos - have to say yopu improve by the post my angel xxxxx

Lola said...

Great day, great month. My #1 son's BD was the 27th also. Big 50. Mine is 29.
Spring is coming. Don't dis pear.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl thank you very much : )VERY happy birthday wishes for your granddaughter !.. this winter is dragging it's feet but my Robinater makes it a bit more cheerful thankfully : ) wink wink
And yes !! Spring is slowly walking ? in .. haha

You are welcome Linda .. natural childbirth is for the birds and other creatures .. give me tons of pain relief when it is that hard ? LOL .. My Olympus can be such an amazing camera at times .. hard to beat it even with all the new ones!

Sandy girl even though I was out in my garden doing some clean up .. I was in a winter jacket too .. a little hot when the sun beat down but when the breeze picked up ? brrrrr !!

Jennifer not one robin yet? wow! i would have thought even though you have snow, you would have a couple of robins stamping there feet cheering on Spring ? .. I have so much clean up to do I shudder to think if I had not bagged some leaves in the fall what it would have been like ! eeekkk

Carrie you thank you : ) you are too sweet to me wink wink ! Yes .. that boy has spent way too much time home .. happy that he is soon leaving to start his own life with his wife : ) LOL .. I try very hard to be more patient when taking pictures and that ain't easy for me ;-) LOL but it does pay off eventually ? Thanks girl !

Lola girl Happy birthdays to you both : ) Is it your son is 50 and you are still 29 ? LOL wink wink

VW said...

All right, I will stop my whining about the cold here right now, cause you have much more reason to grumble!! It keeps raining daily and I'm happy that it's not snow.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope it warms up soon. Happy birthday to your son.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

VW girl you can complain all that you want .. it wouldn't be normal if we didn't have a complaint about our weather right ? haha
I wish we had some of that rain .. it is DRY here and that isn't good .. I have a feeling this year is going to be very touchy !

Grace girl thank you : ) we are going to have a heat wave of 7 !! degrees so I will be out in the garden for sure : )
Yup .. the "kid" keeps getting older ;-) but not me ? hehe