Monday, 16 July 2012

How Hot & Steamy Is It Here ?

This is NOT a picture gone wrong, my lens steamed up in my backyard jungle!!
This is the Great White North in the grip of a HOT Humid weather system for WEEKS, with no rain.
This is also my 1901 post since 2007 when I started .. and they said it wouldn't last? wink wink


Nadezda said...

No, Joy, your post wouldn't the last, I hope the hot weather finishes and you'll have a rain, rain, rain like we are here. All are in water, the big roses' buds drooped.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Still hot here. It is too dry here for steam. ha... I guess my camera would get steamed up too if I took it out. Too depressing to go out there much.

Randy said...

Welcome to my world, Joy. Happens to me every time. I've just learned to set my camera out for a while before I take photos.

Rose said...

Your picture says it all! Sheesh, I thought Canada would be cooler. We're supposed to get close to 100 today with high humidity as well. Our A/C went out and has to be replaced, so I'm in total survival mode--meaning spending the day down in the cooler basement doing absolutely nothing worthwhile:)

meggie said...

Hi Joy girl,
oh my god, what's that??
Hot and humid? I can't believe!!
Here we have only humid - called rain -
and cold!! In the morning 11°
It would be better to take the next
flight to you!!!

Weather is completly wrong, eh?

Take care
Got my email??

Lona said...

I thought you were working on a new Halloween picture there Joy. LOL! This has been such a challenging summer so far. I have a few blooms from all of my flowers but their leaves are dying and drooping. They look really sad from a distance.


That is bizarre. You'd think you lived in the Amazon or something, not in the Great White North. I hope it eases up soon.

Congrats on your many, many blog posts. I guess you proved 'em wrong, didn't you? :)

RobinL said...

Even Canada is not immune to this hot, dry summer huh? We are frying down here!

Unknown said...

We are all too familiar with camera lenses and eye glasses fogging up when we step out into the humidity... I'm glad your blog has lasted...congrats on being diligent.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl!
I'm sorry you have had too much rain .. I feel for your roses !
I will take your rain and you can have my HOT humid weather for a while .. sharing is a good thing, right ? LOL

Lisa girl I know what you mean about depressing .. I only show the good bits .. the bad bits are BAD bits!!
This has to change some time right?

Randy I am not all smiles about your world ! LOL .. this is so not the kind of weather I can survive .. if we didn't have AC ? I swear I would expire !! Yup .. I acclimate my poor camera too now ;-)

Rose I keep picturing you laying on your basement floor with the kitties and Sophie trying to revive you ? LOL Some parts of Canada are cooler .. say next to the north pole ? haha Hope you got your AC fixed and you feel better girl !

Meggie girl hello there !
I saw those pictures trying to get close to that light house .. it was beautiful there ! I love seeing pictures of the sea too : )
I'll trade weather with you any time girl ! haha

Lona girl it is almost just 100 days till Halloween .. but no .. this was how darn hot and humid Kingston is .. south eastern Ontario is really suffering .. I'm trying to hang on ! eeekekkk !

Thanks Gracie girl and we are beginning to think this is the Canadian version of the Amazon!LOL

Robin girl .. can you smell the Canadian bacon frying up here ? LOL
This is one BAD summer and I can't wait for it to be finished!

Thanks Darla girl .. I am sick of this weather. I don't know how you do it down there .. I would be down for the count ! hahaha

Lynn said...

That's how it feels here in West Virginia... This has been the hottest summer in a long time and the humidity is terrible... You don't even want to go outside unless you are in the water... Try to keep cool!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lynn thank you very much for stopping by my blog .. and how we share this horrible heat and humidity ..YUCK!
I couldn't go into your blog (although I saw the gorgeous pattern you have for a background !) because Blogger said it had a "malware" problem. They said they notified you so I hope they did and you have a solution for it !