Friday, 20 January 2012

Signiture Plant for Diana's Post

Diana of Elephant's Eye is running a post asking others about what they think their signature plant is (for the moment ? wink wink .. we all know that changes many times over during the course of our garden season) ..
Now in the middle of our dreaded winter I am thinking ROSES .. I have even ordered a rose already, that I missed out on last year "White Licorice Weeks Rose" another white and fragrant rose to go with my white Winchester Cathedral in the above picture .. I have a thing for white roses.
This is Orange Velvet a climbing rose and it is climbing ! It has been a gorgeous healthy rose for me over the last two or three years now .

As a rule I am not fussy about yellow roses .. but J.P. Connell is a soft buttery yellow that has struck a cord .. who could resist this beauty .. very hardy on it's on root stock too !

Zephirine Drouhin captured my heart a few years ago .. I lost my original plant and ordered another one straight away. It is a climber .. it is an OLD strain of a Bourbon rose .. the scent is intoxicating and I do mean that .. I could sniff that flower for ages ! LOL ... and it is almost thornless. Now how good can it get ?
Then there is Morden Sunrise .. bred in Manitoba .. if it can make it there ? .. it can make it any where!
Sadly it isn't highly scented but I forgive it that because it is tough as nails and keeps smiling the whole season .. and with such a variety of subtle colour changes in each rose .. they are awesome !
It has a way with interesting visitors in the garden as well !
I have a few more roses but I don't want to go on and on and on .. which I would .. so almost short and sweet ?
Diana I am glad that I have stopped by because this was a phone post to do .. I think your blue sage/salvia is a wonderful plant especially because it takes the punishment of your regions heat and still looks so pretty !
So if you would like to mention your signature plant .. visit Diana's post at Elephant Eye and away you go .. picking one is hard .. but we all know we will change our minds through out the season .. just make a stab at one people ! wink wink


Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful roses, makes we wish they were in bloom right now. How many days till spring?

Anonymous said...

So lovely in the middle of winter to be able to contemplate roses.

Elephant's Eye said...

Join the club. I've changed my tune. Your roses make mine envious. If I don't pick the bud, as soon as it opens, it's toast when I look again. Your Morden Sunrise has the same gentle play of colours as my nameless inherited apricot.


Your roses always look so stunning, Joy Dear. You're the rose queen. Makes me wish I had more room.

Cat said...

Beautiful, we took out our wild rose last week to make room for more pomegranates, but it will go live at our friends soon so that is good.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda girl ! Thank you : )
OMG .. I am almost afraid to think about how my roses are going to be when that Spring does show her face to us ? LOL

Hello there Patricia : )
Ah yes ! To dream of roses in the dead of winter .. beautiful dream until reality sets in ? LOL

Hello Diana ! Isn't it funny how we can inherit a nameless rose , be a mystery to us and also be so appreciated : ) Thanks girl !

Oh my goodness Gracie .. I am hardly that but I seem to have an over powering need to add roses lately ! LOL I do love them when they behave ! haha

Cat girl hello there : )
Thank you !That is wonderful you found a home for that wild rose it needs to be appreciated .. and you are planting more pomegranates ?
I wish I was a neighbor of yours !!

Lona said...

Your Morden Sunrise has always been one of the favorites I love seeing of your roses. It is always so bright and lovely.

Donna said...

I can see why you love roses...yours are amazing...wonderful pick

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lona girl ! I missed your comment here .. I am working in DUH? mode lately .. Yup Morden Sunrise is a gorgeous rose .. no real problems with it .. but I so wish it had more scent .. I am greedy ? LOL

Thank you Donna : ) I find myself wanting more and more, it can be very addictive ! LOL

Meggie said...

Hi Joy girl, your roses are sooo beautiful!!
But it would take such a long time 'til they will bloom again *sniff*
I am always amazed how my yellow rose has come into your garden all over the great Atlantic *loool*

Dear, it's soooo icy with you at the moment *brrrr*
Take care!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hellllooo Meggie girl and thank you : ) We have had such weird weather this "winter" the birds and plants don't know what to do next. It is supposed to rain with very windy gusts tomorrow .. that just isn't right for this time of year !! .. yes, the yellow rose does travel doesn't it ? haha