Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday's Bits'n Pieces"

My pictures don't seem to show how colourful everything really was ..we started off a bit gray and then went very bright with sunshine so between that and working myself into the ground the camera was not putting up with the sweaty hands and face pressed close to it ?
Temperamental camera !
In any case ... bot sumacs are loving all the rain we are having .. 'horns" galore are sprouting on the Staghorn Sumac ..
Tiger Eye Sumac just looks beautiful in the morning sun .. you can almost see it's SMILE ;-)
Morden Sunrise .. what can I say .. it never fails to impress me no matter how long I have had it!
Rose buds are hard for me to get "right" with the camera .. but this one isn't too bad !
Now the squealing shall commence (Barry sweetie .. YES ! Indian Pinks are exceptional : )
I love that shocking red with the pale yellow inner petals
The colour isn't quite right here but the mellow yellow goes very well with King's Ransom !
Amazing little beauties !
Now for just ho hum pictures of the garden ,, the camera was stuck to my face with sweat so I just kept taking pictures .. now you have to suffer through them too ! haha
If you enlarge this you see two white white dots above a tiny 3 leafed plant .. that is my rescued Berry Smoothie .. he has a lot of growing to do !
I found out the name of the mystery geranium ... phew ! it was driving me nuts ... which yes ... isn't far to go ...
My new little Japanese maple with his friends ...
I so wish my Gold Heart dicentra would put one more flower out so I could see it against that fabulous foliage !
My white spectabilis dicentra is still putting out flowers even though I moved the poor thing yet once again .. it puts up with all of my nonsense ;-)
Now for the scary bare root roses I planted .. you will have to click on the picture to see where they are .. "The Fairy" is under the arbor .. yes, it will get lots of light because the sun will be at the right angle to flood that area with is smiles !
Oh So Easy is in the strip border between bee balm "Petite Delight" and "Prairie Dusk" penstemone .. not sure if it is a permanent home there but I have to wait and see.
This is Porcelain Berry vine .. the last of the vines I have not gotten to ... to tame it down with tying it DOWN on it's arbor .. it is running rampant and sticking it's tongue out at me ... you just wait Mr. Vine ... I am coming !!!
Who doesn't like Hens' & Chicks' ??? I have them in dots around the garden so I gathered some up and plated them in my terra cotta pots .. they can take a lot of punishment with sun and dry conditions .. I also am trying a new annual called Purslane .. I have never heard of it before so I thought why not ? .. I read that it is even edible !
.... and now for the first of the "Fly Guy" pictures .. it is way too bright and you can see his shadow .. I wanted to save it for tomorrow's shadow shot but I thought it was too cool to wait ?
Can you hear him talk to himself ? hehehe .. he was telling me where to go and what to do !
naughty fly guy !!


Jennifer AKA keewee said...

It all looks so lush and lovely. I am waiting for my new camera to arrive so I can start taking pictures again. (my other one broke last weekend)
Have a lovely weekend.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, I love what you do with plants, not a programmed plan but everything looks great together.

I am growing purslane for the second year in my tropical pots on that hot side of my house. I loved it because it bloomed all summer.

I have been warned though that if you plant it in the garden it can be invasive.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I must say that your garden looks lovely from above. It is filling in so well and looks so lush. The fly guy is color coordinated with your garden.

Anonymous said...

I just love Morden roses. Maybe I'd love them in a warmer year-round climate, too, but here in Colorado I _really_ love Mordens :)

Lona said...

Ewww Ahhh! Joy girl your garden looks so beautiful. That Kings Ransom is such a great looking foliage plant. I really like your Morden Sunrise rose. I have the Morden Blush but I am liking your better.Have great weekend my friend! No sweating allowed. LOL!

Balisha said...

I'm trying Purslane this year for the first time too.I love Hens and'll see them in many places in my garden. I love your humor in writing about your garden.

Lola said...

Your garden is lovely. I like it.
Purslane grows wild around my place.
Funny little bug.

Marguerite said...

Joy the overhead shot of your garden is just amazing. All those lovely colours make me think of candy. You've done an excellent job of picking out so many wonderful foliage plants that create a lovely carpet together.

