Sunday, 17 April 2011

Help with "mystery" hellebore ?

I may be jumping the gun with this question .. perhaps this hellebore needs more time to mature and then I might recognize it.
Having said that .. I do not have any spotted hellebore from what I have collected, but perhaps one of the ones given to me had been mislabeled ?
If anyone recognizes the beginnings of this flower , could you tell me what you think which one it is please ?


Christine said...

Wish I could help, Joy. I grow hellebores but haven't a clue about their names. You've got a pretty one there!

Marian said...

I can not help you with the name.
Not all Hellebores have a name.
Is it perhaps it is a seedling, which come in all colors and shapes emerge

Have a nice week

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Christine girl .. this one is so not what the ones I have are supposed to be .. I'm not keen on spotty ones so I didn't buy any and what was given to me were non spotty ones too ! So what the heck is going on here? LOL

Hello Marian ... as far as I know all were true adult plants no seedlings .. it just shocked me to see the markings because none were of that colour variation .. it is a head scratcher for sure ! haha

Gail said...

What a trickster that hellebore is, getting freckles like that~Maybe a hunk of a spotted one was mixed in with a-non-spotty one. gail

Barry said...

From all appearances it looks to be Helleborus 'Golden Surnise' - a most delightful flower that is yellow with red spotting and a picotee edge to the bloom! One that you have and I do not.... but no hard feelings girlfriend! I have it on the benches but have other more crucial plants to purchase first!

Lola said...

It's pretty but I have no clue.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl .. I dropped by your blog and was so sorry to hear about Coal ..I didn't know him well but he seemed an extraordinary companion for you and the garden. We gain so much love from our furry little souls and miss them terribly when they are gone. I'm thinking of you : )

Barry sweetie ! Now isn't that a total surprise .. I'm sure it was supposed to be London Fog if I remember where I planted it correctly .. I moved it twice .. not good right ? But WOW !! Thanks for the help sweetie ! I am shocked: ) LOL

Hi Lola : ) .. I think Barry is one reliable plants-man to have ID it .. but too funny .. I was so surprised to see it that way !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sorry, I don't know this hellebore. It is a beauty though.

Jennifer said...

Sorry I can't help with the identification, but it sure is pretty!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Lisa girl .. I think Barry nailed it .. but what a surprise! LOL

Jennifer girl .. this was a bit of a shock but it is pretty isn't it ?