Friday, 1 April 2011

"is it Spring yet ?" Pt. II

These are the before pictures .. before the stunning miracle of everything leafing out and looking beautiful .. but as for the Bittersweet vine ? .. yes ! it is gorgeous but I need a whip and a chair to keep it under control .. not to mention heavy shearing back so it doesn't take over my neighbor's space .. so again, yes .. some trees/plants do make you work hard to keep them in line .. but for now? they are worth it ! My rose bed .. it has to be dug out .. leveled .. enriched and the roses replanted in it again .. I am worried about Zephirine D. because she has been cut back a lot from last year till now again. It had to be done to keep her in check until I can get this bed RIGHT once again !
For the first time in a few years .. i don't have an actual tree to dedicate for Earth Day .. but I will appoint a plant of some kind to take up that honour .. meanwhile Ms. Flame Amur and my Brilliance , will look gorgeous : )
"Fred" the Red Dragon Japanese Maple was protected by Ghost fern all winter .. a trick I tried to see if it would work ... last Autumn when Ghost fern went "crispy" I folded it over Fred as a winter blanket for protection .. I think it has worked !
Long ... scary ... start up view. To the right is my hellebore bed ... with just a few other special plants in it .. I have a collection of hellebore that was started off by my friend Andrea for me.

I appreciate it every time I look at it Andrea : ) thank you once again !
More scary views .. lawn has not been raked up yet .. this was our first decent day to work and other places had priority !
You might notice my hydrangea are all cut back .. some have to be moved out of this bed .. I really have to plan this out much better than I did last year !
For the love of 'lichen" !!! Husband brought home so many beautiful pieces of drift wood while he was fishing .. this is the biggest piece and it supports awesome "life" on it and around it !
T.E.S. "Tiger Eye Sumac" .. I share this tree with Gail at Clay and Limestone in Tennessee. So many times she mentions her soil conditions as clay and limestone .. Kingston is actually called Limestone City as a nick name .. and the clay is here as well .. that and builder's sand with rubble. Yup .. naughty builders !!
This was actually yesterday .. the last day of March .. it SNOWED .. and this poor little Goldfinch with his other friends ... well I think you can tell he is not a happy bird and I don't blame him !
But ? the good point is that we have two feeding stations and they are getting FED !!
OK ... these guys just had to put their beaks in to this post ?
Now we have rain and I am not complaining .. it is perfect .. truly a Spring leg up to warm and water the cold dry earth from winter conditions : )
Not a great picture but I swear I could hear these two finches having this very conversation !


Darla said...

Joy my darling, you have some great areas here. Hoping things will continue to warm up in your area!

Rose said...

Looks like you are all ready for spring, Joy. Everything looks so neat and tidy, just waiting for the warm sun to wake up all your plants. I'm not as brave as you to show photos of all my flowerbeds right now, but I am taking photos for my own records. I'm hoping it will help me next fall when I plant spring bulbs,so I don't dig up last year's instead:)

joey said...

As always, so en'joy'ed my visit. Happy April :)

Lona said...

Girl I see your feeders are full too. That bird you asked about was a female Cardinal. It is not fail the guys are always more colorful.I never wear makeup girl so I am scary or brave everyday. LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Darla girl you are very sweet : ) It is going to be a back and forth year I can tell .. VERY menopausal in other words ! haha

Rose girl Spring is one BIG tease and you need stronger glasses ! LOL
My gardens are not as tidy as I would like but I did get the general sweep the dust under the rug sort of thing ?I know what you mean about digging bulbs up .. been there done that .. and still do it ? eeekkkk !

Hi Joey and thank you : ) I have to drop by your place but I always get hungry because you have such fantastic recipes and pictures of food ;-)

Lona thank you so much for getting back to me .. I took some pictures from inside the house between the deck railings so they are not great but it definitely shows that colour and peek to the head which is way cool ! Hey .. if anyone saw me as I am when I wake up .. they would think "Night of the Living DEAD !" hahaha

Tessa said...

Such interesting spots in your garden- I really like it. Yep, it seems spring is here, but 'they' say we're supposed to get snow tonight! And that is after a 70 degree day. Happy gardening to you, Joy!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks neat and tidy for not being out in it much yet this year. Isn't it fun to look at that fairly clean pallette.?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tessa girl thank you ! I know you must be busy with all that you have going on with your garden adventures . and yes ! the weather is still very finicky .. we just have to hang in and ride that horse out of town ? haha

Lisa that is what makes us so intense about our gardens .. it is truly working with almost nothing to almost jungle mode, so quickly here ! ... but that start up time gives us a better opportunity to "see" what changes are possible?

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Such an assortment of plants and flowers. It's nice to find a Canadian blog where I know if I see a flower it might grow here too! :)

I keep saying next year I will try my hands at roses again. I think "this" year will be the year.