Thursday, 16 August 2012

Diervilla sessilifolia 'Butterfly' / Southernbush Honeysuckle

A very unassuming little flower from this amazing little shrub of mine.
I love the elegant structure of it's leaves .. they look very graceful to me.
Add them to different colours and textures from other plants such as Walker's Low Nepeta and gorgeous, intensely gold rudbeckia, and they seem to compliment each other in ways I couldn't see until now.
I kept trying to find out what exact cultivar this "common" ? shrub was, other than Southernbush Honeysuckle.
I think I have finally found out that it is "Diervilla sessilifolia  "Butterfly" .. now isn't that a mouthful ?
It is far from being a plain green shrub with elegantly turned  leaves and delicate little yellow flowers.
Burgundy to copper tones in it's foliage, is absolutely gorgeous to me .. but then I do stare at it a lot ?
Does anyone else have this shrub and does yours also keep the beautiful colour show going ?


Nadezda said...

Joy, I've read the wiki about Diervilla sessilifolia, is said that it might be frozen at the snow level. Is it true? I loved to have it in my garden.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Not only is my garden fighting the drought, it is fighting my neglect. I would have to think for some time to give a shrub that is interesting all the time. Pyracantha comes to mind. It is green all year and the changes are the tiny flower that turn to green then red/orange berries. A real beauty. Have I mentioned I love your new header?? Great!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda : )
I have had this shrub for about 4 years now and now problem with it over wintering .. my zone is 5b so if you are even 4 I think it should be fine !

Lisa girl .. I just wrote a note saying I am neglecting my garden BIG time too .. I have to work up to working in it soon. Yes ! Pyracantha is a gorgeous shrub .. but those thorns it had with the one in Holland .. jeepers I almost stabbed myself for good with them .. haha
Thanks very much girl .. I just learned how to do it over the last weekend .. I keep wanting to play with it ! haha

RURAL magazine said...

I want one!

All we have around here are the burgundy barberries...and after you've seen a hundred, you've seen too many. I want something unique, and hardy. Definitely hardy. Will it live under the Fir trees?

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I don't know Jen girl .. I haven't got a fir tree to try it out with! haha .. but with all the research I have done .. I think this is a unique plant because it displays these different colours all season .. I just got lucky ? haha