Danielle said...

beautiful pics! I know the camera never seems to do the garden justice :)


Your photos do a great job of showing off the colors in your garden. I love every one of them. That 'Morden Sunrise' is gorgeous. I really enjoyed "suffering" through your all your photos. More suffering please. :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy,
Your garden is a little jewel box of pretty leaves. I can't believe there are only 135 days to Halloween- Now that's scary!!! Have a great weekend.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

The little white dots are adorable! And certainly have some catching up to do. They are about the same size as my Rozanne Cranesbill...What is it with white diectentra being relocated, I've moved mine at least once a season, and wonder why it never gets growing. Your garden certainly does look very colourful, I can hardly wait for Morden Sunrise to bloom.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

So glad you found out the name of your mystery geranium, it is gorgeous! I love flowers with complex colours. Your beds are looking gorgeous lady! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Keewee and thank you for stopping by girl : ) Another thing we always hope to advance with is our cameras eh ? they are second nature to us taking pictures of the garden to look at over winter ;-)

Hello Eileen girl ! .. I am a rebel gardener for sure .. I break most of the rules and have a blast doing it! LOL .. I'll keep that in mind with the purslane .. it is a fascinating little plant with such pretty little flowers ! A new one to me this year : )

Lisa girl I said to Fly Guy change your jacket to match your surroundings for my picture ! haha
Yup .. things are nice now .. just before the wicked heat and insects start driving me CRAZY ? hehehe

Patricia you have to love Mordens!
They are bred in Manitoba and that is one climate you know if they survive winters there, they will be gorgeous where you are .. where are you ? LOL

Lona girl .. my body ignores all the no sweating rules I try to impose .. so that is a lost cause! haha .. You have to have Morden Sunrise too girl .. it is beautiful: ) .. I bought the "Blush" but it was a wrong label and turned out to a weird red and not my cup of tea so it was given to a good home ! haha You have to have King's Ransom too girl! it is perfect!

Balisha thank you so much : )
Hens'n Chicks' are perfect for those hot dry spots we can't keep up with .. they take a lot of neglect thankfully and it is so nice to see them in spots with unusual containers eh ? Purslane I have not noticed until this year .. now how funny is that ! Hope yours works out well too !

Lola purslane grows wild where you are? what zone are you girl? I am so curious if it will die back here or come to life in the Spring ? Fly Guy is all about humor , girl ! : )

Marguerite thank you so much girl!
I just go with my gut at the time .. but I have made some pretty big blunders too .. and we all know that we swap out plants during the season to try and get things right .. we change our minds a lot don't we? LOL

Danielle isn't that the truth .. what our eyes see and what we can capture with our cameras doesn't meet our standards most of the time .. then there are those few that do look stunning but you never know which ones will fall in that category ! haha

Grace girl you are too sweet : ) thanks! I so hope my other roses will look as good as Morden .. I have a lot of emotional investment in them for some reason .. hey, I love surfing too .. yours are so pretty !! I'll have to take a picture of my "pink spot" I did just for you girl ! haha

Jennifer girl before we know it , it will be only 100 days till Halloween ! haha .. Thank you so much .. it is the foliage that carries the weight of a garden when flowers fade .. so I try to have that momentum move all season : )

Rebecca girl: )thanks ! .. My white spectabilis has been so kind to me .. even after moving it puts out these darling little flowers .. but Gold Heart may be too late to do so .. I will have to wait until next Spring I think .. such is a gardener's life ? haha

Ms S girl thank you ! I was going round the bend trying to find out about this geranium .. I finally found it at one of the satellite garden centers of the main nursery here .. and phew ! now I know ;-)

Rebecca said...

The purslane sales should skyrocket, thanks to you!

I enjoyed the Friday stroll with you. Your narrative is as colorful and interesting as your plants - which seem to be doing VERY well, by the way!

You also reminded me that I need to go out and "free" my hens and chickens. They've been contained in a tiny pot for over a year. It's time for them to spread their wings and "fly"!

Cassie said...

Your garden is so fabulous. It is obvious that you put such love into it. Lush. Green. Just beautiful.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca I missed your comments some how .. you must think I am a daft blog owner ? haha
You are very kind : ) thank you !
This is the first time I have tried purslane and it reminds me so much of portulacus but more substantial?
YES ! hens'n chicks need to spread their wings every so often !! LOL
Free them girl ! wink wink

Cassie thank you so much : )
I do love my garden but sometimes it can overwhelm me .. when I miss too many days it can become a monster .. so I have to keep up with it or else ! LOL