Saturday, 4 August 2012

Shadow Shot Time

Simple shadows this time.
I have spent the better part of the morning watering my poor dry garden with hope that the forecast is right about thunder showers tomorrow .. forecasts have rarely been right lately so I wasn't taking any chances.
To put in such hard work and see it wilt away is something I have been fighting way too often this season. Most of us can't wait for Autumn .. relief with cooler weather and maybe some healing rain ?
You can see shadows within the petals and some playing on the leaves, if you look closely.
Click on the icon to see what other shadow shooters have caught !


Sylvia K said...

Exquisite flower, lovely color and a perfect shadow shot for the day!! Hope you're enjoying your weekend and hopefully you get some rain soon!!

Hootin' Anni said...

That image is stunning!!!!!

Ralph said...

Around here, we'd like a cool down soon, and showers instead of massive thunderstorms. Gentle steady rain and moderating heat. Is that too much to ask? Nature has her own ideas, alas...

This flower is pretty and understated in its colors - a soothing and pleasant look. Perfect!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely bloom Joy. Yes, it has been a battle to keep some of the plants alive during this scorching heat. Fingers crossed for rain tomorrow, but will it be enough?

robin. said...

...cooler weather...leads to that white not a fan. but i do understand the need for rain. we have had more in the past week. rain isn't just rain these's high winds and crazy thunder and lightning. grass is getting green again tho.
love your shadow shot for today. such a pretty delicate color. happy weekend (cg)Joy!

LV said...

A very pretty flower with its shadow. I can relate to your weather. However, we have no rain in the forecast and way over a 100 degrees for weeks.

Leslie's Garden said...

That's a pretty rose, they stand up well to the heat I guess. We are having a little break from the heat today with a little cooling rain and nice. I can't wait for fall. Seems like it should be just around the corner with school starting gets earlier and earlier every year it seems.

RURAL said...

There comes a point in summer when you question what you were thinking putting all of those plants in the spring. It's gardeners burn out.

Last few summers, I just let it all go to pots, couldn't face standing on the hot deck at 7 am watering for ages.

I hear you, hang in there, it will change, and I am hoping for rain for you.

Hugs, and a water fight.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Chubskulit Rose said...

Such a rich texture, love it!

My shadows
Comments always makes me happy, would you leave me some?

RobinL said...

What a unique color on that rose Joy. I've spent my whole summer watering from this crazy drought, and it hasn't helped a bit. Still dry, lost a lot of plants this year. Guess that just gives me a chance to rethink!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you so much Sylvia : )
We did get some rain and it was such a relief .. we are having one day of cooler weather right now so I have to get out and get some things done !

Annie girl thank you .. I have to get over to your place !

Dear Ralph (thank you: )
Our weather is never going to be "normal" again .. no gentle rains is all drama and exhaustion .. menopausal ? LOL

Linda girl hasn't this been one of the worst summers I can remember in 11 years I think !! eeekkk
The rain came yesterday and I was so thankful : )

Hello Robin girl : )
I am not a fan of long winters either .. but we do need a complete rest from such hectic exhausting gardening .. and that time to plan again helps .. so some white stuff isn't going to put a damper on me ... yet ? LOL

LV ... the heat and humidity have been so bad it feels like you are breathing water when it is at its max .. ironically it dries out the garden and the pressure to water is off to the races ... phew!

Leslie you start school down there almost a month before we do .. so yes Autumn must seem sooner ? to you than we think of it .. but now I am THINKING of it daily !LOL

Jen girl thank you so much ;-)
Today is cooler and yet sunny .. the rain has given us a break and we have to get out to do a few things but I am not dreading it so much right now .. this day of cooler temps is a gift : )

Rose girl thank you and I will try to get over to your place !

Hello Robin girl : ) Yes .. seeing what has happened in our gardens this year is making us rethink what kind of plants we should really have in them .. drought and heat resistant are the top qualities we want now eh ? LOL .. This rose is Morden Sunrise and it survives just about everything thankfully !

Beverley Baird said...

It has been a crazy hot summer that's for sure.
Your flower shot is gorgeous!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Beverly girl I have been losing comments in thin air but here you are and thank you so much !
This summer has driven me totally crazy .. can't wait for Autumn .. I bet it rains like crazy THEN ? LOL