Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday's Morning Sky

Hey !! Look !! A shooting star ?? Nahhhhh ... I know .. it is a jet, but it would have been so cool to see a shooting star right ? .. So how about we will just pretend it is, because it is Friday, and you can do those sot of things on Friday ;-) The sun rose so fast this morning I swear in the blink of my eye it was not there one minute and BANG ! it was there the next second .. notice the "coffee clatch" birds having a chat in the tree to the right ?
A little close up of how pretty it can be with the fore ground of tangled tree limbs and shrubbery
Crazy close up just because it is Sky Watch Friday : )
Then a nice distant picture with that amazing tall pear tree and the angle of the roof .. all straight lines to offset the wonderful round ball of fire that we depend on for life.
... and then there is Winthrop

It was a very frosty morning this morning ... so he wasn't in a very good mood ... and it seemed he was wittering away about how long it is taking for nice Spring temperatures and NO frost so he and the gang could feel warm again ... I told him it wouldn't be long now ;-)
It does look rather barren and brown in this shot .. the crocus are closed against the cold .. but they smile so broadly when they are warm and happy .. the bulb circle is doing very nicely coming up .. taking its time to form that huge grin for me : -) you gotta' love THAT !


Lola said...

Nice pics & I agree. A very nice story indeed. I have a "Winthrop" & he seems to be happier when the sun is shining.

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

I'm sure that it is a shooting star. Who can prove otherwise.

Lona said...

What a beautiful morning you woke up to. The plane trail looks pretty marking the sky. Have a good weekend my friend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Lola : ) and thank you!
I think all of our garden characters are a lot happier when the temperatures are warmer ;-)

Nellie that is what I think too ! LOL .. it just has to be something special : )

Lona girl .. now every time I take pictures of a sunrise I keep thinking "should I be wearing sunglasses ??"
It is a pretty little scene for me to watch the sunrise , I am grateful ! hey have a great weekend too .. I bet it will be "in the garden" ? haha

RURAL magazine said...

I love your shots, they make me feel so happy when I see them.

Not having a East facing windoow,[condo] I miss the sunrise each morning. But I do get the reflection off of the building opposite, hey we all need to make do when we can right?

Anyways, I love your shots.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams