Monday, 6 February 2012

The New Arbour Bench !

OK .. I had to rewrite this post because somebody (Eileen girl !!) thought I paid only $10 for this arbour .. the $10 was the discount but it was all a mistake that the product manager made thinking this arbour was $249 .. so I was over the moon with what I thought was a huge discount ..$149 .. but I went on line and found it was $159 .. BUT .. since they had no box or code I can see how the manager made the mistake because there is another arbour, same company, metal etc .. for $249 ..
Honest mistake .. but compare how you feel with thinking you got $100 off to $10 ? LOL
It is still a great arbour and it is now in the family room waiting for Spring !
I think I will have to move the bench we already have in the center of the back garden .. so this might be more of a mountain than a mole hill job ?
In any case .. I am very happy to have this on hand for when I take apart that area and renew it with this and different plantings.
The roses on each side will be Zephirine Drouhin and Ilse Krohn Superior .. two beautiful, highly scented climbing roses that I will add some clematis to as well to fill in more quickly.
"How can roses be bred without scent ? I just can't understand why anyone would want a ROSE without SCENT ! "
That was the rhetorical question that came up between the clerk and I while we talked about the arbor .. what do you think about it ?


The Garden Ms. S said...

I am with the clerk on this. Roses should have scent! Lots of it! I think it is a very sterile world in which we breed roses without a thought to scent. It is part of their charm, I say. :)

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I can't believe you got an arbor for ten dollars!

There aren't too many roses that have a scent anymore, I have David Austin Mary Rose.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S girl I so agree with you on this whole ridiculous breeding.
Rose is a SCENT !! Of course we would want them to be pretty too .. but I would not give up scent for the look !

Eileen girl I just sent you an e-mail explaining that the $10 was the amount of the discount , I found afterwards .. we all thought I was getting $100 off at the time because they had the wrong code .. but I love it and I can't wait to see it with the roses !!

Anonymous said...

I'll go a little against the tide on this and say that I think there are some lovely roses without scents. 'Sunrise at Heirloom', for instance, does not have a scent that I can detect, but its deep color and pretty form earn it a place in my garden. I've also found that scent can vary. For instance, in my Oregon garden 'Old Blush', which is thought by many to have at least a mild fragrance, really had none at all. But as it typically was in bloom even on Christmas Day, it held pride of place. So, for me, scent is one of many possible attributes of a rose, but it is not a requirement.

All that said, for an arbor with a bench, I'd say that fragrance in the rose (or other plant) would be for me a requirement, part of the sensual delight of sitting amid flowers.

Christine said...

$10 off or $100 off, you still have a lovely structure for your garden. Can't wait to see it au naturelle.
Have a good week, Joy!

Lona said...

Love your new arbor find no matter the cost. LOL! It will be such a pretty addition to the back garden. DO not hurt your self on this redo girl. LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Patricia I had to look up that rose and it is true eye candy if not nose candy ? LOL
I can get that many people are still drawn to roses even without scent .. but I think the fact that I fell in love with wild roses that smelled heavenly, brands me as a scent girl .. and yes! You are so right about sitting there and the need to smell roses !

Hello Christine girl : )
I am so excited about this .. I know climbing roses take a few years to stretch up , but I can see this in my mind's eye and it is wonderful : )

OMG Lona girl .. I did have fleeting thoughts about what might happen to me .. but just like you, I can't be held back when on a mission ? LOL I can't wait to redo the patch I am putting this on!!!
OUCH ! haha


I still think you got a great deal, Joy Dear. Happiness is priceless. And this arbor gives you something to look forward to this spring.

A rose is a rose is a rose but I'll take one with scent over one without. However, I've found that if I create a rose bouquet and have honeysuckle or some other fragrant flower, I don't miss the rose scent.

Now, hurry up spring!

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, I think the arbor will be a really nice addition to your garden. Cover it with scented roses and it will be glorious!

Rose said...

I love it, Joy--especially since it's almost identical to mine! Now if you had paid only $10 for it, I would be kicking myself:) The 'Zephrine' is an excellent choice. That is what I originally ordered to climb up my arbor, but it died shortly after I planted it. When I called back to get a replacement, they were out of 'Zephrine' so I ordered a 'Don Juan.' It looks like it's going to be a beauty, too, but I had my mind made up on 'Zephrine.' Can't wait to see where you put this in your garden!

Meggie said...

Oh, I can't wait see roses and clematis growing around that bench! How wonderful to sit there,enjoying the smell!
In June I'll come!*giggle*
I think you will have today some snow?

Meggie ;-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gracie girl you are so right ! I am over the moon with the arbour and I can't wait to see what the finished area will look like .. it will be a lot of work but I am determined (as long as I don't screw myself up ?) haha

Jennifer that is what I am hoping for .. a fantastic looking spot with loads of wonderful fragrance: ) you can't ask for anything more !

Rose I had to go back to your blog and see that arbour post and wow ! it is so much like this one !!
I loved seeing it through the whole year and how pretty it is .. I hope my roses work out or I will be disappointed .. I am putting in some clematis too .. to help fill it our .. fingers crossed !

Meggie girl I saw that last photo of the tree against the sky and it was beautiful ! hey you can come over and sit on the seat to smell my roses girl : ) LOL

guild-rez said...

I prefer and love Canadian Explorer Roses!!
Very hardy and grown in Canada for our climate.
I have a question?
Have you seen any metallic green'Japanese Beetles' in your garden during the last summer?
This is a very invasive and destructive beetle.
Lost all my blooming roses, dahlias, Rose of Sharon and Canna lilies..
In one week I collected over 700 beetles in my garden. In late summer I sprayed the lawn with Nematodes to combat any grubs.
- cheers from Toronto- Guildwood.

Patty said...

I think I am jealous. You have chosen two wonderful roses - what is the point of a rose if it doesn't smell? Have you chosen the clematis yet, or did I miss that? Looking forward to seeing the new arbor in the garden.

RobinL said...

Oooh, that's going to be great covered in roses! I hope my arbor has roses to cover it this year. Last year they were just too little, so I supplemented with morning glory.

Cat said...

That looks great, we are reworking our arbor this year. The old one has rotted out and we want to make it more organic, yes I know that means it will rot out all the sooner, but our theory is that we can replace it piece by piece that way. Enjoy yours!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Giesela girl I love those roses too .. but I got stuck on these ones .. I love ZD because I already have her and the scent with almost thorn less canes is a huge plus !
So far I haven't had those nasty buggers but I know I have to be more vigilant and hand catch as many as possible .. such loss in your garden ! I would be devastated. Fingers crossed for this year ?

Patty girl thank you for dropping by ! Loved seeing the kitty wonder about should he go further out in that dusting of snow ? LOL
I commented back on your blog that I have Niobe and Henrii to transfer over to the arbor .. fingers crossed it will all go well? !!

Robin girl that is my plan too .. but with clematis .. roses take a while to fill in and I want to have some lush growth there this year is possible ! Loved your frosty pictures girl !

Cat girl I can NOT find fault with going organic with structures .. you are doing such a wonderful job with your garden .. I wish I could too but sadly I have to opt for the easier way out .. I can say I have a friend that is VERY organic though ? LOL