Saturday, 7 May 2011

Vesey Mail Order Critique

This is what I forgot to add within this post .. a picture of what this rose Winchester Cathedral , is supposed to look like .. fingers crossed it will look as gorgeous as this picture ? wink wink

My Vesey order actually came yesterday but I had to wait for today to plant this special rose.
As you can see it has been well packed
... all that cushion for a comfort zone for this baby !
Bare root roses are kind of scary creatures ...
But add a little TLC ... warm water bath before planting it .. and that touch relaxes ? it !
It is finally in my rose bed just ahead of Zephirine D. climbing rose .. added touch was some sheep pooh, to encourage it to smile at me down the road ?
So what do I score this order .. 8.9 .. packed very well and backed by the company .. I have dealt with them quite a few times and any problems I had were rectified immediately .. a great company indeed ! I highly recommend it to other gardeners .. the only negative I have to say is pricing .. it is a wee bit high, but if you are looking for something different and they have it .. you can be assured it will arrive in tip top condition ... plus any problems will be dealt with pronto !


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

How exciting!! You're right, they are a little scary. Look forward to seeing the new growth. :)

Pat said...

Congrats on your new rose bush.
Isn't it fun when you get plants/shrubs in the mail ?
It's like sending yourself a present.

Marguerite said...

Joy, I've used Veseys for probably 6 years now and they really are good. But I find the same thing - the prices tend to be quite high. Although as luck would have it, when I realized I needed a whole lot of plants this week for a flower bed Veseys is having a 50% off sale on excess plants. I got a bag of 8 hostas for $15, can't beat that!

Barry said...

Looks like a winner for sure. I have perused their catalogues in the past, but have always been squeamish when it comes to bare root, but this is encouraging. I am not familiar with this rose, will have to surf the net and see what piqued your curiosity.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful shadow shots. Hope your rose give you lotsa bloom.

My Shadow Shots

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Rebecca girl: )
Yup .. bare root roses tend to make gardeners shy away from them .. but for the special roses you just have to grit your teeth?

Hey Patsi (isn't Nurse Jackie a hoot ? ) Now how true is that ! Yes .. I have been sending myself presents and loving every bit of it!

Marguerite : ) Yes ! I have used Veseys for a few years now and they really do a great job.
Wow ! girl you waited just long enough to scoop up a great bargain!
I bet they are going to be beautiful : )

Hello there Barry : )
I had to resort to this rose by chance .. I wanted White Licorice so badly but lost out when they sold out .. so I began to hunt for a white rose that is a little special .. I am crossing my fingers that it will look perfect?

Thank you chubskulit I am so hoping it will look just right where I have it : )

ferne said...

I think I missed the name of this "special rose"...a good white is hard to find so I am very interested.

CiNdEe said...

Happy Mothers Day(-: A love rose for a lovely lady(-: Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the name of this rose? It's not White Licorice, so what is it, dear girl? I'm thinking 8.9 is about right. It looks like a healthy, well-stemmed rose. I hope you'll post photos of it in bloom! Glad to see the weather is looking up, finally.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello ferne .. I meant to post the name and forgot .. I'll have to add it .. Winchester Cathedral a David Austin series, which funny enough I don't usually like .. but ever since William Shakespeare rose I like a few of them now : )

Happy Mother's Day back to you Cindee girl and I so LOVED those pictures of the baby owl, you did a wonderful job rescuing him !!

Grace girl that is my fault .. it iwas a "duh?" moment when I posted that .. Winchester Cathedral is the rose (I still can't find White Licorice on the Canadian side yet darn it !!) YES ! I certainly will post pictures of it for sure : )

Lona said...

They charge more to pay for all that great packaging. It costs a lot to package things right. I like the bareroot roses the best. I hope your new rose is happy in that sheep poo. LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Yes Lona girl it does cost more but it can be worth it : ) they back their plants and replace or credit you with it, if it fails.
I tend to like roses on their own roots but some times you just can't find the right one so the next best thing are these right ? : )

Christine said...

Beuatiful rose, Joy. Can't wait to see yours in bloom!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Christine and YES ! I can't wait either to see some roses from this baby : )