Thursday, 6 October 2011

The "Long Goodbye ....."

It is time for the "long goodbye ..."
If I am lucky (and for the next few days it looks like I will be) the weather will be wonderful to work in the garden and softly pull the covers up and tuck it in for the winter.
It is a conflicted time for gardeners .. a lot of us are exhausted and so ready to do this Autumn chore .. yet we will miss our gardens terribly during the cold snowy winter ..
We think of our favorite sunspots that basked in that glorious light .. OK .. sometimes a little too much sun did us in and our gardens got a bit fried ? .. but in the deep winter we dream of how it felt and loved every bit of it !
And then there are the projects that didn't get done .. so we make notes of what takes priority in the Spring chaos .. all that built up excitement within us that "bloomed" during those winter chills !
I was SO HAPPY to have real live frogs visit my garden .. I didn't get to see him or her very much but they sang and that was a total thrill for me .. I have had a tie to frogs since I was a toddler and I love them to bits : )
I have more pots that are doing so well I can't bear to dump them yet .. so some very strange pairing of summer and Autumn "friends" have been grouped together .. but they look great and soon the frost will .. hum .. send the summer ones to plant heaven .. BIG sigh !
See what I mean ?
Chocolate Snakeroot aka Eupatorium rugosum "Chocolate" how many times can I type chocolate here ? .. It is a beautiful Autumn blooming plant that the few bees and other insects that need that extra push for their choice of food, love to linger on .. and husband acutually takes note of it, because it is so alluring!!
So now it is time to work on the long good bye .. Spring bulbs to plant .. chores to accomplish .. those last pictures to take .. and notes to make for the next madcap year !
Mean while we are in the MAGIC month ... and that makes me happy : )
I hope you are happy too ? wink wink


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Joy,

I am conflicted also not knowing what to pull out and what to leave for awhile. If I leave too much I will be out in the cold trying to clean up. I planted some bulbs yesterday but have a lot more to go, as usual over ordered!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your fall garden is gorgeous Joy. I love those combos of summer and autumn. I just hate to dump planters that have gotten their second breath in the cool of fall. Sometimes they look their best now. Mr Frost will take care of that little regret though. It won't be long either.

Anonymous said...

No snow in this part of the country, EVER! Getting ready to do fall planting, pansies, violas, snaps....

Barry said...

I wish I had taken the camera out with me yesterday, when, even though I am home battling a nasty cold, I too put my gardens to bed. I hated chopping off the flowers of my Gentian, Corydalis and Spigelia that were still blooming, but I knew, with a much larger garden of a client's that I have to prepare for winter, if I wasn't brutal and get it all done now..... I'd be scrambling in bloody November. I still have plants coming from BC! I guess they will be over wintered inside [some are more than slightly tender, Zonal Denial addict that I am!] I do love the sky at this time of year though. There is a clarity and sharpness that you only get this time of year. Guess its time to give serious consideration to the 2012 wishlists!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

The long shadows are a sure sign aren't they. Great post Joy, I feel the same way as you, mixed feelings and some guilt over projects not done. Your garden still looks wonderful.

Marguerite said...

You're so right Joy. This really is a conflicting time of year. I'm so done with garden chores right now but I know in just a few short weeks I'll miss the garden terribly. Time to close up shop though, little white flakes were flying in the sky this morning.

Beyond My Garden said...

I let my garden stuff go until there is no chance something can still grow. I just hate to cut things down. And, yes you are right I see plenty that I didn't get done over the summer. The stack of roof tiles are still stacked waiting for me to be inspired.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Eileen girl : )
It is hard to hold back on bulbs .. we know how gorgeous they will look come Spring and how desperate we will be to SEE them ? LOL .. YES ! a very conflicted time indeed for us crazy gardeners that have to put our gardens to bed for the winter ;-(

Lisa girl hello there : )
You are like me , thanks ! haha .. some pots just look so nice still so I have to hold back and let the frost do the deed ! LOL
We are in for some wonderful Indian Summer days .. then the crappy weather will have its turn .. meanwhile I am enjoying it all : )

Darla girl you are VERY bad !! Teasing me with another round of plantings .. especially violas and pansy .. I love them and their sweet smell ! Lucky gal !!!

Sweetie I am so sorry you are stuck with another cold .. seems you get them with the change of season ? My Indian Pinks are remarkable too ! I never dreamt they would still be blooming and husband actually spoke up about them : ) Yes .. I know you are very busy and it is best to get a head start on it all .. you naughty lad getting more plants and from BC Thimble Farms ?
You are also too write about this sky .. it is beautiful : ) and YES !! 2012 plant list .. hey don't keep your choices secret ? let me know what you come up with !!!

Thank you Rebecca girl : ) YES there are always some projects that never got off the ground yet evidence of materials pokes a reminder at us ? LOL Hey .. it will happen next year no problem!

Marguerite !!! Already you saw sky dandruff ? EEEKKK ! It might just be an early hard winter for us but maybe the trade off will be a better Spring hopefully ? I feel the same way too girl : )

nellie those pictures of the lake were awesome ! i wish I could capture shots like that .. yup .. the frost will have to really wreck what I have in pots before I dump them .. it comes in stages for sure !

Lona said...

I am never ready to put by garden to bed in the Fall. It is something that has to sink in and give it up though when I realize I cannot put off the seasons. LOL! I have been busy tidying up and planting too. I got that Buddleia you recommended and planted it yesterday. Now if I can keep it from dying.Have a wonderful time in the garden.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl it is hard to put the garden to bed for us eh ? I should be doing a lot of it this weekend while we have great weather .. thank you for mentioning me and my butterfly bush pick .. I have my fingers crossed that it will do as well as my own does for me .. anything with silver gray and a little fuzzy with the foliage truly is hardier I find .. good luck girl !! : )