Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My "Twinkle" so far ....

"Twinkle" is a name for a plant that can usually stick a name stake in your garden brain ..
I was fascinated by it when I saw it on the Garden Import list for Spring.
I have had lots clematis, but never a non climbing one .. or with such a sweet appearance.
Judgement on appearance is such an individual "take' especially with gardeners.
We either .. love .. hate ... or can be truly undecided for some length of time.
Twinkle made me love it immediately ... and although I don't see that little touch of blue that should be at the base of the flower head .. I still think it is very pretty ...
The problem now ? ... is to find the perfect spot for it !
This is TWINKLE 

Yes ... some rusty "Pot Pixies" are acting as supports for the moment.
I couldn't kick them to the curb while they were trying to do a job for me ? wink wink

Loaded with buds ... which is a great characteristic in its first year.
The white is so clean and pure .. another wonderful point to show itself off when mixed with other plants in the garden ... when I finally get this little guy in the perfect place.
This big beautiful bud reminds me of a bird's head and beak  ...

And now for something completely different ...
I would love to have an ID on this fuzzy wuzzy blondie caterpillar .. it came with Little Lime hydrangea from the garden center.
I gingerly picked it off (yes .. with gloves on ..eeekk!)  and it ran away from home after I just turned around to adjust my camera.
I guess it was just too shy to stay ?
 Any idea of what it is supposed to grow up to be ? 
I have never seen a perfectly blond one like this before so my curiosity is peeked !


Lona said...

Hi Joy. So that is what a clematis bush look like. It is very pretty. I have saw them on the blogs but have never tried to grow one. Have a wonderful week.

Barry said...

Twinkle, twinkle little star..... you knew this would come out sooner than later. I adore the non climbing, herbaceous Clematis and would guess that this is a C. integrifolia[?]cultivar? It is divine. My C.integrifolias do well in partial shade and because they do not have the tendrils of other members of the genus, something to clamor up or through is key to being able to appreciate their beauty. I was thinking to myself, what if Joy added Forthergilla 'Blue Mist' a delightful shrub with white bottlebrush flowers in Spring and blue grey foliage at the same time as this charmer would bloom! Just an idea!


Interestingly, I had posted a photo of an albino earwig and here's your albino wooly-bear!

I love your albino clemmie. I'll have to keep my eyes open for this gem. I have the same problem though, where to put it. :)

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, your clematis is stunning!!! I have never seen one with so many gorgeous features - white (love!), beautiful leaves, stunning buds and a thick, rich look to the overall plant-- like a gardenia, but with a different shape. Great choice! Can't wait to see how you place your new beauty. :):)

Skeeter said...

OMG, it is the ghost caterpillar a rare find indeed!!! They are normally seen in late October. They are mostly seen near black cats and bats. Got cha! I have no idea what this caterpillar is called but I know how you love Halloween so had to poke ya.. Hee hee... I did some research on the internet and could not find out the name either. Maybe an albino cat. Hum, wonder if that is possible? Some one had a pic of a white cat and called it a Woolly Bear but after a search on that did not show me one in pure white, I find myself stumped on this one…. Let me know if you find the answer to this mystery. It sure is a pretty little thing….

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I have never seen a clematis that was not vining. I will have to see if it is available in my area.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lona girl .. there are quite a few different clematis bush types but this is my first one , so I am a nervous mom about it ? LOL
This week has blown right by .. and still no rain .. ugh ! have a good one in any case girl : )

Sweetie .. I just knew you would be the one to start that up ! WiseA**!!
Yes it is and yes it is LOL
I just planted it in the garden today and now I am nervous about how it will do .. but I had to take the training wheels off of it some time right ? How funny you mention a forthergilla .. I have been thinking about one for a few years .. haven't seen it locally but actually on the site of Garden Import where I got this clematis .. but not Blue Mist (I have to look that one up)I love blue green foliage so it sounds like a beauty!

Gracie I have to get over to your place and see what you have been posting girl !! Yup .. where to put things has become a major brain fart for me now ;-) hehe

Ms S girl thank you very much : )
It does seem to have all the perfect points we look for doesn't it ? I just hope it does well with keeping company in the rose bed .. sometimes roses can be snobbish?LOL

Skeeter you are SO NAUGHTY girl !!!
I think it is 111 days until Halloween (I have to check my count down thingy) I think the answer is that it is a blonde wooly bear .. this is the first one I have seen though ! and it disappeared on me when I turned around with the camera just for a few seconds .. POOF ! vanished like it had a spell on it !!!! hehehehehe

Eileen girl there are actually a few varieties of "bush" clematis .. but this one was offered by one of my Canadian mail order plant companies so my curiosity over came me and I had to try it out : )