Friday, 21 October 2011

My Sky Watch Day

This is the original picture of my morning sky some weeks ago .. a mix of colour and shadows .. nothing spectacular .. but when you begin to play with it ?
In "black & white" mode it signals a different feeling when you look at it ? perhaps it is a bit cold and threatening ? you feel there may be a storm brewing ?
Then when it is converted to "warmfly" it has a completely different atmosphere about it .. almost warm and fuzzy ? .. not ominous, as the first one felt.
We can look at the same physical scene but if the colours are played with it truly does change our attitude about it doesn't it ?
I couldn't help but add this cloud with so much of it showing off it's different "structures"
Soft and flowing .. to almost brush strokes .. to feathering .. something we simply take for granted .. looking at it for a few moments but not picking up how truly complex it is.
Such as it is with nature .. appearances can be so deceiving and provoke such an array of emotions : )


Meggie said...

Very spectacular!
I love the sky and the clouds.
I'm happy to live no longer in the middle of our town, where you couldn't see the sky and stars.

I hope the weather at the weekend is not too bad!


Karen said...

I love cloud watching! Some great edits Joy! You should link up with the SKYWATCH Friday meme.

Patsi said...

Stunning !!!
Come by some time.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Meggie and thank you !
I am a sky fan too and love seeing the changes that pass by .. the moon is a favourite of mine too : )
Fingers crossed for some decent weather for the weekend for both of us ? LOL

Karen girl thank you and I keep meaning to do that .. I fully intend to .. soon !

Patsi your blog hates me .. it hasn't let me comment in ages .. so I dropped a wee e-mail off to you .. what did I do to make it mad at me girl ? LOL