Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wordless Wednesday ?

I have been in the garden so much I feel like laying on the floor and not getting up for a very long time .. the cats however ... feel differently .. especially when it is their dinner time ?
This is "White Licorice" rose ... the very first flower from it this year .. and of course I am in love with it.
My camera skills with the new camera are sadly lacking .. I hope to master it more over the long winter so I will be much better at taking pictures that do my plants justice !
So ... not very wordless at all , but the pictures are rather pretty : )


Unknown said...

Looks like you have the camera mastered to me~~~ hope all is well up North!!

Marguerite said...

The pictures are stunning Joy, I think you have a better grip on that camera than you think. Particularly like your header photo today, you've managed to create a seemless flow of rocks. It looks effortless but is really hard to do. great job.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A beautiful bloom. I think you did a good job with it. Go lie down for awhile then look at it again. I bet it looks better to you.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful photos of the roses. It is so-o-o-o hot, that laying on the basement floor might be an alternative to being outside.

Nadezda said...

Joy, your first rose is wonderful, very clearly and graphically, as a drawing.
Of course you love it!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Darla girl !
I have been a bit over cooked here trying to keep up with the garden .. so I have had to take a few down days to just keep the body from screaming too much .. I am trying to catch up again though !

Marguerite girl : )
Thank you so much but I know there is so much more to this DSLR to master it makes me cringe ? LOL
I love the idea of a dry stream bed with the rocks looking pretty .. it is a small area and yet I still tweak it ? LOL

Lisa girl that hollyhock is a monster !! and your lilies look so pretty, sometimes big box stores can actually work out ? haha
Yes .. I did have a lay down .. but I still think I could have done better ? OCD ?? LOL

Linda girl the predicted thunder storm did not happen and we are stuck in this horrible heat wave .. hold on I will keep you company on the basement floor ! LOL

Nadezda girl aren't we strange creatures that love our garden plants so much ? .. they just seem to grip us in their loveliness and we are trapped ! ;-)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Hiya Joy! The nutty busy household over here is finally dying down. It's been a hectic weak but everyone that was staying here has gone home! I will be putting together an email for you soon to tell you about my daughter's new calico cat. They'll be heading back to Montreal and I'm going to miss them both. This precious cat is the sweetest thing I've ever known and it'll be sad to say good-bye to her. Anyway, those roses are beautiful, and despite what you say, I've always thought you take beautiful photos!

Barry said...

Seems like you've mastered the camera, and not the other way around which usually happens with a new camera. Beautiful rose coming from one who really isn't turned on by them, mainly because they don't really care to be shady vampires! Hope you are recovered from your garden escapade. Sore back and all, its still the most wonderful place to be! Try and stay cool dearheart!

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, Is it as hot there where you are? It is so hot here, I am melting into the keyboard.
Your rose is more than just pretty, and your camera skills are just fine, if you ask me. That last shot with the tiny water droplet almost makes me fell a few degrees cooler.

meggie said...

Of course are that wonderful pictures!!
Love that rose!
Hi Joy girl, I'm back again!
And the party for hubbys 50th birthday is also over. Puh, and the weather was unnaturally hot on June 30th!
But we'd all planed indoors!! Puh

Take care

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha girl it is going to be a bit lonely without those two girls .. but you will find things to do in the garden to pass the time I am absolutely sure of THAT ! LOL
I can't wait to hear(read) how this little Calico beauty came into your lives !!

Sweetie I will now have to call you "The Shady Vampire Plant Master" I don't know why I didn't think of it before ? haha .. I have been reading your posts but missing the comment stage .. especially the clematis one made me smile : )

Jennifer girl yes we share the same temps although this morning seems a little cooler .. but that is morning for you .. and yes ! I love that little droplet too : )

Hey there Meggie girl !
YES .. the weather is HOT but planning the party for indoors was a smart thing to do in any case .. it could have rained ? LOL
So what did you give Clemins for his birthday ? how was the cake ? any pictures ??