Sunday, 22 April 2012

What Happened To Earth Day ?

April 23rd Monday Morning
I  know PS is for after what  is written BUT .. I woke up to a dark sky and with snow on the ground and flying in the air .. this is our penalty for having gorgeous weather way too early in the season ???

As I sit here typing this out I feel I let Earth Day down ...
The last few years I always dedicated a tree or plant to this day for my garden .. this year it didn't happen .. yet?
Meaning, I hope to find a little something to plant (other than all the plants coming in as mail order ones) in the garden to remember that it was a special Earth Day nod ... for now ?
A few pictures of the plants in my garden that are wiggling up and letting themselves be known they survived the winter and this CRAZY Spring .. which has turned cold and rainy with a possibility of some snow believe it or not .. but hey, that is Canada for you .. we never know for sure what the weather is going to do !

Primula full of PROMISE !

Colourful Jacob's Ladder

I am in love with "Gold Heart" .. I just added it last year and it bowled me over !

A white bleeding heart was new to me until last year as well .. I don't know what took me so long !

Black Lace Sambucus or Elderberry ... I kept moving the poor thing around but now it has settled and will be happy and look the way it should fingers crossed !

Mrs. Moon I added the year before last and it impressed me so much I added Majeste to the front garden last year .. it actually has flowered but I failed to get a picture of those amazing little jewels , darn !

I have a thing for brunnera and have a few different ones .. I fell in love with Jack Frost and "he" is still my favorite .. although King's Ransom is tight in the running too.

I love colourful spireas ... this is Gold Flame one of the first originals I planted in the garden .. there are new smaller, very pretty, versions out there that I am looking for now !

Hellebore are a weakness for me .. this one was added last year and it is gorgeous with foliage like Ivory Prince .. hardy and beautiful all season even when the flowers are finished.
Helleborus Niger has been a complete surprise to me with how absolutely gorgeous it has been .. I added it just because I didn't have it .. I never suspected how beautiful it could be !

Take a good look at this picture ... it has "life" hopping all around it : )
Our littler bunny who leaves me "bunny beans" each winter .. yes, he may nibble on a few plants but I can live with that because its presence means trust .. trust that it is a safe garden to be in, and that means everything to me especially on Earth Day ! : )


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Joy,

Your new camera is taking great photos and your framing borders enhance them. I must have a very safe garden because whole families live in my yard! They are not even afraid of my dog.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Your care for the earth counts all year long!

“Shadowed Is My Way”

Full-On-Forward said...

What a phenomenal tour! Makes me want to dig in the dirt RIGHT NOW--but it is pouring down Liquid Gold from the sky--and we need it so much!!!!!!

So I'll enjoy YOUR pics, and our liquid Sunshine!


Karen said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the Hellebore.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We have a resident bunny too, and the past few days he/she must be feeling very comfortable as it is visible a lot more. We have an area of brush at the very back of the garden and I think it lives in there.

Barry said...

Instead of a plant I bought frost blanket this Earth Day as we are supposed to have close to 10cm of snow between tonight and Tuesday! I think that is more snow than we got all winter! LOL! I have three special plants that are at a risk of a sudden cold hearted death so they have to be blanketed with love. Hope all is well in Kingston and that you are prepared for the storm!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl !
Thank you : ) some are with the new camera .. some with the old and Picasa has really stepped up the game with new options to enhance our pictures !
Isn't it amazing to have rabbits within a city ? I don't know where it goes for it's home but it visits us quite often.

MMT you are very sweet : ) thank you !

Hello there John : )
We also have a mix of liquid gold which we too needed but also some of the solid stuff in the form of snow ... which we didn't need now ? LOL

Thanks Karen girl .. they are a beautiful range of plants : )

Linda I think it does speak about our gardens feeling safe for these little guys .. and I can well imagine you have a whole colony where you live girl ! LOL

Dear Barry you have had the best idea ! I woke up to a snow covered ground and a bit more trying to decide if it is rain or snow? WTF??
You are a smarty pants my lad ! wink wink

Rose said...

It was too cold and windy here, too, yesterday to plant anything in honor of Earth Day. But it looks like your garden is celebrating the day--so many gorgeous blooms and foliage! For us gardeners, every day is Earth Day, so it doesn't matter if you celebrate a few days late. And I'm sure your new plants will appreciate not having to spend their first nights covered in snow:)

Lona said...

Oh dear. We are having March weather today instead of April. Cold and windy but Pennsylvanian is getting a huge snow storm so I will take what we have. LOL! Your plants got a good start on growing while you had your warm spell. I love the golden leaves on your dicentra Joy. It is suppose to be a nasty week here and I am bummed out at not being able to get more done outdoors. I hope your cold snow goes away fast girl.


You're such a sweetie, Joy. Some curmudgeonly gardeners would try to trap (our worse) that tender creature but you let her be. To me this is the best present you could give Mother Earth. I'm hoping you don't have anything too significant in the way of cold. You or Barry. I had to laugh when I saw that photo of the Primrose. Mine never look that nice. The slugs always find a way to maul them to death. Cheers.

Carrie said...

Why, Joy? Why? Anytime i try to grow a beautiful hellebore do they simply look at me and die?
Thank goodness for you and your collection - i can get my fix :D XXXX

Anonymous said...

Seeing the bunny is worth a few nibbled leaves, for sure.
Your garden is looking great! What a difference here in the past two days with several inches of rain. Did you get it?

Chickadees yet?

tina said...

The bunny is the cutest! A gardener never lets Earth down-any day of the year IMHO. I hope spring settles down for you soonest!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

For Earth Day, I worked in the Garden Center and bought my mother Pentas :)

meggie said...

Here I am!!!
Oh,so sweet and cute that little bunny!
Thanks for your gorgeous pics!!
Now - I'm in a hurry - Joy's socks
should go on the trip .... fly, fly away or row, row, row your boat ...
I don't know... wait and see

Take care
Meggie ;-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl how true is that !
We do appreciate the earth every day .. and my poor garden was not too happy about the snow .. it did wash away with the some what cold rain though ! Spring ? come back!!

Lona girl the cold rain did wash the snow away .. but it is windy , rainy and cold here .. poor plants are feeling the bite .. I can't do my walk about the garden centers because it is so darn cold !!

Gracie girl that primrose is just one of two and it is in a raised bed so slugs have a hard time getting to it ? LOL
Not too much snow but the wind and the rain and the cold .. YUCK !!

Carrie girl I don't understand why they do that to you ! Maybe if you try an older cultivar like helleborus "Niger" or Ivory Prince you might have better luck ?

Sandy girl we have had snow , rain and a cutting wind .. it is just awful .. I haven't spotted a family in the new bird house yet .. but they started nesting there much later so I am hopeful !!

Thanks Tina girl .. this is like a flash back to our non-winter winter?LOL

Debbie girl how are you ! Sounds like you did your duty girl ! LOL

Meggie girl how are you : )
Hey .. the cheapest way possible girl .. don't pay those ridiculous cost for faster mailing .. can't wait to see them !! Thanks ahead of time too !! hahaha