Friday, 6 January 2012

Elusive White Rose CAPTURED Finally !!

I have a thing for white roses .. I don't know why .. but they put that zing in my heart.
I have a rule about roses in general .. if they don't have scent ... they simply are not a rose .. I can't understand why breeders ditch that heavenly scent for structure .. a rose must engage sight and scent and that is THAT !
This beauty is "White Licorice Weeks Floribunda Rose" .. the rose I had in my grasp as I wandered through the Botanus site on the net last year .. had it in my virtual shopping cart but not through the check out .. I had no idea it was the last one there .. just taking my time  .. la de daaaaa type thing.
Then BAM ! it disappeared just as I was going through the check out !
Some one was quicker than I to snatch this beauty up and it drove me CRAZY(er) the rest of the year.
So as soon as I saw Botanus was publishing their Spring "crop" I grabbed it .. and now I finally feel like there is going to be at least one very special present coming to live in my garden : )
I do have one white rose, this is a beauty too, Winchester Cathedral
The fragrance and structure, simply wonderful .. funny enough I had this thought that I did NOT like David Austin roses ..
I have two, this one and William Shakespeare .. now that fragrance sends me to heaven .. it is like a wild rose .. one I loved as a child .. it quietly sits in a corner of a raised bed  .. waiting for me to make up my mind where it should really live in my garden .. plants can be such patient creatures some times ?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

White roses are beautiful. The picture of your new one is perfect. I hope it likes it's new home.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, there is nothing like the smell of a real rose. I have only one that smells and it is a David Austin called Mary Rose. I hope they survive this wierd winter we are having.


Jenny Schouten Short said...

I love the white roses. Enno and I have a topiary white rose bush in our garden in Holland. It gives us twocrops a year and they smell divine. Hope you get what you want. xo Jenny

Cat said...


I love white roses. Sadly they don't like my climate and are pest and disease magnets here. We have a few roses in the yard but my husband is always trying to find them a new home.

I did some seed planting this week along with putting some young salad fixings in the ground.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, white roses...just a sign of the purity of you heart :) Darla

Rose said...

This is such a beauty, Joy; I can see why you ordered it immediately! Nothing quite so frustrating as having your heart set on a specific plant and not being able to find it anywhere, is there? I'm not a rose grower except for the easy Knockouts, but these white roses are certainly tempting.

Hmmm, why is the old song "Winchester Cathedral" running through my mind now?:)

Lona said...

Joy girl I am glad you finally found your rose. LOL! Have you saw the new Mustard & Ketcup Rose? I have to have one girl. LOL!


Yay, I'm so glad you're getting it this year, Joy Dear. It's going to look fabulous both in the garden and indoors in a vase. Now if spring would hurry up and get here. :)

Barry said...

Yay! I could feel your pain from here when you posted that you'd lost out on this beauty last year, so needless to say I am thrilled to hear that it will be coming to reside in your garden this coming garden season! Give her a special place, front and centre where you can proudly boast to everyone who comes to visit your garden! Happy New Year dearheart~

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl : )
I am so excited .. I would have bought 3 of them to really make an impact but space and sunlight is limited here now .. I am doing the happy dance inside all the time !

Eileen girl this weather has me worried too .. I just know we are going to be hit hard and I worry about what plants I will lose .. fingers crossed we pull out intact come Spring !

Jenny I am still thinking of Enno's warm potato salad : )
I can well imagine how beautiful your garden must be and the white rose topiary must be stunning .. maybe a picture please ? : )

Hey there Cat girl !
I was looking at your garden and thinking this is going to be one heck of a veggie crop for you!
Ahhhhhh ? that is sad about the roses .. you have to keep at least one bush and it has to smell heavenly .. wouldn't a rose's perfume make your yoga session dreamy ? LOL

Dr. D ;-) .. now that is so nice of you girl ! I'm not sure it really implies that of me but I will take the banner and run with it ! LOL

Rose girl have you been able to get that tune out of your head yet ? I hate that when it happens!
The Knock Outs are so pretty .. if I find some with scent I might just find a place for them ? ;-)

Lona girl YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE !!!
I was totally blown away when I saw it's colouring .. it is amazing how they can breed flowers to have such exact colour and placement .. I need to see it in your garden girl !!

Gracie I really was crestfallen when I lost out on this gorgeous rose .. now I am so darn happy .. the weather scares me as a gardener .. this is so NOT right here in the GWN ! .. so I know Spring is not happening .. just trick or treat by Mom Nature ;-)

Thank you so much sweetie : )
I am in rose heaven but I do have to seriously THINK of the best place to put her .. so that is a brain twister right there ! haha
I was reading about the hellebore you are bringing in and I am so lucky to have a few of them .. and ? of course I want MORE ! haha
they are gorgeous .. so glad they are feeling a resurgence in the garden world again : )

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh Joy, I am jumping up and down for JOY, just think, when we find our house I will have a garden.....and when I have a garden I will have plants!! OH Joy!!! LOL.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Marguerite said...

Thank goodness for the patience of plants! Adapting to moving several times over is one of their greatest virtues I think. (and if they can't adapt to that then they have no business in my garden, ha ha)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jen girl I have been chuckling so much about what houses you have seen in such bad "show" condition and your posts on how to NOT sell a house .. we went through some that were almost as shocking !
You have to have one white rose shrub or climber in your garden girl !!

Marguerite girl I totally agree with you ! No plant should be in my garden either if it can't keep up with my brilliant ideas as to "how many places do I have to put you before it is just right?"
They must be willing to work with me ? LOL