Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bitten by the Rose "bug" Bud Yet Aagain

This is not my picture of this gorgeous rose I fell in love with a few years ago.
I still have one though, climbing up the deck front railing, to greet us with her smile and perfume.
Zephirine Drouhin .. she is an old rose from the 1800's.
A beauty in form and scent .. a Bourbon .. that has wrapped me around her almost thorn less canes !
I have gotten greedy about her .. so yesterday during the height of winter BLAHS I visited a wonderful mail order company called Hortico and ordered "her"

This bottom picture is not mine either .. but I hope to capture some wonderful ones from this new rose  .. another creamy white one .. I have a thing about the white ones still.
I did research her last year and almost got her then .. Ilse Krohn Superior 
Strong , beautiful, and most important when I choose roses ? VERY fragrant  !
I have high hopes for her and that she and Zephirine will look wonderful on opposite ends of a new arbour in a newly renovated sunspot in my garden.
What better way to spend gray days in winter than to dream of roses and what might be  ?
A note about Hortico .. I think they are about the only company that will allow you to order one rose, if that is all you want and have the discipline to keep to (which I do not of course!).
I have never ordered from them before but they are right here in Ontario so I have high hopes they have good healthy stock and I can't wait to see these beauties.
So that makes three roses I could not resist .. on order .. something to look forward to when Spring actually makes her appearance ?


Meggie said...

Oh I can understand, I love roses too!And I hear the voice that told me:buy more, more *lol*
Joy girl I want to seduce you:

I can't stopp gaze at them and I start to slobber *rofl*
Should I be ashamed?
take care

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Meggie girl no shame for loving these gorgeous plants ! I still have one I can't get here .. Sugar Moon .. another white one I would LOVE to have !! Big Sigh : )
Now I have to go see where this page is and "moon" over it too!

Lona said...

Hi Joy! I have had my eyes on a Zephirine Droughin rose for a trellis. Does it blooms repeatedly or just once?

Lona said...

Oh, Oh, I forgot! I know nothing new. LOL!
Edmund's Roses has your Sugar Moon rose.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I was just over to your place and answered your question and thanks for the referral? LOL But I need a Canadian provider and I don't think that is going to happen this year for some reason .. we are always behind you guys with plants I want !! eekk!

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, I also want to order some more roses this spring, although I am worried about japanese beetles having a field day with anything I end up planting. I like the Zephirine Drouhin that you have chosen especially. Really pretty!
I get my roses from Pickering Nurseries. The prices are great and they also have rare and antique varieties. The plants are shipped bare root and I have always had success with them.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jennifer girl I just left you a long reply to your last post on focal points .. and I can't wait to see your information on how smaller gardens can handle this aspect ! I need help !! LOL
I am a fan of handling bare root roses .. I have had lots of success with them, so that isn't too much of a worry .. but I bet they scare first time users ? LOL