Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Colour in Movement

When I took this series of pictures I really didn't think they would turn out .
The wind has been wicked .. and for this window of time the rain stopped and the sun came out .. just long enough to make my dear Sumac's leaves "shine" a little bit.
So much of the beautifully coloured foliage has been stripped from the trees in my area .. we have had such crappy weather with wind and rain .. I wait all year for the "show" and it decided it wasn't coming to town ?
Now for a visitor that looks a little disgruntled ? .. His opinion of the day and windy events was left on the railing .. bad boy/girl !!
I may have to resort to posting last years leaves at this rate ... BIG sigh !!


Meggie said...

Oh girl, Sumac - I think that is still toxic?
and your little friend, is this a kind of thrush?
The weekend we have already noticed the smell of autumn leaves
I saw your wonderfull pics of maple trees! Love it so much
Ha-ha the high pressure area is already over! Raindrops keep falling on my head ...lalala
and it blows again.But at the moment I'm enjoying to sit at the window and knit a westover for me.

Thank you for dropping by!
Hugs meggie

Anonymous said...

It might not be the color you have anticipated for the fall, I find it very pretty.

Karen said...

You got a few good shots there. It's been the same here, I haven't been able to snap any of the changing leaves. Wind rain, and well...a lot of leaves here just dried up and fell off without turning. Oh well, I'm sure there will be lots of snow pictures to take very soon!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

But just look at all the movement and twirling of colors! They're great photos of the leaves. Love the little bird. xo Jenny

CiNdEe said...

The leaves are so pretty there. We are starting to get some color here. A lot of leaves are falling though! I guess raking will be happening sometime in the near future(-:
Have a great day!(-:

The Garden Ms. S said...

Take heart! Your sumac does look gorgeous - kind of flowy, like Autumn's dress. :) The nice thing about being camera bugs is that we find every scrap of beauty and celebrate it. I love that about gardening bloggers! Happy second half of October! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The trees aren't turning here much at all. I think the drought has everything so stressed even though we have had a shower or two lately. Your sumac leaves are pretty. I have a tiger eye sumac that is quite pretty now, or it was before this bit of rain and all the wind.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Meggie I just went back over to your place ! haha
Yes .. toxic but must garden plants are .. we just don't eat them ? LOL .. It is a Starling .. cute on its own .. not so cute in huge flocks though ;-(
we all seem to be in that cloudy rain mode ... I am getting sick of it !! aaarrgghhh !! haha

Darla girl .. I am wishing some one would just shoot Victor and get it over with ... he is such an ass !! .. rant done .. yup .. my Sumac tries its best for me : )

Karen girl bite your tongue on the snow subject !! I am so not ready yet for that;-( .. not a great Autumn in Ontario this year at all .. jeez !

Hi Jenny thank you : ) Yes .. the swirling colours turned out for me .. I was worried they would all be blurry .. the bird was posing for me ? LOL

Cindee girl another project completed at your place ... I don't know how you do it ! It is very pretty and a tall one to boot ! Enjoy the raking ?? oops!

Ms S you yet again took the words right out of my mouth ( sorry about the onion breath ? LOL) YES .. we see beauty in so many things it can be over whelming .. we want to "collect" it all to share with our blogging friends .. it is a PASSION : )

Lisa I also have Tiger Eye and it has been pretty too .. I totally adore your mini plantings .. I would love to do that too .. maybe 2012 I will get that done I hope!

Lola said...

It looks pretty to me. No color here.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Lola girl .. it has been one very "off" year for what we hope a garden/colour season would be .. so disappointing !

Meggie said...

Haha - I don't want to eat Sumac, but I guess, it's bad to touch sumac, because you get an allergic reaction and you'll never get rid of this disposal.
I've made ​​a little walk between two showers :(
We have a large maple bush in the garden and he doesn't show its best colors.
At the moment the weather is like in April