Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rainy Day Bits & Pieces Part 1

This moon from a few mornings ago was so bright in the sky it took a little adjusting so I could see detail on it. I don't know what it is about seeing a full moon but it pulls something out of me ?
 Or is that the gravity thing ?
Sunrises have not been all that interesting because we have clear skies .. I am not complaining .. but I need a little cloud to reflect that light and wow me for great pictures ?
OK ... for a few moments it was reflected off a big puffy white cloud at the opposite end of the sky .. thus no colour strong enough to make a bold statement !
Mr. Chips is just so darn cute I keep taking pictures of him. He seems to like my Charlie Brown tree and almost poses on it : )
How could I not play with a little caption here ?
The way this border "wows" outward almost gives the impression of an optical illusion .. I have some "editing" to do here as soon as I get really motivated !!
Nanho Blue butterflybush is a real trooper .. my advice to a gardener who has had problems with these perennials is to look for a gray/silver slightly "furry" textured one .. it will put up with drought once it is established but also hard winters .. this one is quite old and still a winner with me !
Miscanthus "Adagio" .. I can't seem to stop buying grasses .. I am totally in love with them and have so many it is amazing .. I was bitten by the ornamental grass bug ages ago with "Karl F."
Remarkably the basil is still blooming .. I plunked it down in a hot dry problem spot and it took it on  like a trooper !
Cimicifuga aka a number of different names beyond confusion ? How about "Snake Root" ?    I have a number of them and tend to lean towards the darker side .. but my trusty lighter ones bloom earlier so having the different varieties means blooming periods almost all season .. how can you beat that ?
The unopened buds are like pearls or beads .. it is fascinating to watch the whole process : )
Speaking of beads .. my porcelain berry vine creates so many different colour "beads" it is striking .. I love the Wedgwood blue the best though .. they seem more artificial than real ! The birds love these berries too .. it is a buffet most of the time in my garden between the insects and birds so come have a bite to eat and enjoy the view!    


Anonymous said...

Everything looks really good Joy!!

Marguerite said...

I'm never up early enough to see the sunrise but have caught the harvest moon this past week in the evening, amazing colours in orange and yellow. Looking at your photos I was caught by the grass next to the stump with the rock strewn about. I think you just inspired a look in my own garden.

CiNdEe said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I just love that little chipmonk too! What a cute little critter(-:

Lona said...

I love the fluffy cloud! Your Snakeroot's are so beautiful. That Chipmunk has some fat jaws. LOL! He has been busy. A Butterfly bush is on my Spring planting list. I have plant two small ones and they always die so I want to get a bigger one next Spring and hope it will do better. I really like yours. Have a great week Joy.

.............................. said...

Hi Joy, I have a blue-purple butterfly bush and I have to say, that I think I like your Nanho Blue bush better. The flower is extra pretty and the grey furry leaves are a nice bonus.
I think I will add Snake Root to my wish list for next year. I saw it in a garden last weekend and now in your post. Plants in bloom at this time of year, when everything else is fading, are pure gold in my books.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, porcelain berry vine is a beauty! I saw one once, and didn't know what it was with all those different color berries. You asked about my camera, it's a Canon Powershot, and for a point and shoot, it takes great pix. My nephew the professional photographer actually uses the same kind for his personal use, so I knew it was a winner. My yellow knockout rose is called Radsunny. Get one!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Darla girl thank you ! : )

Marguerite girl I am jealous you have been mooned so well .. I keep missing it at night!
That is my new ornamental grass Adagio and it is under the grape arbor with driftwood near it .. I use a lot of drift wood and rock for atmosphere and I am too happy to pass on ideas girl !

Cindee girl how are ya'!!
We are totally smitten by Mr. Chips and I worry about the big bad squirrels especially that black saucy one hurting him .. but Mr. Chips is so fast I can't believe his little feet touch the ground when he scurries ! LOL

Lona girl I highly recommend Nanho Blue it has been my best one for surviving bad conditions so yoou have to have it girl ! AND ... my cimcifuga (snakeroot) has a wonderful scent when blooming this time of year so you also have to HAVE a few of these as well girl .. I'll have to come over there and check on your garden next year ? LOL

Jennifer girl Nanho Blue has been my best one and I have gone through a few .. you can count on that saying of silver gray colour with furry foliage is drought tolerant and a beauty !
YES ! not only are my dark ones blooming but the scent is wonderful so I highly recommend them .. a few I have blooming right now .. Hillside Black Beauty, Brunette, Pink Spike .. lovely ones that i highly recommend .. I hope next year my new one Chocoholic will be too !

Ms Robin girl your pictures from that last post knocked me over girl ! Your garden is stunning and I so love seeing those ornamental grasses ... they truly made everything gorgeous : ) Thanks for the info girl: )