Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Signs of Life and the "Green"

Monday and Tuesday started off "cool" but the sunshine was outstanding and the snow was melting so how good can it get finally ?
Even with frost crystals .. Winthrop was excited ...
So was I ... ergo barefoot and "dancing" on the deck !
Even signs of winter's toenails disappearing soon !
Yes .. I got caught up in the "Irish" of it all in the stores and replenished my love hate relationship with oxalis .. iron cross and plain alike they were the GREEN we needed ?
Ah .. yes .. well ... anyone who reads this blog knows I need at least a touch of Halloween at all times !
I found an unusual obelisk that folds .. at Home Sense .. now isn't that practical ? !!
Said obelisk standing up against shed .. great curly bits to it with a bird on top : )
Flocks of geese WAY UP in the sky honking away seemingly happy to be back in the GWN !
But .. boy it must have been cold UP there .. I had to use max zoom to catch them at all ;-)
Winthrop ponders just how long will it be before I am dancing in the garden in questionable night ware yet again .. I think I embarrass him in front of the neighbors ??
... and now for a few retro cards to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day : )

Of course my "name" was attached to these ones so I just had to post them : )

I can feel Spring is almost ready to arrive here SOON !!


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I just love all the hints that spring is just around the corner ... the warmer afternoons, the lighter evenings, the emerging shoots, the squawking geese and more. Your new folding obelisk looks and sounds interesting ... can't wait to see it in its new home in your garden.

Darla said...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Winthrop looks ready for spring. It is good that he can watch for you so you don't miss a bit of it. Happy St Patrick's day to you too.

RPS77 said...

Great to see that the snow is finally melting for you. Here, it started melting in a big way last week and is largely gone now. I posted some pictures from over the weekend and it has melted some more since then.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

A folding obelisk, would love this, so short on storage. Your St. Patrick's Day cards are great. I used to send them and get them each year, but it was mostly for my relatives from Ireland who are not with us anymore.

I don't think the Irish celebrate it like we do. I know they don't eat corned beef and cabbage. I've got mine defrosting!


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

So good to see your garden finally emerging after a loooooooooooooooong, long winter. Over here Spring has psrung in a rather spectacular way.Soon she will visit your garden too and kiss it awake with a warm & gentle kiss.

Yolanda XX

Christine said...

Your joy is catching, Joy. ;)
it's cold here but the sun is shining. Spring is but a few days away!

Vetsy said...

Sue, I'm desperate for spring and its' blue skies again! I can't wait so see what unique objects and pretty flowers you have in store for your lovely garden this spring and summer.

Tessa said...

I'm with you and Winthrop! I am so ready for spring :). Just outside a bit ago to cover up some little greens I have growing in the gr.hs.- temps are 33 in there! So colder outside- I am REALLY ready for spring!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

What a lovely springy post! I saw "a" goose last week and asked on twitter today if anyone has seen a robin here and got one affirmative. Yay!

Have a wonderful St. Pat's, Joy! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda girl ! Isn't it amazing how quickly things seem to Spring UP once they get going ? We have seen so many geese flocks and our robinator is so full of himself protecting his aka our garden : ) .. the rain helps by washing the snow away and warming the earth .. ah yes ! happy days for gardeners coming : )

Darla girl that is the perfect attitude keep yelling that for me eh !! hehehe

Lisa girl Winthrop has a little lap top himslef that he punches his reports out nightly for me .. on cute little gargoyle paper ;-)
Today is the day of the GREEN : )

RP : ) hello there ! I am away a bit here but I want to get over to everyone's blog to see Spring unfolding ! especially with a new home you get to start seeing the bones of your garden and what is in it .. now that is interesting and you must be so curious !

Eileen girl I hadn't seen anything quitelike this but it has the little bird on top which toes in with some ofmy other obelisks .. it is that heavy iron ? metal that ages nicely in the garden. You are right about the Irish not making a big fuss .. i think we do because we need a GREEN celebration ? haha
I totally forgot about the cornbeef and cabbage day .. we have some things going on here and poof .. no brain days ? hah

Yolanda girl how are you ! thank you for stopping by : ) I remember those amazing Springs in South Limburg .. Schinveld was the prettiest little village to live in during those years .. so beautiful the Springs truly were there : )

Christine girl thank you : ) we have cold mornings but when the sun does decide to peek out it warms everything so well it does start to melt : ) It finally might just be coming and staying for a while ? LOL

Vetsy girl ... it is me here .. Joy :-) hehehe .. hey I have done that too .. I am so looking forward to visiting blogs to see signs of Spring in their gardens too and the fun of garden art! ;-)

Tessa girl this one seemed to be a LONg winter didn't it ? I think we had been spoiled by earlier Springs .. but it makes us appreciate this one even more ? I can't wait for the real deal !

Ms S girl that is wonderful : ) I know it takes a little longer in your area .. I can relate to THAT ! It is so exciting to see something happening finally eh ?!!

Skeeter said...

Happy Green Day! I was thinking about Miss Halloween while painting one of my little bird houses I talked about today! Yep a orange and black one for sure....

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love your barefoot tracks! We've been enjoying a bit of warmer weather the last few days. This morning, I saw a girl walking up to the school I work at in bare feet. I'm assuming she had some shoes with her.

I like oxalis. I have red and green, but not any of the kind you have with both on them. I'll have to see if I can find one.

Happy almost spring!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Skeeter girl I was over at your post and wow ! you have such a creative flare girl : ) I love the gourd bird houses and all of those cute little ones on the wooden posts are fantastic .. I have a daylily allyway between our house and our neighbor's house and it really works well for eye candy : )
YES !! I saw that black and orange one and I think you should put "Joy's Birdhouse" on it ??LOL

Thanks Sue and Happy "just about Spring" to you too!
Barefoot ?!! a little too early for that but I have seen "kids" in shorts and tshirts .. duh ? LOL
The weather is going to be sunny the next few days so maybe a little more work in the garden might happen : ) you have to smile with that .. I have this love hate relationship with oxalis .. hope they survive me this year !