Monday, 13 February 2012

Garden Plant ADVICE Needed !

My baptisia australis is a beauty .. even husband likes it !
It worked great here in this spot for what I call "plant punctuation!"
Massive .. and older .. 8 or 9 years old in fact .. but now it has to move for the new rose arbour.
Usually I cut the foliage back when it is black (seed pods are a fantastic black that rattle .. I consider it one of my Halloween flowers !) ... it had center stage here ...
It is one of the first plants you notice as you walk down to this area.
So .. now I have to dig it up .. divide it, if possible .. and find another spot for it.
This whole "island area " is being renovated .
I would have done this in the Autumn if I had known what I planned during the winter .. but that isn't an option now .. these plants are notorious for long tap roots and being finicky to move, the poor babies.
I have read conflicting information on whether it is a nightmare or that it isn't hard at all.
So if any of you gardeners have had experience with this ? I would love to hear about it !!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You can try to move it. Be prepared to purchase a new plant. They really don't like to be moved in my experience. Good luck.

Paul Jung said...

I've never transplanted baptisia myself because of its taproot. Like to hear what others have to say as I've come across conflicting advice. My personal take on it is that if you do move it, it will take a while to recover, if it even does. Good luck anyway!

Anonymous said...

Don't know diddly about this plant..why is the arbor going there? :)

Lona said...

Sorry I cannot help because I have never grown Baptistia before. I know, "Why you are of not help at all".LOL!

Cat said...

I have no experience with it, but from what you have said, dig wide and deep, maybe transplant whole if that works, and you don't loose too much perhaps divide next fall. However, if you loose some, you may still be able to salvage some of it by not splitting the rootball.
Good luck!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl : )
Yup .. some of what I already knew was pointing in that direction but I have gotten a lot of great years out of this plant .. so what ever happens? happens! .. and maybe I might get one of the new cultivars if I have room in the sun !

Hello Paul and thanks for stopping by ! Yes they are cranky characters these plants with tap roots .. but that section really has to be renovated so there is not getting away from hauling it out .. we'll see how it copes : )

Darla girl the new arbor seat has to go there because this is the best full sun situation spot in my garden .. I am so hoping it will turn out the way I have it looking in my head ! LOL

Lona girl I can NOT believe you haven't had one of these plants ! What is wrong with you girl ! LOL
They really are pretty and I love the black rattling seed pods .. perfect for Fall decoration and Halloween !!

Thanks Cat : ) .. I am going with my gut instinct .. if it works it will be a feather in my garden cap and if not .. well, another garden life lesson learned ? LOL

Barry said...

Lisa is correct.... BUT, I have moved two and both have lived. Problem is, neither were the size of the one that you show in the photo. Get a liquid transplanter for when you move it..... Let it flower first and then attempt the move. I lost the bloom for the following year but it is happy and healthy two years later!

Marguerite said...

I've never grown this plant either so I'm no help there but I laughed at the 'making plans in winter' and changing the garden drastically. The ideas that happen while sitting inside waiting for the snow to melt!

meggie said...

Oh, that's a wonderful plant! Wish I could see its flowers.Indigo is my favorite - also the Cherokees ;-)

Find an other place for the bench, please?

Happy valentine to you and your family!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Barry : )
Yes .. the established school of thought is that .. but my research is bringing up opposite experience from some gardeners .. yet this is an older more well established plant .. in any case it has to move .. I will make sure to have that liquid transplant on hand .. finding the right place with full sun is a problem though .. can it get any more complicated for me ? LOL

Marguerite how true is that .. most years it is just a matter of getting new plants .. but this is a big change over for me that started last Fall with a hydrangea grouping in the side garden leading to the back .. I guess the "bug" started before the snow fell ? LOL

Meggie girl the new arbour has to go there ! haha .. no ifs ands or buts ! haha .. but I will try to place this elsewhere and fingers crossed it will survive me ? LOL
Hey Happy Valentine's Day girl to you and Clemens !!