Thursday, 8 March 2012

OOPS ! I did it again .. but this is the last one !

First I have to say these are not my pictures I found them on the net.
Meet Blossomtime climbing rose  !
I had this beauty a few years ago but something went wrong and it left for rose heaven ..
BUT ! .. sometimes you just have to try a plant again because you love it : )
I am driven to have her paired with Zephirine D. .. two beauties that will kiss my garden with their looks and scents... they will be absolutely wonderful together !
 A gal can't have too much PINK ! can she ? ...  "perfectionally PINK" are my words for the day !
... and now for something completely different .... a trio of cute bird globe feeders for our smaller bird kids in the garden ...
Now how cute can this get ? .. the lid comes off and you pour in the sunflower seeds .. FEEDERS
Squirrels can't get in them and bigger birds have a hard time .. so I am hoping the smaller birds have some peace and quiet as they pop those seeds out.
I read some where that Chickadees quickly weigh each seed to feel if it is heavy enough to have a good sized seed inside the hull .. now how is that for smarts ?
I found both Blossomtime and these feeders at Veseys ... so what can I say ? Canadian EH !!! LOL

I want to do an add on to this post because another blogger "Adin" brought an amazing DIY birdhouse to my attention (thank you Adin !!) .. the how to make a bucket birdhouse is from Mimi's blog
Blue Roof Cabin ... you all know I don't do this sort of thing very often so it has to be something special right ? .. so here is the finished product ! Mimi's picture !
Mimi goes through all of the steps right to the GREEN roof with Hens'Chicks .. so you really have to get over to her blog to see how this amazing birdhouse has been put together !
I just wish I had the energy to do make this birdhouse .. the birds would go nuts in my garden .. all the little feathered renters with their leases lined up for me to sign ? wink wink


Lona said...

What a beauty Joy. I can see why you would want to try it again. Those little feeders are so cute. I would not dare have them here because those nasty raccoons would tear them up.

spurge said...

I love those bird feeders! Clever design and they are also really pretty.

EG CameraGirl said...

I very much like those little bird feeders! I'll have to look into them.

Barry said...

Oops I did it again, but this is the last one!?! Who are we trying to kid dear heart! A garden friend of mine just sent me a link to Free Spirit Nursery in Langley, British Columbia. I think you and I will both owe Brittany Spears royalty for the use of the song with the same name if we aren't careful....... money that we should be putting into plan..... bird houses, yeah, that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

What neat little feeders! The roses are pretty, too.

How many packages do you have coming for the garden, Joy?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl hello there !
OMG ! do NOT mention raccoons girl .. just remember those two years we had a bed&breakfast full of those damn creatures !!EEKK!
Yes .. Blossomtime just has me in its grasp .. I just hope I can do this project without killing myself ? LOL

Hello there "spurge" LOL
Yes .. i think we are going to enjoy watching the birds have some fun with these feeders .. can you believe Spring will really be here ?

EG they are a great bargain of three for $19.99 from Veseys .. so have a peek before they all sell out girl !

Barry sweetie : ) now I have to look at that whisper of a link to see what is happening way over there .. I wonder if they have birdhouses ? LOL .. I know .. we should never say we are finished .. I have no idea what the hell happened to me this year .. I went mad !!

Sandy you wicked gal !! You know I have way too many parcels coming for me or should I say for the garden ? .. I don't know what happened .. I just went nuts with garden treats !


First, Joy Dear, I love your paisley-esque background. I almost chose it for my blog. We have good taste, you and me. :)

I love, love, love Blossomtime!!! I think I need about a dozen of them in a vase by my bedside, perfuming the air. All from one profusely blooming plant in the can dream.

The Chickadee feeders are very cool. You described them in your email but the picture really tells the story for this visual gal! I believe Chickadees deserve their own dinner plate. They're so darn cute.

Love the bucket birdhouse too. It's not something I would make [lazy] but it looks really cool.

Now dang you, I've got Britney Spears in my brain...Oops I did it again... Argh!! :)

Cat said...

Oh my what wonderful feeders! I may just have to...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gracie girl ... GREAT minds think alike right ? LOL
I too think of that lovely vision and scent having some wonderful roses at my bedside with that heavenly perfume in the air : )
Yes I am so thrilled to have such great little ideas for the birds .. once things settle down and we get our solar birdbath up , I just know the Robinator is going to take command of it with many baths a day? hahha
I know .. sorry about the song ..should have thought of another one !

Cat girl .. you are so handy and so crafty .. I just know that bucket feeder would be a snap for you and it would look awesome in your gardens !!