Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Question for pulmonaria aka 'lungwort" gardeners ?

This is my first pulmonaria experience .. I planted "Moonshine" last year and I really love it.
I'm just not familiar with what happens with the following year in the department of "expansion"? .. are each one of these "florets" a new individual plant ? or just the way the plant extends itself in the Spring ? .. I'm a newbie with these plants and I am adding with "Majeste" this year .. so I want to be on top of how it behaves .. any help appreciated !
Thanks : )


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, mine do not look like this but I have different varieties. Mine have very pointed leaves seemingly all coming from a central point.


Barry said...

If this was only planted last year, I would wait another year at keast before dividing it. Indeed you could gently tease each of the 'florets' you describe apart, but I'd wait. You might find that 'Majeste' is rather slow to bulk up. The delicious pewtery foliage is also slow to show itself. It may appear similat to the old 'spotty' ones for a year or so, but have faith. As an aside, when they start to look ratty, shear them to the ground and watch as they metamorphosize before your eyes!

Darla said...

No help here....most of my plants never 'behave'!

Anonymous said...

One of my friends gave me a small start last spring, and it grew into a very nice mound over the summer. I don't really know much about the plant, though.

EG CameraGirl said...

Hi, Joy. I just checked my 'Sissinghurst White' Pulmonaria and each one of my whorls IS a separate plant with quite shallow roots. FYI: to my complete shock, a few blossoms are blooming today!

Unknown said...

I love pulmonaria and have quite a few. This plant is expanding its crown but I wouldn't divide it this year. Give it a year more and it should be nicely sized and ready to split and share with friends or simply plant elsewhere. Many of them also self-seed, but I never met a pulmonaria I didn't adore, whether in bloom or not. I bet you'll love them too, Joy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl : )
Since this is my first one (of course I ordered another one over the winter since this one was gorgeous ? LOL) I wasn't sure if these were babies or not .. so now from all of the answers they are .. but too young to leave the nest ! haha

Hello there sweetie : )
Yup ! I thought they looked a little too "wee" to leave mom but I was amazed to see so many little ones be produced like this ! and do you know I did cut this one back because of its "ratty" stage and it came back smiling at me .. now how could you not love a plant like this ? : )

Darla girl hello there : )
I know you have issues with your plant kids .. just get that whip and chair back out there girl ! haha

Sandy girl you are a newbie with this type too ! I'm learning on the fly but happy to get these responses .. I wasn't sure but my gut feeling was right .. so that makes me a grateful gardener : )

EG !!! Wow is right : ) To have blooms already is amazing girl !!
I suspected these were plant kids but I was thinking they would be a little too young to separate them from mom yet .. but I am in shock to see how much it can multiply .. good shock though ? haha

Jodi girl this just knocked my socks off that the promise of so many new plants was in the making .. I had a feeling they would be too little to take away from "mom" yet but wow ! the potential is astounding ! I have "Majeste" coming and can't wait to see them contrast against the other shade "kids" haha

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I wish I could help you. I don't have luck with this plant.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl : ) I wonder why you don't have luck with this plant ? it seems to be very easy going and wow ! the "lets make babies" attitude is fantastic ! LOL

Jan said...

Hi Joy, I have 3 varieties of Pulmonaria but none of them have ever looked like this! They just pop up their pointed leaves from what appears to be one central area. It looks like you've got some good replies about your question, though. I'm going to have to pay closer attention to see if I can see 'individual' sections in any of mine. Mine are in bloom right now and look so pretty. You will love this plant;-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jan girl and thanks for dropping by : ) .. I suspected that these were new plant divisions but I was so surprised to see it happen so quickly in its first Spring with me !
I am loving this plant and think that "Majeste" is going to be just as pretty .. can't wait to see those flowers too !