Monday, 4 April 2011

Pass the sheep manure please !

What gardener does not have renovations each year to their garden .. it ranges from finding new places for new plants to huge over hauls .. and then there are the "must dig out all plants and start fresh projects. This scary bed known for a few roses is /was one of those deals. I wanted to do more "during" pictures but once I get started I can't stop and take pictures ! I will have to admit that having a great bag of dry .. as in not soaked by rain usually .. bag of sheep manure (SS) made me ridiculously happy .. dealing with this in a wet form is gross .. no two ways about it ... and we have enough gross things to deal with as gardeners anyways ?? So .. it is hard to see what actually happened here. I dug out two roses (Zephirine Drouhin and Morden Sunrise) and an assortment of little plants .. campanula, Max Frei geranium, creeping baby's breath and a mystery plant, yes THAT does happen ! .. plus the Provence lavenders .. I had to dig out old soil, add new soil and that sheep manure (SS !) the roses will love it and hopefully forgive me cutting them back last year so harshly, and repositioning them this year .. the little plants should like it too .. but I know the lavenders will be cranky .. they don't like rich soil but it I'm not worried .. I know I look at them as annuals for the most part .. more to come when I need them. I now have my spot for Winchester Cathedral rose when it arrives . Fingers crossed there will be some amazing scents and beautiful roses to watch for in this 'renovated' bed : )
I have been photographing the sunrises from my bedroom window .. the sun has to shift further left before I can do my dance on the deck to catch this blazing beauty outside.
My zoom is an amazing feature that I so love about my camera .. even inside shooting through glass I capture the firey ball ...

I love the flaming affect with the twigs and branches .. it fascinates me : )
The overall picture is a pretty one .. despite those utility wires .. I wish they weren't there but hey .. I appreciate this view very much so I will only grumble slightly : )
Today .. tomorrow and a few other days, are rain days .. that is perfect ! we need the earth to be warmed and quenched to prepare it for more planting ... I have a lot of wonderful plants arriving these next two months so yipppeeee ! .. conditions are coming together finally .. I am a HAPPY gardener even with all the aches and pains : )


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your refurbished bed will be a luxury for your plants. I will look forward to seeing them all in place growing up a storm.

Rose said...

I don't know if a garden is ever "finished"--if it were, what would we do?:) I'm sure your roses are going to appreciate the changes to your bed, though. We have a local entrepreneur who sells sheep manure under the name "Ewe Poo"--sounds so much better than manure, doesn't it? She even bakes it in her oven to sterilize it! But the good part it doesn't have a smell at all, just the fragrance of soil.

Darla said...

There you go playing in SS again! Your rose area will be beautiful I'm sure. Lovely ball of fire.

VW said...

Hah, I've used cow manure and seen chicken manure and heard about people using well-rotted horse manure . . . but sheep manure, of course it would be helpful, too!

Lola said...

Nice looking revamped bed. Those roses sure will smell good.

Lona said...

Moving is my middle name girl.LOL!Your roses are going to be so happy. They do not mind the mess or the aroma. LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl : ) Thank you !
I so hope the roses will flourish there and look amazing .. and for their scent to waft up to the deck as well ? absolute heaven : )

Rose girl : ) we know we will never be finished (I hope they have gardens where we go next ? LOL) OMG ! Ewe Poo is perfect !!
That is one of the reasons I like SS .. especially when it is dry .. very little smell but all the advantages .. the wet part happens when it sits outside the store in big outdoor lots with no cover .. YUCK ! but I was lucky yesterday to get the dry form and what I had left went in the shed to keep that way !!

Thanks Darla girl (I have to play in all sorts or it just doesn't feel like I am gardening !)
It is one heavenly ball of fire isn't it : )

VW girl I never knew the difference until a few years ago when I ASKED .. apparently the sheep grind up their grass? better so it is a better form of fertilizer and it doesn't smell as much .. actually very little like Rose said .. and that is great : )

Lola I can't wait for the new rose to be shipped so I can get it in there and start smelling them ? LOL

Lona girl plants should have training wheels right ?? they have to know what is going to happen eventually ! I am so hoping the roses will be happy and SMILE a lot!

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

I like gardening most because of the potential. I enjoy planning and building the beds as much as having them. I can't wait to see your roses.

Christine said...

Your "spring" outlook on life and gardening has perked up quite a bit! I'm so glad spring is coming your way now. I love how you've re-vamped that rose space and look forward to the photos as the roses mature and bloom.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Nellie girl how true is THAT !
We always see the potential in our gardens no matter how small .. plants can change all the time and our little spaces change with them .. I am the same way too : )
I hope my roses can live up to the potential I see for them ? LOL

Christine girl thank you : )
Some times I feel more "Springy"? than other times ;-)
A good day in the garden can make all of the difference !
I hope the roses enjoy their feeding and realignment and bloom like crazy for me : )

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love remaking a garden bed, it's one of my favorite things to do! ;) Looks like those Roses got a wonderful treat with all that sheep manure, hope they reward you with lots of blooms!

Skeeter said...

I hope you had on your sunglasses
while zooming in on that bright sun girl. I get some awesome pics of the moon with the zoom but never have I tried the sun for fear of being blinded by the light....

Your Sheep Poop garden is looking ready to go...

Carrie said...

So happy to see you getting out there and getting your hands well and truly dirty. Don't you just LOVE manure, oh it sounds so wrong to say that but I do, I love it! Look forward to seeing your roses in bloom, zoom in on those babies too ;) xxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Racquel girl and YES! it is so fun to redo a bed as long as it doesn't do me in ? haha
I am thinking the roses will forgive my rough treatment and settle in to look gorgeous for me : )thanks !

Skeeter I was just over at your place commenting on your swing project and how good things will look as long as you don't DO yourself in with those bags of stone like I did last year .. I'm just say'in be CAREFUL !! and amen to non stinky sheep poop ;-)

Thanks Carrie girl : ) I had fun that day, the weather was perfect and the poop was a hoot and I hope the roses will SMILE big time for me with lots of pictures to come!
Glad to see you are enjoying your little Eden with Andrew and Maggie and it was too cute that she loves bran flakes !! LOL