Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wordless ? yet needing advice !

It is almost impossible for me? to be wordless ! .. but I will try for Wednesday's sake ;-)
The morning sky a few days ago ...
It was hypnotizing !
Something else that glues my eyes to it .. those fantastic butterfly weed pods .. scifi stuff eh ?
Just pictures of the garden (I am trying to be wordless remember)
pppssstt ! I found Candy Mountain foxglove and planted it by ColourFlash Lime astilbe : )

Those tall guys to the left .. Joe .. whats his name ? wink wink nudge nudge
He has a BIG ego ?
What doesn't go with sedum ?
I love these guys as they mature .. who doesn't ?
Toad lilies galore .. they have been pinched back TWICE !!
Long view at the beginning of the month of August ....
Problem .. advice needed .. I could always research this but what the heck I am throwing out the question .. I have a monster hellebore here .. Lenten Rose Orientalis .. when would be the best time to divide this big sucker ??
I did say he was BIG didn't I ?


Gatsbys Gardens said...


I like when you use your words to explain your great collection of plants. Is it too late to pinch toadlilies, just put some in this year?

I love to see big plants like your Joe Pye Weed in narrow areas, but I am not having great luck with my Persicaria, maybe Joe Pye Weed instead!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your sky shots are interesting. Your garden looks great. I would divide that hellebore now if you want to. Just keep it watered. It sure looks healthy.

Aerie-el said...

Oooo, I like the new look of your place/blog :)! I've been away a while and see what I'm missing--a lot! Oh my, tell me about pinching back toad lilies--do I need to do that? I'm so embarrassed that I hadn't heard that before.
As for dividing your hellebore, the best time here, west of the Cascades in Washington State, is in the fall. My guess for you is to tackle your big guy this fall! Hi-yah! <--that's the sound you make when chopping the plant apart.

Grace said...

Hi Joy Dear, Beautiful garden and sky. Yeah, that Joe...what's his name is quite a character, isn't he? LOL

I'm thinking now would be a good time to divide your hellebore. I'm just guessing though. Typically I would say right after it's finished flowering but because the flowers and seedpods hold on for so long I'm going to say now. Take my advice with a grain of salt. :)

Tiina said...

You have so beautiful garden.That tall guy is Joe Pye Weed,eupatorium purpureum.Your helleborus looks great -and big,I admit-do you have to do something about it?
Happy gardening:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Eileen girl : )
Thank you ! .. I'm not sure if it is too late yet .. but do a couple if you have multiples and watch them to see what happens .. mine were getting so tall I had to do it a couple of times to keep them from falling over, they were stretched out so much.
I have eyed persicaria a few times because it is gorgeous but this Joe Pye came first and he is a BIG guy!! .. Try him out Eileen .. he should work well with your beautiful gardens : )

Hello Lisa girl : ) Yup .. I am thinking it has to be done soon .. it is my original one and it has grown a lot .. yes, very healthy indeed girl ! haha

Hello there Aerie-el girl : )and thank you ! Your picture is too cute : ) looks like you are ready for a harsh winter in that get up! LOL ...hey we all fall behind in visiting I am guilty of it too!
Yup .. Autumn is a good time to split most plants and I'll try to remember about making that noise so you can hear me girl ! hahaha

Grace girl thank you and your advice is always sound .. no need for "salt grains"! LOL .. this morning is a cool dry morning and it is beautiful : ) almost like an Autumn morning, you have to love that !

Hello Tiina .. thank you : ) Yup .. I do have to split this hellebore up .. it is taking up too much room and I did sort of promise a division to a friend .. so I better follow through with it ;-)

Darla said...

Your gardens are gorgeous Joy!

Vetsy said...

I agree, everything goes with sedum there soft colors blend well. Love your garden and the Joe pye weed I had no idea they got that tall.

gittan said...

Your garden looks great as always Joy! Joe Pye is a favourite of mine, have you feelt the smell of Vanilla from him? It´s great!

Rebecca said...

No advice from me :) I'm reading all the others though and ought to write it down somewhere in case I need it!

I love the look of your blog - background, etc. Your plants are looking great, too!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Darla girl and thank you !
I wonder what that pretty blue flowered vine is too ? I'll have to check back with you ;-)

Vetsy girl thank you !
I was so taken with your shots of the chickadees eating out of your niece's hands !! I will have to make sure we have sunflower seeds the next time we see them in the garden.
That chicken expression is so ME too ! hahaha

gittan girl hello there and thank you ! I loved your post on making that border larger .. it looks like the top of a heart ! .. Fire Island is a hosta I would love to have as well. everyone should have a Joe Pye right ? LOL

Thank you so much Rebecca .. I constantly try to find a background to suit pictures and it can be a tough job .. I hope they come up with more choices soon ! Your garden is looking so pretty too .. sedum are a group of plants you can count on for sure : )

.............................. said...

Joy, You have shown more overall views in this post and while I knew you had a large garden, I now think that you have a really large garden. It always impresses me how amazingly tidy you manage to keep it all.
I don't have any toadlilies. I wish I did though. I also don't have any hellebores (Where was I when everyone else was discovering this early beauties??) so I am sorry, but I have no advice for you on moving them. Your latest series of sky shots are great. I especially like the last two in the most recent post. Very moody!! Have a great weekend!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jennifer my goodness thank you !
It isn't so much that my gardens are large but I use every bit of space around the perimeter of our property
So it follows those lines and some islands thrown in. You have to get some toadlilies girl and I laughed at you about the hellebore ;-) where were YOU !! They are beautiful plants Jennifer so you have to start your collection .. I say collection because once you are bitten it has to be that way !! : )
I actually know when to divide them .. I keep putting it off because this is my original baby and cooler weather will be easier on both of us when I do it ! haha
Now put those two on your list .. toadliliy and hellebore !!