Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday is a Happy Dance Garden Day !

I have to squeeze in a sky shot for Friday or it just wouldn't be right eh ?
Not spectacular but a nice quiet and pretty way to start the day : )
The sun made my Ghost fern fiddle heads smile big time with all my " Wow ! look at you guys GROW !!" .. I love seeing fiddle heads they are crazy little creatures that have so much potential curled up ready to spring out .. wish I could be like that in the morning ? wink wink

The daffs are smiling in that perfect yellow way they have ...

I have to mention Center Glow Ninebark .. it is so beautiful when the sun hits it .. almost gives me an "October" fix ... OK, stop groaning you guys .. I can hear you !!!

My only child Moonshine pulmonaria will soon have a playmate with Majeste : ) can't wait !!

My brunnera ... what can I say .. once I started with "Jack" it went to a full blown love affair and I have collected quite a few .. now I am waiting for Emerald Mist in one of my mail orders .. it will be so amazing to have them all in tune and flowering at the same time some garden year ?

King's Ransom is a very pretty one .. I recommend it highly !

Since my plant markers washed off I will have to figure out who is who for some of them .. but I know I can do it ... I'm sure ... hum ? may need some help you guys ?

I just have to have a New Guinea impatience every year .. you know how it goes when it starts to dry out ? all wilted, looking like it will go poof into dust .. then when you water it .. well it is magic and it comes back to life .. husband likes seeing that trick .. wink wink

A Mother's Day present .. I love these succulents and this planting was perfect .. I always say don't buy me flowers .. let me pick out plants !! hehehe

Even the side view is pretty : )

... and finally a shot of the garden waking up early morning with that soft sunlight kissing it ... I should be writing those girly novels with muscle men and dames in distress with my descriptions here .. can I find a garden angle to it I wonder ?


Carolyn ♥ said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. It's a "Happy Dance Garden" Day for me too! The weather will be perfect for gardening today and I'm so-o-o excited. Thanks for putting my feelings into words... I'm off to do the Happy Dance!

Darla said...

Looking good Joy...I know you are pleased to see the sunshine and so are your plants.

Lona said...

Now you went and done it girl. I have to put a Moonshine Pulmonaria on the list. LOL! I like the white blooms. I am starting to learn that there are many Pulmonaria's and Brunnera's and all so pretty for the shade garden. Oh, dear! Your garden is looking good in the morning sunshine. Hey, we had one whole day of sun. Break out the shades.

Lona said...

Oh, Oh, I forgot to tell you Happy Mother's Day!

Karen said...

I'm never up that early to capture a sunrise, so I think it's a terrific shot. Your garden is coming along nicely!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your grass path looks so inviting Joy. your collection of brunneras are sweet too. All of those little blue blooms will be so nice. Happy Mothers Day.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I just put in three Summer Wine Ninebarks to replace those Rhus Armoatica. Their leaf color is great so I hope they do well in the area.


Marguerite said...

Noticed you got a call back from Botanus. Glad to hear they were interested in dealing with any problems with your order.

CiNdEe said...

Totally beautiful! I love when things are waking up(-:
You will be pleased to heard my Ghost Fern is alive and growing like crazy. I better take a picture tomorrow for you. I still have it in a pot cuz I was afraid it was not going to like it here. But it does!!!!(-: Maybe I will plant it sometime(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carolyn I think I may have to create a club for the "Happy Dance" to encompas all the things we just get so happy we have to do a dance for it ? LOL
I think your patio project looks fantastic .. how about coming over here to help me plan my random stone pathways to the gardens ?;-)

Darla girl out of 18 days we got 3 with sun .. thatis how weird this almost Spring has been .. so I am VERY happy if we can have sun and if I can get in the garden and finally really get to work : )

Lona girl I promise you will love it .. the flowers actually start out white but turn a pale blue as far as i know .. this is the first Spring that I watch it do its thing .. but I so love my brunnera and these guys .. the whole shade garden is so beautiful if it lives up to my expectations ? LOL
The shades shade indeed be cracked open : )
Hey Happy Mother's Day to YOU TOO girl !

Thank you Karen girl : ) I love seeing a sunrise unfold .. I wish I had a view for sunset but you can't have everything eh ? DARN !!

Lisa girl thank you and a Happy Mom's Day to you : ) I do love my path even though I wanted pea gravel .. but this is pretty nice as well .. I think moss will take over eventually though, but I don't mind .. moss is COOL !

Eileen I can garuntee you will love Summer Wine it is a beauty .. it holds excellent dark colour all season and then the most fantastic burgundy colour for Autumn .. there can be a powdery mildew aspect but if air circulation is good you won't have a problem : )

Marguerite I was very impressed with that personal touch from Wendy of Botanus .. so I had to give them an extra point on that one .. stay tuned girl ! : )

Cindee girl this is SPOOKY ! I was out yesterday and almost bought another ghost fern .. but while looking at it I thought of YOU and how yours was doing !!! I meant to stop by yesterday and tell you but I wasn't feeling well. Today I hope to get in the garden and get some serious work done, so I know how you feel .. we have to be really energetic to get our chores DONE ! LOL