Friday, 21 September 2012

This week's skies

This weeks skies have been "different" .. we have actually had rain and cooler temperatures.
It is almost like Autumn and the relief that has settled on us is amazing.
The past summer wrung us out like an old fashioned washer ! with no water !

Wispy clouds with the sun reflecting on them are beautiful.

Jet trails have been quirky ?

The sun had become like a moon again through the heavier cloud cover.
How strange is this then ?
Are there "day" werewolves out there by any chance ?  hum ?



I love it when the sun is visible behind the clouds. It's the only time we can look at it. Such peaceful photos. Love them! Have a wonderful weekend Joy Dear. Sending hugs.

Unknown said...

Jet contrails are fun to watch. I love reading the descriptions of what your eyes see in the sky. Uh, no! There are not day werewolves......

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gracie girl : )
Thank you ! .. I am fascinated by the sun when it looks like the moon? LOL
Hey have a great weekend too girl )

Darla girl with a sun that looks like the moon ? sure there are day werewolves but they just get hairy .. they don't eat people ? haha
That was an unusual jet trail so I had to grab it ? haha