Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Roses and running colours ....

First some straight forward roses .. Orange velvet set against a blue blue sky is amazing to me.

Red .. aka "Orange Velvet" is such an intense colour to photograph it loses details with the lines of the petals but it is such a beauty I can forgive it that !

Morden Sunrise on the other hand is shy with very subtle hues set against nicely dark green foliage.

These girls all compliment each other don't they ?

For the strange and unusual ... when you blend a pristine white poppy like "Royal Wedding" with a deep red oriental poppy ... what do you think happens ?

This looks a little more white than the poppy above it .. but take it from me .. these girls are pinkish compared to the brilliant white they used to be .. blame it on these bad boys ?

A blazing red poppy being born ...

Red is a "Player" in the garden .. it happened before with my white trillium too close to the red ones ... and you then have wee pinkies running wild ... naughty events DO happen in our gardens !


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Beautiful, Joy! It looks like you've got some wonderful things going on over there. How are you?? I've been meaning to send you an email but I've been crazy busy this month with so many things. The smoke should settle soon and I'll send my news. Don't work too hard over there and end up face down in the flower beds!

Lona said...

Joy I love your poppies.Gorgeous! But girl I love that Orange Velvet Rose. It is a real beauty. Those old J. Beatles are after my rose now and I am ticked off. LOL!. Have a wonderful week.


Your photos always blow me over, Joy Dear. I love that striking rose and poppy juxtaposed with the softer hues of the other two. And that blue sky...who can not love that? And your banner photo of your garden...Outstanding! Love it all.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Martha girl .. by now you got my e-mail .. but the not working hard part for me ? ... is the hard part for me !! LOL

Lona girl I caught it at the right moment against the blue sky and I totally fell in love with it too all over again : )

Gracie girl hello there ! See how long it takes me to get back to my blog when stretched with garden chores !
Thank you so much : ) I appreciate such wonderful comments girl !